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2005-03-30 NEC to use Mosys embedded memory with 90nm process
Monolithic System Technology Inc. (MoSys) has renewed its partnership with NEC Electronics licensing the Japanese chip company to embed MoSys' embedded DRAM technology into high volume semiconductor devices for consumer applications manufactured using 90nm manufacturing process technologies
2005-12-07 NEC says 55nm process cuts power consumption
NEC Electronics announced that it has developed a 55nm node process named UX7LS that will employ emersion lithography and higher dielectric constant (high-k) material
2003-05-16 Motorola's power IC process runs on 300mm wafers
Motorola launched the newest version of its power semiconductor process technology combining voltage capability with analog functions
2004-03-11 Micron gets microcircuit certification for wafer fabrication
Micron Technology Inc. has received a custom microcircuit certification for wafer fabrication from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD
2010-09-01 Micron deploys Applied Materials' E3 process control system
Micron expects E3 to improve efficiency, product quality at 300mm wafer facilities
2009-04-21 Litho technique streamlines nanofabrication process
University of Maryland College of Chemical and Life Sciences professor John Fourkas and his research group have developed a new, table-top technique called RAPID lithography that makes it possible to create small features without the use of UV light.
2005-09-05 LG develops printing process for color LCD filters
South Korea-based chemical supplier LG Chem Ltd has developed a method to produce color filters used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that utilizes ink printing rather than photolithography, which the company claims reduces manufacturing cost and time.
2002-07-03 Japan venture seeks common 90nm process
A group of leading Japanese semiconductor makers will form a joint venture that will work to standardize the process technology for 90nm devices
2012-06-04 InvenSense opens up its proprietary MEMS mfg process
The InvenSense NF-Shuttle is a silicon CMOS-MEMS platform where mask costs are split amongst multiple users on the same mask set.
2002-08-15 Intel adopts strained silicon for 90nm process
Intel Corp. said that it will add strained silicon technology to its 90nm technology mix, and will use the process to make the Pentium 4 microprocessor code-named "Prescott" starting next year
2007-07-26 IBM, ST collaborate on next-gen process tech
STMicroelectronics and IBM have entered into an agreement to collaborate on the development of next-generation semiconductor process technology
2002-11-28 IBM inks process development pact with Chartered
IBM Corp. and Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Pte have signed a joint development and manufacturing agreement that will result in a common process platform starting at the 90nm node
2015-04-28 Guide for better PCB fabrication: Tools you need to know
In this roundup, we feature some of the prominent methods of making your own circuit boards that will help to alleviate some of the issues that entail the manufacturing process
2006-09-04 Design kits ease transition to 45nm process
IBM, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Infineon Technologies and Samsung Electronics have announced the availability of the first silicon-functional circuits and design kits based on their collaboration for 45nm low-power process technology
2003-07-07 Dainippon, Nikon co-develop photolithography process
Dainippon Screen has entered into a collaborative agreement with Nikon for next-gen photolithography processes.
2002-04-18 CVD process tames carbon nanotube growth
A chemical-vapor deposition technique has been applied to carbon nanotubes to give them unusual electronic properties, according to researchers here at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
1999-11-04 Customer centered silicon wafer fabrication services
This application note describes the wafer fabrication service provided by IMP and how it specializes in high volume manufacturing of analog and mixed-signal process technologies.
2011-12-01 Cu electroplating cuts solar cell fabrication cost
Kaneka and Imec have detailed a silver-free approach in manufacturing heterojunction silicon solar cells that tout higher efficiencies.
2005-02-03 Crolles2 alliance pools CMOS process efforts
The Crolles2 alliance partners Freescale Semiconductor, Philips and STMicroelectronics have extended the scope of their joint semiconductor activities to include R&D related to wafer testing and packaging, in addition to the original development of sub 100nm CMOS process technologies
2007-08-22 CMD, MagnaChip sign foundry, process tech deal
California Micro Devices (CMD) and MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd announced that they have inked a strategic foundry business and process technology transfer agreement
2013-05-22 Cadence's closure tool speeds chip designs to fabrication
The Tempus Timing Signoff Solution is a new approach to timing signoff tools that enables customers to shrink timing signoff closure and analysis for faster tape-out.
2002-02-08 Atmel inks alternate source deal for Motorola's 0.355m process
Atmel Corp. and Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector have concluded an agreement to second source Motorola's 0.355m RF BiCMOS SiGe:C and copper inductor wafer process
2013-04-05 40nm process geometries take a quarter of global wafer capacity
IC Insights' report reveals that a huge share of the worldwide wafer capacity still remains dedicated to mature processes with "large" features sizes.
2006-05-16 0.35m CMOS process allows voltages from 3.3V to 120V
austriamicrosystems' Full Service Foundry business unit announced its 0.35m high-voltage CMOS technology H35 with an additional set of 120V NMOS and PMOS devices.
2002-02-20 VCX, Chartered team to streamline mixed-signal SoC design process
Silicon foundry Chartered Semiconductor Mfg and Virtual Component Exchange have entered into an agreement that designates Chartered as a preferred mixed-signal foundry for VCX partners.
2014-06-25 IBM reaches pivotal moment in chip fabrication
Several analysts and IBM employees opine that the firm should go fablessshed its chip-making business and sell its fabrication plant to GlobalFoundriessaying that the chip giant has under-invested in its two fabs for years now
2012-04-03 eMemory, HLMC join in high voltage fabrication
The firms revealed that eMemory's One Time Programmable technology, NeoBit, has completed silicon IP verification in HLMC's 55nm high-voltage process
2014-03-04 DSA technique pushes chip fabrication below 20nm
The MIT researchers' directed self-assembly technique utilises block copolymer self-assembly that facilitates the reduction of pattern sizes in photolithography and electron-beam photolithography.
2014-06-20 Cheap TiO2 fabrication yields boosted LEDs, solar cells
The titanium isopropoxide-water-alcohol method produces 5mm titanium-dioxide nanoparticles that are being explored as better encapsulants for LEDs and high-index refraction composites for solar cells.
2010-09-23 UCLA uses nanowires as self-aligning gates on graphene transistors
UCLA researchers how that using nanowires as self-aligning gates overcomes the difficulties of fabricating graphene transistors.
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