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2002-06-12 EX-380/385 series 4-pin DIP evacuated miniature crystal oscillator
This application note talks about the theory of operation of the EX-380/385 EMXO.
2008-05-08 IC Insights: Samsung debuts in top 10 foundry list
Increasing its foundry sales fivefold in 2007 to hit $385 million in revenue, Samsung Electronics has secured the tenth spot in IC Insights' ranking of leading IC foundries for 2007
2007-03-12 APN1012: VCO designs for wireless handset and CATV set-top applications
VCOs have come to the forefront of RF designs together with the first PLL circuits. In the era before the PLL, oscillators were mostly free running, and only in rare cases were varactors used for modulation or temperature compensation. Nowadays, we rarely see free running oscillators, instead they have become varactor-controlled oscillators. This is because most RF applications require band coverage, which can be realized through the PLL circuit requiring two sources of RF power. The reference source frequency is often a VCXO or TCXO, while the other frequency is controlled by the PLL phase detector.
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