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2007-06-14 Renesas touts SOI SRAM tech for 32nm, beyond
Renesas has developed new technology to implement on-chip SOI SRAM in the 32nm node and finer processes.
2014-01-30 Renesas to transfer wafer fab line to Sony
Renesas Electronics signed a definitive agreement to transfer the 12-inch front-end wafer fabrication line at its Tsuroka facility to Sony Semiconductor
2003-01-02 Philips achieves 0.12?m SoC solutions
Philips Semiconductors has become one of the first silicon companies to provide SoC solutions at an advanced process technology
2006-05-29 ON Semi, Nantero to jointly develop carbon nanotube tech
ON Semiconductor and Nantero announced they have teamed up to develop innovative semiconductor process technology to effectively integrate carbon nanotubes in CMOS fabrication.
2004-04-06 Newport semiconductor EFEM features wafer handling robot
Newport has disclosed that its Performix semiconductor fabrication EFEM is the industry's first EFEM featuring an Automated Self Teach wafer handling robot
2003-05-29 NEC fab to implement Yield Dynamics control platform
NEC Electronics America Inc. has announced that it has implemented Yield Dynamics' enTune run-to-run APC platform in its California fab.
2004-07-12 National amps eye professional, wideband video apps
National said it has launched the world's fastest amplifiers for professional and wideband video apps.
2004-01-22 Motorola China sells wafer fab to SMIC
Motorola China Electronics Ltd has closed the sale of its MOS-17 wafer fabrication facility in Tianjin to Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. (SMIC
2010-10-14 MIPS Technologies joins TSMC IP alliance
MIPS Technologies Inc. has joined the TSMC Soft IP Alliance Program.
2011-06-17 MEMS makes more "sense" in biomedical apps
Aside from sensors, MEMS technology has many other viable applications, the newest and most promising of which are biomedical as well as precision, internal medicine delivery.
2003-10-28 Maxim purchases Philips wafer fab
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. has purchased from Philips its 8-inch semiconductor wafer fabrication facility in San Antonio, Texas
2007-03-29 Infineon licenses 130nm CMOS tech to HSMC
Infineon Technologies has signed a memorandum of understanding with startup Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. to license its 130nm CMOS process technology
2006-06-29 IME, SiOptical to develop fab tech with Chartered
The Institute of Microelectronics and SiOptical Inc. signed a research collaboration agreement to jointly develop fabrication technology for silicon-based photonics and circuits
2002-03-20 IBM announces new processes for wireless chip fab
Targeting companies that manufacture wireless devices such as cell phones, IBM has announced the development of two new foundry processes for fabricating chips for consumer products.
2010-06-16 IBM 'fab club' joins high-k bandwagon
IBM Corp. "fab club," which includes Samsung Electronics, GlobalFoundries and Synopsys, has announced the delivery of 32-/28nm process and design platform, based on high-k and metal gates
2007-05-04 HP licenses nanoscale technology
Hewlett-Packard announced that it is licensing a technology that could enable a more powerful fabrication of semiconductor chips
2010-08-30 Graphene R&D pushes forward
U.S. researchers are creating tools for fabricating perfect graphene sheets, and they found that electron radiation prevents connections between monolayers.
2011-09-21 Graphene enables 2GHz doubler IC
IBM has developed a CMOS-compatible manufacturing process technology that integrates graphene transistors on silicon wafers
2012-11-22 German team develops photonic crystal production method
The SPRIE (Sequential Passivation and Reactive Ion Etching) method is applied to structure the silicon on large areas in a simple and three-dimensional manner.
2002-08-21 Fulcrum IC heats asynchronous design debate
A coolly tantalizing alternative to the latest approaches to blazing IC performance is expected to cut this week's sweltering heat at the Hot Chips conference.
2005-08-19 Freescale RET project approaches first anniversary
Freescale Semiconductor and Photronics teamed up in the fourth quarter of 2004 to assess the technical and commercial merit of certain specific resolution enhancement technologies.
2007-05-16 Foundries face obstacle course in 45nm race
The starting gun sounded on the 45nm foundry race when the world's largest foundry service provider announced in April it is accelerating ramp of its 45nm process
2012-08-13 Equip hardware engineers with right tools, processes
Find out why the hardware engineer should be empowered with the right tools and processes for a critical design phasethe arrival of the prototype.
2007-10-17 Elpida-PSC JV opens 300mm fab in Taiwan
Rexchip Electronics, the joint venture company of Elpida Memory and PSC, has opened its first 300m fab at the Central Taiwan Science Park Houli Site.
2015-02-05 Did Apple pick Samsung to make the next iPhone chip?
Samsung's advanced fabrication technologythe 14nm manufacturing processsucceeded in luring Apple back to its factories to make the latter's future iPhone processors, reports said.
2007-11-01 Dealing with IP at 65nm and below
The demand for connectivity intellectual property (IP) for high-speed serial buses is increasing. High-speed serial buses require high-performance analog/mixed-signal circuits that can be designed using standard deep sub-micron CMOS technologies.
2004-12-16 Chip advances open new design services door
The growing difficulty of chip architectures and process technologies is opening new levels in the design services business
2002-09-20 China's chip market rebounds from 2001 slowdown
Strong domestic demand revived China's chip fabrication industry in 1H of this year, reversing the slowdown seen in 2001
2012-12-27 Beijing builds its own 22nm MOSFET
IMECAS believes that the introduction of China-developed 22nm IC technology would save China money in importing foreign chips or process technology and boost China-made IC's competitiveness
2004-01-14 Applied Materials systems aid UMCi move towards 90nm production
Applied Materials has received an order from Singapore's UMCi foundry for a multi-system suite of advanced transistor fabrication technologies for 300mm volume production
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