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2014-07-09 IDT, eSilicon to give RapidIO switches 40Gbit/s boost
The RapidIO 10xN switches will offer an optimal combination of high bandwidth, low 100ns latency, and scalability to greater than 4 billion nodes in a network in advanced base station platforms.
2004-09-14 eSilicon tapes out SoC to TSMC process using Magma system
eSilicon Corp. has taped out a 0.18?m SoC design to TSMC's LV process using Magma's Blast Create and Blast Fusion, an integrated RTL-to-GDSII design flow.
2013-02-14 eSilicon rolls out production management app
The eSilicon Access tool for iPhone and Android allows customers to track semiconductor supply chain activity from purchase order through device shipment on their phones.
2002-11-14 eSilicon licenses ARM technology
eSilicon Corp. has licensed ARM Ltd cores through the ARM Foundry Program, namely the ARM7TDMI, ARM922T, ARM946E, and the ARM1022E cores.
2008-05-09 eSilicon eyes acquisitions to drive growth
eSilicon is building up a portfolio of IP cores and has taken its first steps on the acquisition trail by buying Sweden's SwitchCore, a provider of Ethernet switching chips.
2005-10-05 eSilicon expands in Europe, says India overrated
Romania is half the cost of India as a location for integrated circuit engineering, according to Jack Harding, chief executive officer of intermediary chip supplier eSilicon, speaking as he announced European expansion.
2005-02-04 eSilicon expands access to ARM tech for its customers
eSilicon Corp. has expanded its portfolio of ARM processors.
2014-05-26 eSilicon adds GDSII portal to online automation suite
The GDSII facilitates full specification of the manufacturing process requirements of a GDSII design, while the IP environment explores eSilicon's complete product line of compilable memories.
2009-03-19 Power management for optimal design
This article describes a holistic approach for managing and optimizing the power in a design. Effective power management involves proper understanding the application of a chip, technology selection, design techniques and methodology.
2014-06-12 Online tools promise to improve SoC design
eSilicon announced a couple of online tools with which designers can use to explore design and delivery options, essentially bringing e-commerce to chip designers.
2013-10-03 Online quoting service drastically cuts MPW quote time
eSilicon's automated, instant, online quoting service for MPW Shuttle Services takes only around 15 minutes, a vast improvement from the usual process that takes 40 hours.
2002-01-25 Fabless ASIC supplier unruffled by downturn, exec says
For anyone who still thinks a company must invest in an expensive fab to build ASICs, Jack Harding has $100 million worth of purchase orders to refute that notion.
2005-08-04 Executive panel yields divergent predictions about next killer app
Predictions about what will be the next major driver for the semiconductor industry diverged widely at an executive panel at the RBC Capital Markets' North American Technology Conference here.
2004-03-11 Custom chip firm joins TSMC design center alliance
Custom chip company eSilicon Corp. has joined Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd (TSMC)'s design center alliance program.
2003-05-15 Startup fabless IP company commences operations
Astro Semiconductor Inc. has been recently launched. The company is founded by former executive of eSilicon Corp., Anjan Sen.
2008-04-07 IC design looks promising for Romania
"I was surprised to find it less expensive to operate in Romania than in India, Malaysia or China," said Hugh Durdan, VP of marketing for eSilicon, a custom IC developer.
2010-11-24 CAM cores, compilers support 28nm apps
CAM cores and compilers now available from eSilicon for 28nm applications
2011-10-11 1.5GHz microprocessor cluster targets SoC design
MIPS Technologies and eSilicon's latest 28nm technology combines coherent multiprocessing and superscalar processor core.
2007-07-16 TSMC pulls curtains off 45nm design process
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd unveiled its latest and most ambitious design methodology for IC production at the challenging 45nm node.
2006-07-28 Thermal effects not an immediate concern, says TI exec
Contrary to popular belief, the impact of high temperature on a chip design is not among the most immediate concerns for advanced IC design, according to Texas Instruments' Robert Pitts.
2014-07-21 The semiconductor future according to tech bigwigs, Part 2
This instalment talks about bringing forth the next Golden Age of semiconductors, which requires increased collaboration and cooperation across different disciplines.
2009-02-13 Still dreaming of a plug-and-play IP
Users continue to bemoan the dearth of standards and effective quality metrics that they say would help greatly in confidently selecting IP.
2010-02-08 Panel tackles outsourcing tradeoffs
A panel discussion at the DesignCon 2010 conference centered on the evolution of the IC outsourcing modeland its implications.
2006-02-16 Outsourcing: Navigating a maze of decisions
Successfully outsourcing IC design takes careful planning, strong project management and a realistic set of expectations.
2015-06-01 Opinion: Vietnam gives China, India a run for the money
Setting up a design centre in Shanghai or Bangalore is not financially viable, says Majeed Ahmad. With China and India losing their "lustre," Vietnam has become a cost-effective location with a growing talent pool.
2007-08-01 IBM jumpstarts ASIC world with 45nm line
IBM Corp. has rolled out its initial ASIC offering based on 45nm technology. The product line is the world's first ASIC that combines embedded DRAM and silicon-on-insulator technologies, according to the company.
2009-02-05 Glowing in EDA negativity
It seems that lately if you want to be considered an authority on the EDA industry you must be negative about it, in fact you must say the most pessimistic thing you can muster.
2008-05-01 Fabless ASIC camp gets funds
eASIC Corp. has announced that it raised $48 million in late-stage financing, joining a number of other fabless ASIC vendors that have completed sizable funding rounds to boost their competitiveness.
2007-02-02 Engineers stress thermal impact on designs
With increasing chip speed and density, designers are struggling to keep their cool while facing thermal challenges in all designschips, boards, modules and systems.
2008-08-06 eASIC jumps to 45nm, finds new foundry partner
Fabless vendor eASIC Corp. will skip the 65nm node and roll out what it calls a "zero mask charge" 45nm ASIC line.
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