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2016-01-11 Global semiconductor revenue falls short at $340.3B in 2015
Gartner attributed the decline to the weak demand for key electronic equipment, the continuing impact of the strong dollar in some regions and rising inventory
2008-10-30 Gartner sees dimming future for OEMs
Gartner has issued one of its most pessimistic outlooks for the years to come, saying that many OEMs will not have boost in production of electronic equipment, which they typically would for the holiday season, because of weaker demand from consumers
2008-11-19 Gartner downgrades again IC capex
Gartner has reduced its projection for IC equipment manufacturing gear sales in 2009, just weeks after an earlier downgrade
2012-06-14 Full recovery of HDD prices expected by 2014
HDD prices are not expected to decline despite the market's rapid recovery from the Thailand floods
2008-05-30 Fab spending to slide by 17 percent
Worldwide equipment spending on fabs is expected to stumble by 17 percent in 2008, caused by more companies postponing fab projects due to global economic uncertainties
2012-08-27 Drop in DRAM contract price worsens
Average 4GB module price fell about $18.75, a five percent decrease compared to 2HJul., while the lowest price at $18.50 DRAM contract price sees an eight percent monthly decline for August
2011-05-24 Digital X-ray IC sales seen to reach $800M in 2011
Databeans is seeing a gradual reversal in the recession-fed bearish market trend for medical imaging technologies, forecasting that IC sales in the digital X-ray industry will reach $800M in 2011
2009-07-20 Consumer/wireless MEMS defy downturn
The market for MEMS used in consumer electronics and wireless products is expected to generate 6.4 percent growth in 2009, according to iSuppli Corp
2009-01-20 Chip plant utilization could drop 50% in Q1
Manufacturing plant capacity utilization is expected to drop sharply across the semiconductor industry in the current quarter as vendors reduce production in a bid to bring inventory levels in line with weakening demand for components at contract manufacturers and equipment vendors
2003-07-01 Chip industry showing its age
Market stability has always been an elusive goal for U.S. chip vendors, but that hasn't stopped the experts from predicting the end of the boom/bust cycles every so often
2015-09-23 Chinese OEMs to boost smartphone sensor demand
China is proving to be an ideal environment for sensor suppliers seeking to enter the smartphone market and for smartphone OEMs hoping to differentiate their models with innovative features
2003-01-15 China's telecom industry to flourish in 2003
The downturn of China's telecom device industry last year is blamed mainly on two factors: the weakening of the global telecom market and the constant reshuffling within the country's telecom industry, observes Panda Electronics Group's Deng Weiming
2002-12-05 China's IT chief wary of total telecoms competition
As slowing growth starts to dull the luster of China's telecom market, the government's top IT official said that China continues to see the communications sector as a "pillar" of industrialization but warned against freewheeling competition
2010-03-26 China slashes telecom capex by 21%
With its 3G building binge almost over, China's three major telecom operators is expected to slash their spending on capital equipment by more than 20 percent in 2010
2013-03-13 ASIC loses steam, FPGAs add comms cores
IDC reported total ASIC starts declined to 2,313 in 2011, down six percent from 2002 levels. In wired comms, the decline was nearly twice as steep to 442 ASICs in 2011, down 11 percent from 2002
2007-04-03 Asia Pacific pins mobile growth on emerging markets
Asia Pacific will remain a high-growth sector in the global mobile market arena, with its mobile subscriber base projected to hit 1.14 billion by end of 2007
2009-11-09 Analysis: Nokia Siemens reorg to set industry trend
The cost-cutting measures at Nokia Siemens Networks don't come by surprise and other telecommunication equipment vendors will soon have to implement similar measures
2008-08-29 2009 outlook gets brighter with 70 fab projects
A decline in global semiconductor fab equipment spending of 20 percent is expected this year, but a rebound of over 20 percent in spending is expected in 2009, driven by over 70 fab projects, reported SEMI
2009-02-24 'Goodwill' dole outs hurt tech asset value
Asset values at top technology companies worldwide are shrinking as executives implement cost-control actions that often involve significant cash payouts to former employees and also take billions in non-cash goodwill write downs in response to declining valuation on the equity market
2016-01-05 Slowing China economy halts $170M facility expansion plan
Phoenix Semiconductor postponed its manufacturing facility expansion in the Philippines, citing gloomy prospects for the semiconductor industry due to China's economic decline
2010-06-15 VLSI lowers IC outlook for 2011
VLSI Research Inc. is looking to increase its chip forecast for 2010, but it has lowered the outlook for 2011.
2008-02-13 Sumitomo makes hostile takeover bid for Axcelis
Japan's Sumitomo Heavy Industries and private-equity firm TPG Group have launched an unsolicited and hostile bid to acquire ion-implanter specialist Axcelis Technologies for approximately $544 million.
2013-04-02 Pure-play foundries, fabless suppliers dominate IC ranking
Intel remained firmly in control of the number one spot in 2012 boosted by its acquisition of Infineon's wireless IC business, registering a 52 per cent higher semiconductor sales level than Samsung.
2010-01-13 Panelists debate IC manufacturing fate
At SEMI's Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS), panelists agreed to disagree on the fate of IC manufacturingabout the future of 450mm fabs, Moore's Law and the R&D funding gap.
2007-09-28 iSuppli slashes semiconductor revenue growth forecast
Revenues of the global semiconductor industry will increase by only 3.5 percent, not 6 percent, as forecast by iSuppli Corp.
2011-11-23 IHS cuts 2011 semiconductor forecast
Despite 1.2 percent YoY growth in 3Q11, the increase was less than the 2.9 percent forecast issued in September.
2008-09-22 Hoku beefs up polysilicon supply pact with Tianwei
Hoku Materials and Tianwei have signed a second long-term contract for Hoku's sale and delivery of additional quantities of polysilicon to Tianwei over a 10-year period beginning in Q2 10.
2006-10-09 Gartner lowers capex forecast for '06
Seeing a probable ''correction'' down the road, Gartner Inc. lowered its capital spending outlook for 2006, but slightly raised its numbers in 2007.
2006-06-13 Communications driving India semicon sales, says study
Communication products will account for nearly half of India's $3.8 billion in semiconductor sales this year, according to study commissioned by the India Semiconductor Association.
2003-04-30 Chip sales increase 2.6 percent in March '03
Worldwide semiconductor sales rose to $12.1 billion in March 2003, a 2.6 percent sequential increase from the $11.8 billion in revenue reported in February 2003, reported the Semiconductor Industry Association.
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