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2006-01-02 Using lead-free PCB finishes in circuit test
Know your options for lead-free PCB finishesHASL, OSP, ENIG, immersion silver and immersion tin.
2003-01-22 SynQor to produce lead-free dc/dc converters
SynQor Inc. has announced its plans to totally eliminate the use of lead from its PowerQor, BusQor, DualQor, and NiQor products and manufacturing processes.
2004-04-02 Tongxin boards feature 0.8mm thickness
The 3G6259 six-layer PCB of Tongxin Circuit Electronic features a line width and space of 0.15mm minimum, and hole of 0.3mm(?).
2007-08-30 Process makes leaded devices Pb-free
A study presented a process by which leaded devices are converted to Pb-free for use in consumer-grade electronics.
2014-12-22 Experimental methods for PCB design and manufacturing
EMS providers are being called upon to take on the task of design of experiments, also known as experimental designs, requiring them to work with OEMS to do the necessary research and development.
2006-08-14 Aries' BGA-to-BGA adapter addresses soldering issues
Aries Electronics is now offering a ball grid array (BGA) to BGA adapter which resolves soldering issues when BGA devices with RoHS-compliant solder balls are assembled with other devices whose connections are not lead-free.
2006-12-12 Aries offers RoHS-compliant Correct-A-Chip adapters
Aries Electronics has introduced an RoHS-compliant version of its 20-pin PLCC IC to 16-pin DIP Correct-A-Chip adapter.
2005-01-28 Adapter supports board upgrades without rework
Aries offers a new adapter that enables designers to replace a 132-pin PQFP package IC with the newer 144-pin TQFP without the need for a board redesign or rework.
2005-11-07 Adapter enables testing of microBGA devices
Aries Electronics rolled out the new 12-ball microBGA to 14-pin DIP adapter that can modify designs without changing existing PC-board layouts.
2014-09-22 100nF silicon capacitors aimed at ultra-broadband systems
The UBSC capacitor series from IPDiA is intended for DC blocking, feedback, coupling and bypassing applications in all broadband optoelectronics and high speed data systems.
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