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2002-04-04 Zhongkang Fiber commences cable plant expansion
Zhongkang Fiber Optical Cable Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Chengdu PTIC Telecommunication Cable Co. Ltd, has begun the second phase of its expansion program.
2005-10-27 Winbond borrows $440 million for fab expansion
Winbond Electronics Corp. has signed a five-year syndicated loan for NT$15 billion (about $440 million) to fund 300-mm wafer fab expansion at the Central Taiwan Science Park.
2006-03-10 Univision to invest $40M in OLED line expansion
OLED display manufacturer Univision Technology revealed that it has received investment worth $40 million from Warbug Pincus, which will be used for its OLED capacity expansion plans.
2004-03-23 Unity Opto reveals capacity expansion plans
Chester Chang, company spokesperson from Unity Opto Technology Co. Ltd, announced that the company's capital expenditure for this year is NT$300 million ($8.96 million at NT$33.50: $1), up by 50 percent from the previous year.
2003-03-25 U.S.-based software company eyes Asian expansion
ManageSoft Corp. has announced its plans to expand into Asia, which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand.
2000-08-31 Two-wire peripheral expansion for the AT89C2051 microcontroller
This application note details an extensible I/O and memory expansion framework suitable for AT89C2051 embedded systems.
2008-05-16 TSMC okays $1B expansion budget
TSMC said it has approved a capital appropriation of $995 million to expand a 300mm fab and increase its advanced process capacity.
2014-10-30 True Move earmarks $125M for 4G expansion in Thailand
The budget will cover the cost of setting up 7,000 additional 4G base stations on the 2,100MHz spectrum. Once completed, the expansion will raise the total number of stations to 9,000putting the country's third-largest mobile operator ahead of its bigger rivals.
2007-06-15 Tower bags fresh funds for fab expansion
Tower Semiconductor announced it has received orders for approximately $40 million of long term bonds with an average duration of 5.6 years, from Israeli institutions.
2002-12-17 Toshiba's 300mm expansion to cost $3 billion
Toshiba Corp. is targeting a much-anticipated plan for 300mm manufacturing: a $2.9 billion endeavor that includes two fabs, one for SoC LSIs and another for memories.
2011-07-11 Toshiba plans R&D, manufacturing units for HDD expansion
Toshiba plans a new R&D center and HDD manufacturing facility in Japan to better compete with Seagate and Western Digital.
2007-04-18 Toshiba pins growth plans on NAND, OLED expansion
Toshiba Corp. revealed that its mid-term strategy includes bullish plans to expand sales, expansion of NAND flash memory development and a commitment to OLED displays for TV applications.
2005-08-24 Toshiba mulls 300mm expansion plan
Japan's Toshiba Corp. is considering a plan to spend around $4.2 billion to expand its 300mm wafer production by 150 percent in the 2008 time frame, according to reports.
2003-06-03 Toshiba fab expansion in China halted by SARS fears
Toshiba Corp. is temporarily suspending the expansion of a China-based assembly and test facility due to a rising concern over the SARS epidemic.
2001-05-23 TMS320C6000 expansion bus: Multiple DSP to i80960Kx/Jx microprocessor interface
This application note describes the interface between two TMS320C6000 DSPs and the i80960Jx/Kx microprocessor via the TMS320C6000 DSP expansion bus.
2001-05-16 TMS320C6000 expansion bus to MPC860 microprocessor interface
This application note describes how to interface Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP expansion bus to Motorola's MPC860 microprocessor.
2001-05-15 TMS320C6000 expansion bus to MC68360 microprocessor interface
This application note describes how to interface Motorola's MC68360 quad integrated communications controller (QUICC) to the expansion bus of Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP.
2001-05-15 TMS320C6000 expansion bus to Intel 80960Kx/Jx microprocessor interface
This application note describes how to interface Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP to Intel's i80960Kx/Jx microprocessor.
2001-05-15 TMS320C6000 expansion bus interface to PCI bus through PLX PCI9080 bridge chip
This application note describes how to interface Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP expansion bus to the PCI bus using the PCI9080 bridge chip from PLX Technologies.
2001-05-21 TMS320C6000 expansion bus host port-performance
This application note discusses the performance of the TMS320C6000 DSP expansion bus host port, including the maximum data throughput, number of clocks required to perform a transfer, and latencies required to start and complete a transfer.
2001-05-21 TMS320C6000 DSP expansion bus: Multiple DSP connection using asynchronous host mode
This application note highlights the expansion bus (XBus) asynchronous host mode and XBus asynchronous I/O mode of the TMS320C6000 DSP, and explains the interface used to connect two TMS320C6000s together using these two interfaces.
2002-03-06 TIPI to continue expansion project in RP
Texas Instruments Philippines Inc. (TIPI) has decided to continue with its $64 million expansion program for its export manufacturing facility in the Baguio City Economic Zone in northern Philippines.
2005-09-05 TI announces massive expansion of MSP430 MCU line
Texas Instruments disclosed that they plan to add over 50 new devices to its MSP430 ultra-low power microcontroller platform in the next 18 months.
2002-05-07 TeraChip raises funds for expansion program
TeraChip, a developer of switch fabric silicon, has secured an investment of $11 million from Accel Partners and Benchmark Capital.
2006-04-07 TECO re-focuses Japan expansion plan
TECO Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd is set to re-focus its expansion into the Japan market, with plans to offer a complete lineup of LCD TVs later in the year.
2004-02-09 Taiwan LED makers push expansion plans
According to Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), Taiwan has produced about 4.3B units of super bright blue LEDs, reaching a market value of $830M, in 2003.
2004-05-14 System EDA firm raises $3M for expansion
Beach Solutions Ltd, a developer of system-level EDA tools, has raised $3 million to help expansion in the U.S., the company said Monday, May 10, 2004.
2011-04-21 STATS ChipPAC aims TSV expansion in Singapore
STATS ChipPAC is expanding its 300mm through silicon via (TSV) offering with the addition of mid-end manufacturing capabilities in Singapore.
2012-09-03 ST and MicroOLED team up for OLED expansion
STMicroelectronics and MicroOLED move aims to revolutionize micro-displays as well as expand the potential market.
2005-02-04 SST preps for serial flash demand expansion in 2005
Fabless flash memory developer Silicon Storage Technology Inc. is planning to increase its ability to produce serial flash devices through contracts with foundry suppliers Grace Semiconductor, Seiko Epson and TSMC, SST said Tuesday (Feb. 1).
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