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2008-01-16 What would I be, if not an engineer?
Being an engineer at heart, I find that most other careers provide only portions of what I love about engineering. The truth is, I would probably find most other careers too limited in variety and challenge.
2004-08-13 The recipe for Asian engineer's success
For Philip's Jack Shih, Asian engineering expertise can be served hot in the electronics design industry.
2010-06-28 Stanford top engineer weighs in on CMOS outlook
EE Times recently sat down with James Plummer, dean of Stanford's school of engineering, for a wide ranging interview on the outlook for CMOS, engineering, education and globalization.
2013-12-03 PolyU engineer develops space tool for lunar exploration
The Camera Pointing System developed by Yung Kai-leung will be deployed for the landing mission of Chang'e-3 lunar probe.
2013-04-15 Is the power engineer the super hero in a design?
Read about voltage- and current-limiting devices and risetime reducers to manage the power.
2005-10-17 How to engineer VoIP on an enterprise WLAN
Time-sensitive voice traffic requires ingress filtering, egress scheduling, rate policing, traffic shaping and signal strength management.
2010-05-28 GoogleTV engineer: Market is ready for 3D, Web TV
GoogleTV engineer Vincent Dureau shared the genesis and outlook of the project and why it isn't a problem that GoogleTV does not have any cable-TV partners yet.
2006-01-01 Engineer-entrepreneur challenges market rules
Phison Electronics in its fourth year gained approximately more than $119 million (NT$4 billion) revenue, making itself a legend in the Taiwan IC design industry.
2004-07-30 Engineer who grew up with Korea's IC industry
Fairchild Semiconductor's Kim Kyoung Soo digs up memories in Bucheon, where Korea's electronics industry took off.
2006-02-01 Engineer readies tool that generates logic specs
Logic design tool lets users specify transitions for all states and input combinations.
2004-03-15 Engineer offers free obfuscator, layout scanner
Inspired by a user request in the E-Mail Synopsys Users Group (ESNUG), an engineer working in Singapore developed a Verilog source-code obfuscator, a GDSII layout viewer, and a layout scanner that calculates wire length.
2003-10-21 Engineer in Taiwan popularizes card readers
STMicro's B.C. Ho is the one responsible for the growing popularity of memory cards and card readers in Taiwan's high-tech landscape.
2002-08-09 Engineer creates open-source HDL in Ruby language
Illustrating the power of the Ruby scripting language, consulting engineer Phil Tomson has used it to create the open-source Ruby hardware-description language.
2003-09-23 Engineer creates HDL generation language
A declarative, functional programming language that eases RTL code generation is now going into beta sites, and is available for free downloading.
2007-10-15 Engineer bids to unify prosthetic design
An electrical engineer is determined to unify neural-prosthesis research by applying graphical state diagrams to bring together the disparate approaches taken by other experimental groups.
2002-09-09 Engineer authors open-source register generation tool
An open-source tool created by an ASIC designer promises to automate the laborious process of generating Verilog code for processor registers.
2008-03-28 eASIC program makes 'many designs per engineer'
The first phase of a worldwide program aimed at ushering in an era of affordable silicon customization has been announced by eASIC, a provider of zero-mask charge ASIC devices.
2007-04-23 DFD bridges gap between system validation engineer, designer
The Design-for-debug (DFD) system bridges the gap between the system validation engineer and designer. It provides excellent visibility into silicon signal data, improves silicon debug productivity and minimizes system validation time. Here are a few do's and don'ts for DFD.
2008-11-19 Analog on 45 nm treated with trepidation by senior engineer at ICCAD panel
It is possible to build robust high performance analog/mixed-signal on these leading edge digital CMOS technologies. And I have production silicon to prove my point.
2003-01-29 An engineer who makes time a success factor
Being currently involved and busy with a project at the Asian Development Bank and the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Gruet still finds time to manage other pro-bono activities.
2000-06-07 A System Engineer's Guide to Understanding EEPROM Endurance
This application note is intended to provide the system designer with the knowledge of EEPROM cell operation and the factors influencing reliability.
2003-09-01 A look into a design engineer's journey in the Philippines
Michael Hansson calls for a triumvirate of the industry, government and academe to support a Silicon Valley-type of environment in the Philippines.
2003-09-01 A look into a design engineer's journey in the Philippines
Michael Hansson calls for a triumvirate of the industry, government and academe to support a Silicon Valley-type of environment in the Philippines.
2007-01-16 'Extreme' engineer pays attention to details
There are engineers who push a design to a performance extreme in a selected dimension, such as resolution, absolute accuracy or power dissipation. They understand and analyze every source of error and shortfall, then work out a way around each without excessively compromising other factors. Today, however, most engineering designs do not involve such extremes of performance.
2013-02-01 Young engineers want role models
The next generation of engineers wants more role models, a society more tolerant of female professionals and all the messy imperfections of people who like to pull things apart.
2003-10-01 Wages slightly rise amid economic uncertainty
Electronic Engineering Times - Asia found out that despite the economic uncertainty brought about by various factors, Asian companies in general rewarded engineers with higher salaries.
2003-07-15 Visionaries see flexible computers using less power
Computers will be more flexible, intelligent, and require less power by the end of the decade.
2002-05-31 Vietnamese refugee works both sides at TI
An article on the personal experiences of engineers coming from war-torn countries and how they bridge technology and cultural gaps when it comes to designing innovative electronic devices
2012-01-27 US engineering salaries on the rise said that their survey found that Silicon Valley salaries averaged at $104,195. This is up 5 percent over last year's results.
2006-05-15 UCLA engineers announce semicon spin-wave research findings
Engineers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science are announcing what they tout as a critical new breakthrough in semiconductor spin-wave research.
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