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2012-03-26 Survey: Skills key to hitting deadlines
Increasing the skills level of engineering teams will help embedded developers improve how many of their projects hit their deadlines.
2014-02-14 Survey: Engineers' skills lacking for CEO post
The ASQ survey on engineers conducted by Kelton Global revealed that only nine percent believe that engineers would make the best CEOs.
2000-12-01 Engineers take a hard look at "soft skills
Soft skills are as important as engineering skills; engineering managers themselves often take refresher courses at critical times, such as closing a big contract.
2008-05-01 Apprenticeship hones practical engineering skills
Engineering careersto some extentmirror the model of the medieval times' Master Craftsman. A junior engineer is a just-graduated apprentice who has a lot of knowledge but few practical skills.
2006-06-06 Tundra acquires Silicon Logic Engineering for $14M
Tundra Semiconductor Corp. announced that it has acquired Silicon Logic Engineering Inc
2014-05-02 Thailand faces hurdles in boosting engineering competency
Not enough graduating engineers are entering the technical workforce in Thailand because industry focus is mostly on low-value-added manufacturing, which is thwarting the country's efforts to expand its economy.
2006-03-16 Mentors teach skills, hard and soft
When it's your first full-time engineering job out of college and you have questions, it helps to have someone like Lonne Mays in your cornermore specifically, in the cubicle across from yours
2006-10-11 IBM lays off 400 engineering jobs in U.S
IBM is reportedly laying off about 400 U.S.-based engineers who have been working on the development of components for one of IBM's most important hardware products.
2008-09-15 Harman, Wipro open engineering center in India
Harman International Industries Inc. and Wipro Technologies, the global IT services business of Wipro Ltd, have launched a joint embedded engineering center in India
2004-03-03 Fairchild exec sees progress with China's communication skills
In response to the opening of this year's IIC-China Conference and Exhibition where hundreds of local design engineers attended the ceremony, Fairchild Semiconductor's senior application technology manager Alan Elbanhawy said he was surprised with the improvement of the Chinese engineers' exchange of technology ideas and communication skills
2003-03-06 Essex acquires software, systems engineering provider
Essex Corp. has acquired privately owned Sensys Development Lab Inc.
2011-05-25 Engineering students vie for top slot in radio monitoring tilt
Rohde & Schwarz and the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies jointly stage the 8th annual international case study competition on radio monitoring.
2009-01-01 Engineering education beckons changes
More calls for a change in engineering education surfaced during the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM
2004-02-05 DesignCon keynoter points to programming skills in the late-silicon age
The electronics industry is entering a new era - one in which embedded processors must function increasingly asynchronously.
2005-09-01 Leaky chips test designers' skills
To achieve longer battery life in portable products, the entire IC design chain must chip in and tackle leakage.
2008-02-06 Cisco helps India beef up network engineering workforce
Cisco announced plans to help India increase its number of networking engineers from about 60,000 to 360,000 in five years by training and certifying engineers on Cisco technologies.
2003-02-14 Stan Shih to drive Taiwan's industry by cultivating talents
Acer Foundation has announced a strategic alliance in Taiwan to cultivate world-class talents in analog and mixed-signal circuit designs, with an emphasis on SoC designs.
2009-07-03 Developing ad hoc networks
Here's a look at networks that have the ability, to a greater or lesser extent, to organise spontaneously.
2003-05-29 Augmenting Korea's non-memory semiconductor industry
Professor Kyung Jong-Min, a pioneer in the development of Korea's non-memory technology, said that an engineering profession is an honest and dignified livelihood
2007-01-01 U.S. engineers battle globalization impact
As the U.S. engineering community works to document the extent of offshoring, experts are trying to get their arms around globalization's implications for the engineering profession
2004-12-30 Sun, Cadence partner with Indian firm for VLSI training
Sun Microsytems and Cadence Design have partnered with Veda Institute of Information Technology, based in Hyderabad in southern India, to start the country's first nodal center of competency for research and development in VLSI engineering, design automation and embedded system engineering
2005-01-02 Philippines' future engineers dream of conquests
Engineering students from the Philippines voice out their aspirations to go abroad to earn more and learn more technical skills
2003-05-02 Philippines' future engineers dream of conquests
Engineering students from the Philippines voice out their aspirations to go abroad to earn more and learn more technical skills.
2003-06-24 No shortcuts in stepping up corporate ladder
Arthur Ramos Tan, CEO of Integrated Microelectronics Inc., rose from the ranks and held various technical and managerial positions in engineering, design, and sales
2004-07-07 NEC merges process, SoC units
NEC Electronics Corp. has created a wholly-owned subsidiary out of its ULSI Manufacturing Engineering and Advanced SoC Line Operation units to be called NEC Fabserve Ltd, the company said Friday (July 2, 2004
2012-11-16 Latest UBM survey highlights global design challenges
A recent survey of engineers from around the globe conducted by UBM Tech show that the current priority of engineers is keeping their skills and technology knowledge up-to-date
2012-04-23 Indian institute offers campus-wide MATLAB, Simulink access
Manipal Institute of Technology aims to let students gain hands-on experience with software used widely in industry, and let the faculty engage in research and devise curriculum based on the tools.
2012-11-06 Embedded software devt: The disciplined way (Part 3)
This installment looks into the significance of the postmortem process.
2009-05-08 Comment: IBM should come clean on layoffs, offshoring
Perhaps more than any other U.S. high-technology company, IBM Corp. has been subjected to intense media scrutiny following a string of recent under-the-radar layoffs.
2003-10-01 China hunts for competitive talent
Headhunters in China are still on the lookout for skilled, high-end talents and compound engineers.
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