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2010-11-04 Mentor Graphics, ARM team up for memory test
Mentor's Tessent memory test and repair solution now supports ARM's memory BIST bus and interface that provides external access to all memories contained within the processor core.
2006-08-18 Memory controller enables fast data transfers
IntellaSys Corp.'s new OnSpec xSil251 memory controller enables fast memory data transfers for UDMA CF/Microdrive or IDE Hard Disk Drive via USB 2.0 interface
2005-06-06 MCU provides large memory space
Holtek's new MCU contains 4K of OTP Program Memory and 192 bytes of General Purpose Data Memory, providing the user with a flexible and large app memory space for more complicated apps with larger data requirements
2008-03-18 MCU integrates SMSC MediaLB interface
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has started to implement SMCS's Media Local Bus technology in the latest member of its 32bit MB91460 MCU product series.
2011-10-12 Interfacing DDR3 memory module with DS34S132
Learn how to interface the DS34S132, a 32-point TDM-over-packet IC, with a DDR3 memory chip
2009-03-06 Interface design guide for STMicroelectronics Cartesio microprocessor
This technical note provides guidelines for interconnecting the STA2062 dynamic bus controller to two Micron 512Mb Mobile DDR SDRAM devices to achieve a 128MB external dynamic memory without series termination resistors other than clock line parallel terminations
2006-03-23 I/Q modulation generator provides 300MHz memory clock
Rohde & Schwarz announced the R&S AFQ100A I/Q modulation generator, which provides a memory clock of 300MHz combined with a memory depth of up to 1Gsample
2002-03-12 Fujitsu Bluetooth baseband ICs provide on-board Flash memory
Based on Parthus' BlueStream core, the MB86C00 and MBG011 Bluetooth baseband ICs comply with the Bluetooth 1.1 specification and are targeted for hands-free cellular phones and other mobile wireless applications.
2010-04-14 DSPs pack up to 5Mbit on-chip memory
Analog Devices Inc. has launched the SHARC 2148x and 2147x series, the latest additions to its range of 32bit floating-point DSPs that integrate up to 5Mbit of on-chip memory
2005-07-01 Denali storage interface IP bypasses the SoC bus
IP vendor Denali Software has announced a data subsystem that provides configurable interfaces to off-chip DRAM, flash and SATA HDD storage.
2008-09-10 Demo board eases capacitive touch-sensing interface
Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, announced an addition to its mTouch capacitive touch offerings, the PICDEM Touch Sense 2 Demo Board (Part # DM164128).
2006-03-17 Deep-memory oscilloscope platforms probe automotive FlexRay
Yokogawa Electric Corp. announces that it has developed the DL7400 Series FlexRay Signal Analyzers.
2011-08-03 ARM926-based MCUs use DDR2 memory
Atmel has released five new additions to its Atmel SAM9 ARM926-based family of MCUs that integrates DDR2 memory, NAND flash and dual 10/100 Ethernet
2011-10-07 ARM-based MCUs integrate 1MB flash memory
Energy Micro has released the Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko product families, which are both backed by low-power Cortex-M3 EFM32 microcontrollers with up to 1MB flash memory
2008-05-12 Application processor integrates display, interface functions
Seiko Epson has developed the S1C33L17, an application processor that is suited to analog-input, large-screen, full-graphic LCD displays and various interfaces, as well as to portable devices, which require high-level data processing and displays.
2002-03-11 ADI GSM, GPRS baseband processors eliminate external SRAMs
Designed for GSM and GPRS handsets that feature MP3 playback and streaming media along with wireless voice and e-mail capabilities,
2000-09-08 Adding external data memory to the Z893X1 DSP chip
This application note addresses the data memory insufficiency of Zilog's Z893X1 DSP by adding a simple external data interface, and presents some possible design variations.
2008-02-19 A/V, memory glitz and glam at IIC-China
This year's IIC-China will gather over 240 international IC tycoons and local manufacturers to showcase their latest and offerings to satisfy the increasing demand for high-quality and high-definition consumer electronics.
2007-11-16 8bit MCUs combine CAN interface, EEPROM, debug tools
Freescale has unveiled the S08D family of 8bit MCUs, touted to be first to integrate a CAN interface, EEPROM and on-chip emulation/debug tools
2012-11-23 4MB flash memory assures 1,000hrs operating life
TI's SM28VLT32-HT allows data logging at extreme temperatures and targets harsh environment applications including oil and gas exploration, heavy industrial and avionics.
2008-08-21 16bit single-chip microcontrollers flash memory self programming
The 78K0R/Kx3 series products are equipped with an internal firmware, which allows to rewrite the flash memory without the use of an external programmers
2008-04-03 16bit MCUs tout 'lowest-power,' large memory
Microchip has added nine new members to its cost-effective PIC24F 16bit MCU family, which are said to consume the least power at 2.6?A standby and feature a large memory of up to 256Kbyte flash and 16Kbyte RAM
2009-05-06 Using the Mini-FlexBus external bus interface for ColdFire microcontrollers
This application note describes how to set up and use the Mini-FlexBus on the MCF5225x and shows some implementation examples.
2001-05-10 TMS320C6000 EMIF to external SDRAM/SGRAM interface
This application note describes how to interface external SDRAM/ SGRAM to Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP
2000-06-23 Synthesizable 143MHz ZBT SRAM interface
This application note demonstrates a Virtex design that interfaces to megabytes of external high-speed ZBT (Zero Bus Turnaround) SRAM in order to provide interleaved read/write without wasteful turnaround cycles
2002-02-22 STMicroelectronics Flash memory eliminates external RAM
Designed for digital consumer products such as STBs, PDAs, camcorders, and printers, the M58LW032A 32Mb Flash memory chip stores data, but allows direct execution of stored codes and eliminates the need for a separate RAM
2007-02-05 SH7641 Series: SDRAM interface
This application note describes examples of interfaces between the MCU of the SH7641 SH3-DSP and external memory (SDRAM
2008-07-04 Secure supervisor adds memory, tamper-detection
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the DS3655, a secure battery-backup controller and supervisor with temperature and voltage monitoring.
2003-07-03 Samsung adopts Rambus interface solution
Samsung Electronics has signed a licensing agreement to incorporate Rambus' Yellowstone technology into its next-gen DRAM products.
This application note outlines the design used on the Fujitsu SPARClite Evaluation Board to interface the MB86930 with the DRAM subsystem. The main objective of the paper is to show the simplicity of the external design requirements, while achieving high performance of three CPU cycle page mode access at 40MHz
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