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2005-09-07 Maxim's SPST, SPDT switches cut external component count
Maxim unveiled its MAX4901-MAX4905 family of dual SPST and single SPDT analog switches that can handle negative signals with a single positive power supply, reducing external component count and improving audio signal quality.
2009-01-23 Low-power ADCs cut external component count
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the MAX19505/MAX19506/MAX19507, a pin-compatible family of dual-channel, 8-bit, 65/100/130MSps ADCs.
2005-10-26 Li-ion battery charging control IC cuts external component count
Featuring a power MOSFET and recharging timer, the new Li-ion battery charging control IC from Mitsumi Electric is designed to reduce external component count.
2005-03-07 FM tuner cuts component count
ST announced the availability of its model TDA7701 single-chip FM tuner for portable entertainment and computing equipment.
2005-02-04 Dc-dc converter cuts external component count, solution size
Linear Tech's new 40V Micropower step-down dc-dc converter includes boost and catch diodes in a ThinSOT package, reducing external component count and solution size.
2007-06-11 Chips lower external part count, powertrain footprint
IR claims that its new XPhase chipset reduces external component count by 25 percent, which combined with a higher switching frequency, reduces the powertrain area by 45 percent in a five-phase design compared to previous generation technology.
2006-03-16 New controller-monitor reduces component count, layout area
Dallas Semiconductor introduces the DS1862, touted the industry's first integrated XFP controller-monitor that greatly simplifies the design of 10G XFP optical transceiver modules.
2005-11-09 Maxim announces low-component-count audio amplifier solution
Maxim Integrated's new integrated 2W audio amplifier is designed notebook PCs, small flat-panel displays and portable DVD/media players
2005-10-24 Li-ion battery charger reduces component count, system cost
Intersil expanded its portfolio of fully-integrated single-cell Li-ion battery chargers with the release of the ISL9204 that accepts input voltages up to 28V but is disabled when the input voltage exceeds the OVP threshold.
2003-12-15 IR IC cuts component count by 90 percent
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced the IR3220S H-bridge motor controller IC for automotive dc applications up to 6A.
2003-11-17 IR chip cuts component count by 90 percent
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced its IR3220S H-bridge motor controller IC that is designed for use in automotive dc apps.
2008-11-11 Digital voltage regulator cuts up to 50% component count
Ericsson Power Modules has launched BMR450 voltage regulator with integrated digital PWM controller that enables increased current density while decreasing footprint, cutting component count by 50 percent
2005-10-17 Component vendors address module challenges
Get a bird's eye view of the changes, challenges and opportunities facing optical component and subsystem vendors today
2002-06-21 Cirrus Logic LIU eliminates changing of external components
The CS61884 T1/E1/J1 octal LIU from Cirrus Logic Inc. features the company's matched impedance technology, completely eliminating the need to change external components between 75-ohm, 100-ohm, and 120-ohm mode designs
2006-11-28 Buck regulator reduces number of external parts
Intersil's ISL65426 synchronous buck regulator switches at a fixed frequency of 1MHz and uses current-mode control with integrated compensation to minimize the size and number of external components and provide good transient response
2006-09-22 AC switch cuts component count by 80
STMicroelectronics has introduced a generation of alternating current switches (ACS) to control the numerous AC loads employed by appliance applications.
2007-04-24 WiMAX transceiver minimizes component count
All of Atmel's MAX-Link WiMAX transceivers promise excellent RF performance with low current consumption, low cost and only a minimum of external components for the RF design
2003-11-04 STMicro driver IC cuts cellphone component count
STMicroelectronics has introduced a headset and speaker driver IC for mobile phones that includes an audio amplifier and digital volume control.
2005-04-07 PWM controllers cut component count
Maxim claims that its new PWM buck controllers allow the design of high-output-current, compact power supplies with a minimum number of external components
2005-02-11 Maxim tuner ICs cut component count
Maxim Integrated Products announced the first product in its new family of mobile television tuner ICs.
2008-03-05 LED driver trims component count in designs
Exar has released a LED driver in a small 3mm x 3mm QFN package that integrates several off-chip functions, which lowers external component requirements while saving board space
2005-06-22 Intersil PWM synchronous buck controller cuts component count
The new single phase PWM synchronous buck controller from Intersil requires fewer external components than competing products which results in a smaller implementation area and lower manufacturing cost
2008-11-21 Hot-plug switch cuts component count in backplanes
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the DS4560, a fully integrated, self-protected, resettable hot-plug switch that reduces the number of components required for the safe insertion and removal of systems on 12V powered backplanes.
2007-11-23 Driver amplifier trims component count in designs
Mimix Broadband Inc. has introduced a two-stage feedback driver amplifier in a 3mm x 3mm surface mount QFN package.
2005-01-31 Dc-dc controller offers less component count
Linear Tech introduced a new step-up dc-dc controller with a 2-phase operation to deliver high output power using only two inductors.
2003-03-19 CSR Bluetooth technology powers Jabra headset
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore2-External single-chip solution has been chosen to Bluetooth-enable Jabra Corp.'s BT200 headset
2011-05-12 78M6613 PCB layout guidelines
Know the design issues on 78M6613 that require consideration for optimum measurement accuracy and reliability.
2006-02-22 SP3T switches improve audio signal
Maxim introduced two new dual single-pole triple-throw analog switches that handle negative signals with a single positive power supply, thereby reducing external component count and improving audio signal quality.
2009-05-14 SMPS converters ease low-power directive compliance
STMicroelectronics has introduced the VIPerPlus family of off-line switched-mode power supply (SMPS) converters, which minimize standby power consumption and the number of external components required, and enable easy compliance with Blue Angel, Energy Star and other low-power norms and directives
2006-05-12 Single-power quad, SPDT analog switch handles negative signals
Maxim's quad, SPDT analog switch handles negative signal with a single power supply, reducing external component count and improving audio-signal quality.
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