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2008-08-14 Researchers give sense of touch to robots
The folks at the University of Tokyo claim to have developed a material that conducts electricity like metal and is flexible like rubber, paving way for robots to have "e-skin" that, like the human skin, is sensitive to heat and pressure.
2013-07-11 Flexible sensor key to 'electronic skin'
Scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology discovered how to make a kind of flexible sensor that could be integrated into e-skin to allow a person to feel changes in their environments.
2011-12-21 Low-cost technique targets flexible electronics
Solution-based processing technology pushes for smart applications with stretchable and plastic backplanes.
2008-11-03 Flexible screens crawl to market
The benefits of flexible displays have been told, but actual display devices are emerging slowly. Recent indications, however, are that flexible displays are beginning to appear in earnest.
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