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2009-03-23 Module dev't kit eases custom solution design
National Instruments' latest version of a module development kit that further simplifies the process for users, OEMs and system integrators to design custom C series modules for NI CompactRIO and add-on boards for NI Single-Board RIO
2016-01-08 Mixed-signal IC design: Forecasts for 2016
This article will examine the key trends, challenges, and emerging solutions in mixed-signal system design enablement, focusing on mixed-signal verification
2006-07-20 Mistral to open a design center in the U.S
Embedded software provider Mistral Software said it will open a design center in the United States this year and in the Asia-Pacific region in 2007
2012-03-26 Minimize concurrency errors in multicore design
Learn how to address the difficulties of finding and eliminating bugs.
2007-11-19 Mindtree acquires TES IC design arm in India
Mindtree Consulting has bought Purple Vision, the IC design services subsidiary of French electronics design company TES Electronic Solutions SA
2003-04-29 Micronas acquires Microtune design center in Holland
Micronas GmbH has acquired the Microtune (Holland) B.V. Design Center located in Nijmegen, Holland
2004-10-08 Microchip saves design time with Synopsys Circuit Explorer
Microchip Technology Inc. has standardized on Synopsys Inc.'s Circuit Explorer optimization and analysis solution for its complex analog designs.
2004-03-04 Microchip launches motor control design center
Microchip Technology Inc. has expanded its technical resources for the burgeoning electronic motor control market in the form of the new online Motor Control Design Center
2012-11-09 Merritt: Are systems engineers a vanishing breed
EE Times' Rick Merritt tackles the lack of young systems engineers at Hewett-Packard and the lack of youth in other OEMs
2007-10-16 Merger transforms SoC design cycle
MIPS Technologies' $147 million acquisition last August of Chipidea Microelectronica, a privately held supplier of analog and mixed-signal intellectual property, advances both companies' ambitions of transforming SoC design
2007-02-14 Mentor upgrades Board Station design flow
Mentor Graphics has released Board Station XE, the next-generation version of its Board Station design flow for large enterprise customers
2005-08-25 Mentor to partner with Chinese research institute on system design
Mentor Graphics Corp. has partnered with the Electronic Design Automation Center at China Academy of Science (CAS) in Beijing to build a joint laboratory of system design
2005-04-04 Mentor CES in PCB design flows
Mentor disclosed that it has released its next-generation constraint editor system into its Expedition Series and Board Station RE PCB design flows
2015-10-05 MEMS design, manufacturing on the microscale
The microelectromechnical system is a source of wonder in this modern world, so too is its design and manufacturing. Find out why
2015-07-23 MCUs for Bluetooth Low Energy ease antenna design
Renesas' Bluetooth Smart RL78/G1D group of MCUs promises to extend battery life and include on-chip peripheral circuits that simplify antenna circuit design
2011-05-30 Mathworks upgrades design software
Mathworks upgraded its SimDriveline software to help engineers model and simulate simple and complex mechanical systems in one environment more easily than with signal-based or input/output-based methods
2015-07-09 Manage thermal optimisation during PCB design
Learn about the development in computational fluid dynamics technology, which allows modifications to the thermal model, and thus frees up valuable engineering time for higher value activities.
2007-03-23 Malaysian fabless firm ponders U.K., U.S. design centers
Reports circulate that IC Microsystems Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian fabless mixed-signal and RFIC vendor is planning to set up a U.K. design center
2004-03-03 Malaysian EDA firm receives nod from Chinese engineers
Malaysian EDA company Exsedia is presenting its latest tool, Nimbus, at this year's IIC-China meet.
2004-05-03 Making wise design choices
Makers have been telling that the shift to 32bit design for embedded systems is imminent
2005-06-30 Magma, SMIC forge design service partnership
Magma Design Automation Inc. and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. Tuesday (June 28) announced a partnership by which SMIC's Design Service division will adopt Magma's RTL-to-GDSII design solution for its ASIC design projects and Magma's SiliconSmart products for characterization and model creation of libraries and macros
2010-03-04 Magma, Chengdu ICC open joint IC design lab
Magma Design Automation and Chengdu ICC (CDICC), a government-funded organization that promotes IC design in Chengdu, have established a joint IC design lab
2005-02-11 Magma Design India, IIIT-Hyderabad team on EDA tools
Magma Design Automation India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Magma Design Automation Inc. has partnered with the International Institute of Information Technology-Hyderabad (IIIT-Hyderabad) to drive adoption of Magma's IC implementation tools
2008-09-19 M2C-accelerator facilitates model-based design
As application complexity increases, simulation performance requires acceleration. The M2C accelerator extends the Xilinx AccelDSP MBD solution by converting floating-point Matlab to fixed-point C++ for accelerated MBD verification eliminating a potential bottleneck.
2005-06-23 LTX partakes in Taiwan's evolution to chip design
LTX Corp. has been selected to participate in Taiwan's National Si-Soft Project, an initiative developed to evolve Taiwan's semiconductor industry from its current contract manufacturing base to a focus on innovative IC design
2006-10-04 LSI Logic to boost design center investment in India
LSI Logic disclosed that it will invest hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade in design centers in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata
2002-11-21 LSI develops PRO flow to maximize chip design
LSI Logic Corp. has developed a Physical RTL Optimization flow which is designed to identify physical design issues early in complex SoC design cycles
2013-06-18 LS Research assembles dedicated team of RF design engineers
LS Research has announced that it will open the Antenna Shop, a team of RF design engineers who will optimise the performance RF products by designing custom antennas to fit specific applications.
2008-12-31 Low-power design binds chips, software
There's a nagging awareness that every new gadget consumes more energy, adding to the carbon footprintand these footprints seem to be getting larger. It's high time we made system design more power efficient
2003-01-06 Local IC design companies: How to survive
Today, China's local IC design companies still lack worldwide leading core technologies, hence are unable to compete with highly developed foreign IC providers
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