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2009-02-26 With acquisition, Hitachi joins external storage fray
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has agreed to acquire Fabrik Inc., a privately-held supplier of personal and professional storage solutions.
2002-03-01 Western Digital external FireWire HDD spins 7,200rpm
The company has announced the availability of its 120GB WD FireWire external HDD that boasts of a rotation speed of 7,200rpm.
2005-07-05 Video driver eliminates external caps
A triple video driver from Intersil is said to run off a single 3.3V supply, and it generates a negative voltage internally, removing the need for external coupling capacitors.
2004-12-02 VCO inductor and external loop filter design guidelines for the AT86RF401X
This app note explains the process of implementing a design using the AT86RF401X (RF wireless microtransmitter)
2010-09-02 Using the TPS23753A (and family) with an external error amplifier
This application note shows how to use the common TLV431 as an error amplifier in conjunction with the family of parts in a non-isolated flyback converter application.
2008-06-19 Using the STR91xFA external memory interface (EMI)
The STR91xFA EMI bus is a very flexible bus and is user programmable. The bus can be configured to interface to different types of memory devices, including SRAM, flash memory, ROM or PSRAM.
2000-05-29 Using the PORTB Interrupt on Change as an External Interrupt Pin
This application note will discuss some of the issues in using PORTB as additional external interrupt pins, and will show some examples.
2009-05-06 Using the Mini-FlexBus external bus interface for ColdFire microcontrollers
This application note describes how to set up and use the Mini-FlexBus on the MCF5225x and shows some implementation examples.
2001-04-16 Using the CS5521/23, CS5522/24/28 and CS5525/26 charge pump drive for external loads
This application note explains the on-chip charge pump circuitry of the CS5521/23, CS5522/24/28 and CS5525/26 A/D converters and how it can be used in a system design.
2000-06-01 Using External RAM with PIC17CXX Devices
This technical note shows how to connect a PIC17CXX device to external memory. It also provides instructions and calculations to help determine which speeds of SRAM work with which frequency crystal.
2008-09-10 Using external data memory with PIC24F/24H/dsPIC33F devices
This application note describes the methodology to use the Parallel Master Port (PMP) module to interface with external data memory; either external flash or external RAM
2002-12-09 Using an external potentiometer to adjust contrast voltage
This application note describes how an external potentiometer can be used for voltage control.
2009-06-08 USB sensors pack built-in external trigger circuitry
Anritsu Co. has introduced a microwave USB power sensor that provides accurate average power measurements from 10MHz to 18GHz over 60dB of dynamic range.
2009-09-22 USB modules cuts need for external power adapter
FTDI's new communication modules ease connectivity between legacy RS interfaces and USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports
2001-05-11 Understanding the TMS320F240 external memory interface
This application note describes the features and operation of the external memory interface of Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP.
2009-12-11 Tuner cuts need for external antenna in mobile TVs
MaxLinear Inc. is offering the MxL751SM high-performance, single-chip diversity tuner and ISDB-T 1-Segment (1-Seg) demodulator for mobile and portable TV applications.
2002-10-28 Transfering files from a UPL Audio Analyzer to an external PC via the RS-232-C interface
This application note presents instructions for transferring files from a UPL Audio Analyzer to an external PC via the RS-232-C interface.
2004-06-16 TMS320C6000 EMIF-to-External SDRAM interface
This app note describes the EMIF's control registers and SDRAM signals along with SDRAM functionality, including functions supported by the EMIF and performance considerations when used with the EMIF.
2001-05-10 TMS320C6000 EMIF to external SDRAM/SGRAM interface
This application note describes how to interface external SDRAM/ SGRAM to Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP.
2005-06-06 TINIS400 external serial port reference design
This app note describes the implementation of external serial ports on a DSTINIS400 sockets board running TINIOS version 1.1x.
2010-08-10 Timing controller eliminates external regulator
Parade Technologies introduced their DP616 video display timing controller (TCON) device, which the maker claims is the first eDP TCON to meet VESA eDP v1.2 and to integrate an on-board switching regulator.
2002-01-18 TI DSPs pack more ROM, eliminate additional external memory
Claimed to integrate seven times more on-chip ROM, the TMS320C5404 and TMS320C5407 DSPs eliminate the need for additional external memory and expensive on-chip RAM.
2010-01-07 Supplement the MAX6948 WLED driver with external PWM control
This application note explains how to add external PWM intensity control to supplement a device's internal PWM. The MAX6948 WLED driver serves as the example device. Configuration settings and performance data are shown.
2007-07-20 Supervisory ICs need no external components
austriamicrosystems' new ultralow-voltage MPU supervisory ICs were designed to monitor supply rails of 0.9-1.5V in ?P and digital systems, without the need for external components.
2002-02-22 STMicroelectronics Flash memory eliminates external RAM
Designed for digital consumer products such as STBs, PDAs, camcorders, and printers, the M58LW032A 32Mb Flash memory chip stores data, but allows direct execution of stored codes and eliminates the need for a separate RAM.
2004-11-29 ST92R195 and external memory
This app note explains how to use the different features of the ST9+ clock system to optimize external memory access.
2009-06-15 Square-wave oscillator includes no external components
This application note presents a square-wave oscillator that requires no external components except the bypass capacitor. This circuit generates a square-wave that is useful as a clock signal or AC drive for the excitation of sensors.
2005-06-22 Speed sensor eliminates external switching capacitor
Allegro MicroSystems launched a new analog self-calibrating speed sensor that integrates a tracking capacitor for non-true power on-state (TPOS) camshaft applications, providing improved EMC and ESD protection.
2007-09-12 Satellite TV tuner needs no external LNA
To reduce total solution size and cost, Maxim's new satellite TV tuner provides an 8.0dB noise figure and a -75dBm to 0dBm dynamic range, thus eliminating the need for an external LNA.
2013-05-23 Richardson stocks external M2M antenna from Taoglas
The Pantheon MA760 combines two LTE multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) elements and is designed for designed for multi-function gateways with Wi-Fi.
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