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2004-06-02 French startup tackles SoCs for WiMAX
A French startup will take on wireless industry heavyweights in pursuing a WiMAX-certified integrated baseband system-on-a-chip
2002-12-27 Foundries wield intellectual property to gain an edge
Faced with excess manufacturing capacity and complex chip design challenges, Taiwan's biggest pure-play foundries are taking a fresh approach to the way they manage IP
2008-10-13 Can AMD's survival plan overcome Intel's pressure?
It is rival processor vendor Intel that carries the key to the survival of Advanced Micro Devices as a fabless chip company and the formation of Foundry Co., with wafer fabs in Dresden and in New York.
2008-03-17 Broadcom trains sight on mobile
Broadcom Corp. is accelerating its move to 65nm process technology as it sharpens its focus on the cellphone market and beyond.
2012-10-29 Broadcom posts $2bn qtr despite poor economic conditions
Broadcom becomes just the second fabless company to achieve $2 billion in sales in a single quarter, after rival Qualcomm Inc
2008-12-09 Who tops China's semiconductor industry?
PricewaterhouseCoopers has released a report that provides a rare glimpse inside China's semiconductor industry, offering a ranking of 29 indigenous Chinese chip firms with 2007 revenue greater than $30 million
2005-10-27 Vimicro joins Chinese race to IPO
As expected Chinese fabless DSP and multimedia chip company Vimicro International Corp., has filed for an initial public offering of shares in the company.
2012-11-28 Union Semiconductor turns to West as mobile bogs down
One of the few China fabless chip companies working to develop markets in the U.S. and Europe, Union semiconductor is exploring new customers in security, wireless hotspots and Ethernet
2012-09-19 Spreadtrum moves into WCDMA market
China fabless firm Spreadtrum is seeking to venture into the non-TD-SCDMA market into integrated baseband/apps processor smartphone platforms to compete with major players such as MediaTek and Qualcomm
2013-02-04 Qualcomm talks big game, aims for higher sales targets
After reporting record quarterly sales of $6.02 billion, the fabless chip giant is ready to ramp up its efforts in executing its strategic priorities while also addressing their growing opportunities
2008-11-11 Qualcomm steps up to reach top 10 IC suppliers
Qualcomm has devised a 27-percent year-over-year growth rate to jump to ninth place among the largest IC suppliers in the first three quarters of 2008, according to Insights Inc.
2008-12-08 Private IC firms quietly lay off staff
Privately held companies, unbound by regulations requiring them to report layoffs, have not gone unscathed as they too, have shed staffalbeit more quietly.
2006-02-16 Outsourcing: Navigating a maze of decisions
Successfully outsourcing IC design takes careful planning, strong project management and a realistic set of expectations.
2012-11-08 Nufront squares in on mobile apps processors
Nufront will try to outdo competitors in the apps processor market with wireless offerings such as its first-generation GSM/WCDMA 3G baseband chip
2002-08-16 NEC chairman urges design-centric road to recovery
Chipmakers will have to get better at designing system-on-chip devices if they are to survive the current, crippling downturn, says NEC chairman
2013-01-18 MediaTek postpones MStar merger
The delay has been caused by an inability to secure approval for the deal from foreign countries, including China and South Korea, which have cited anti-trust concerns.
2015-09-04 Is China targeting GlobalFoundries next?
China, the second-biggest economy in the world, is flexing its financial muscles in a bid to acquire as many semiconductor companies in recent months to improve its global standing in the industry.
2006-07-01 IDMs' shift to foundries undermines startups
As foundries get better and fabs get bigger, the landscape of the IC industry is changing, spurred in part by pressure from the financial community.
2012-02-09 FujiPanaRene: Clinging to the wreckage
Can this radical move make economies of scale for both Japan and Abu Dhabi, or is it a move that is not radical enough; two people afloat clinging to each other in the hope they can each save the other from drowning.
2004-09-16 For startup, power savings start in architecture
3Plus1 Technology develops an application-specific processor built around the concept that energy efficiency begins in the architecture.
2012-12-18 Fewer IC executives see opportunities in China
KPMG reports China is expected to take second place behind the U.S. as the chip market rebounds in the second half of 2013
2012-11-29 China's patent filings grow more than 20% a year
Reflecting a profound change in cultural attitudes to property, this increasing trend in China should encourage foreign company to invest in filing patents there to compete with Chinese companies
2014-09-26 China mobile chipmakers eye major deal
Chinese fabless companies and Intel share common competitors in the market for smartphone and tablet processors. China is shifting its focus towards developing fabless chip designers, a more cost-effective route to growth
2006-11-27 Broadcom in iPhone, report says
A Wall Street analyst believes that Broadcom Corp. has secured a place in Apple Computer Inc.'s anticipated mobile phone product, according to a Reuters report.
2005-07-21 Broadcom agrees to pay $76 million to buy Siliquent
Fabless communications chip company Broadcom Corp. has agreed to buy Ethernet processor company Siliquent Technologies Inc. for $76 million in cash, Broadcom said Tuesday (July 19).
2014-08-12 Actions to split into Multimedia co., Android tablet co.
The China-based fabless company's move to transform into two private entities underpins internal conflicts among different business units, as well as management ambitions to qualify for government grants
2011-09-02 180nm CMOS process targets analog, power ICs
A chip foundry has introduced an analog CMOS process that supports operating voltages up to 24V
2009-07-30 Yield issues may hurt graphics IC market
Yield issues in the graphics chip market are causing a possible shortfall in shipments at the high-end, according to an analyst
2005-02-24 Wolfson shrugs off China blues to score strong growth
Fabless mixed-signal IC vendor Wolfson Microelectronics plc produced strong year-end results only suffering slightly from the the softness seen elsewhere in the chip market in the second half of 2004
2012-09-21 Why GigaDevice gambles on NOR flash memory
China fabless firm GigaDevice is staying put in the NOR flash market even if the industry proves challenging for sales growth and expansion
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