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2002-01-30 Princeton receives patent for OVPD technology
Princeton University has received a patent for an organic vapor phase deposition (OVPD) process that can provide substantial advantages in the manufacture of OLED FPDs
2016-02-01 Preventing common MEMS failure mechanisms
The first step in ensuring MEMS reliability is to avoid common pitfalls during the design and process development phase to assure a stronger and more reliable part-upon-marketplace introduction
2002-05-16 Powerchip opens 300mm DRAM fab
Amid sinking prices in the DRAM market, Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. flipped the switch on its first 300mm wafer fabrication facility on May 14
2007-10-30 Power Integrations, Epson ink foundry deal
Power Integrations and Seiko Epson have entered a foundry partnership and are currently ramping high-voltage power-conversion ICs at Epson's wafer-fabrication facilities in Japan
2004-12-09 Plastic Logic, E Ink, team for large area flexible display
Plastic Logic Ltd and E Ink Corp. have reached a nonexclusive agreement to cooperate on the design and fabrication of flexible all-plastic electronic displays, Plastic Logic said Monday (Dec. 6
2012-03-15 PCM progress report no. 6: Recent advances in phase change memory (Part 2)
The second installment of this two-part series tackles other recent developments in PCM, including fabrication of a 1 Gb PCM array with a 4F2 cell size
2005-11-08 Panelists ponder challenges of 45nm
The move to the 45nm process node will be costly and challenging, but worth it for selected applications, according to panelists at the EDA Tech Forum here Thursday (Nov. 3
2014-05-26 Novel technique produces graphene on non-metal substrates
The process uses CVD to sandwich a nickel film with graphene layers. The nickel film can be peeled away, leaving graphene on top of the non-metal substrate
2004-11-01 NEC claims breakthrough in high-k dielectrics
Researchers call high-k film in chip-making process reliable and good for a 10-year run
2010-11-23 Morphing ICs adapt to applications
Researchers from the University of Arizona have found a process to design computing devices with the capacity to reconfigure into a range of logic gates, which they have dubbed as chaogates
2009-06-08 Mirasol display fab rises in Taiwan
Qualcomm MEMS Technologies Inc. has announced that a dedicated mirasol display fabrication plant in the Longtan's Science Park in Taoyuan, Taiwan has commenced operations
2014-08-28 MEMS plus piezoelectric equates to greater miniaturisation
ROHM established a process for MEMS that utilises thin-film piezoelectric elements. This combination is said to streamline design and reduce the size of processing controllers
2007-10-05 Malaysian telco aids Silterra on 90/65nm chip production
Foundry Silterra has signed an agreement with the R&D arm of Malaysia's largest communications provider Telekom Malaysia to assist in its drive to lower process-technology nodes
2007-04-16 Making MEMS the new 'mouse'
This article features ST's MEMS Product Division General Manager Benedetto Vigna, who views MEMS as the new 'mouse.' ST first ventured into developing MEMS in 2001. Last year, the company inaugurated a 200mm semiconductor wafer fabrication line dedicated to MEMS devices
2010-07-14 Magnetic tunneling enables high-density logic ICs
A Japan team claims to have extended a high-performance perpendicular tunneling magneto-resistance process to non-volatile logic devices
2002-06-05 Lumenon forges fab deal with MTBSolutions
Lumenon Innovative Lightwave Technology Inc., a photonic materials science and process technology company, has signed up MTBSolutions to aid in the design and fabrication of Lumenon's next-generation packaged optical components.
2015-10-14 Laying down the scaling path for monolithic 3D
The IEEE S3S 2015 provided comprehensive coverage of R&D activities in the monolithic 3D space such as integrating a monolithic 3D device without changing the existing frontline fab process
2008-08-28 Lam Research puts up training center Taiwan
Wafer fabrication equipment supplier Lam Research Corp. has built a global product training center in Hsinchu, Taiwan with the support of the Taiwan Government
2003-07-02 Japan opens joint test line for 90nm
A research center funded by the Japan government and the semiconductor industry has opened a 300mm wafer line to test and develop specs for 90nm and finer process technologies
2005-12-05 Intel to build 300mm wafer fab in Israel
Intel announced plans to build a new 300mm wafer fabrication facility at its site in Kiryat Gat, Israel
2004-04-27 Intel converts Arizon facility to 300mm
Intel Corp. has begun a $2 billion construction project to convert a 200mm wafer fabrication facility to a 300mm facility in Chandler, Arizona
2007-09-11 Intel breaks ground on 300mm fab in China
Intel broke ground on its first 300mm wafer fabrication facility in Asia, Fab 68, the $2.5 billion project set to be operational in 2010
2004-06-17 Intel begins 300mm production in Ireland
Intel Corp.'s newest high-volume wafer fabrication facility in Ireland has commenced production. Fab 24, a $2 billion facility, features 300mm wafer manufacturing based on Intel's 90nm process technology.
2002-06-04 Innoveda offers high-speed, board-level design system
Innoveda Inc. has introduced a high-speed, PCB verification system that addresses board-level design and signal integrity issues, as well as reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with the process
2005-09-06 India plans for fab, nanotech in 2005-06
India's ministry of information technology has charted out its plan for 2005-2006, which, for the first time in several years, includes the allocation of 'seed money' to create a special purpose vehicle (a holding company) to establish a fabrication facility through government-private partnership
2014-10-10 Improve LPCVD nitride particle with film stress cracking
Here's a look at the concept of chamber seasoning, and the experiments in different process conditions on LPCVD silicon nitride ASM vertical furnace system
2011-12-07 IME, Tezzaron develop "2.5D" interposer tech
A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics and Tezzaron Semiconductor aim to refine the design and manufacture of silicon interposers and standardize the process, flows, and process design kits
2002-01-15 IDT to shut down Salinas fab
Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) will consolidate its wafer fabrication manufacturing operations into the company's Hillsboro, Oregon manufacturing facility by the second half of this year
2007-03-16 IDM firms go for 'fab lite'
The unraveling of the Crolles2 Alliance, coupled with Texas Instruments' decision to use foundry partners for its future process technology, had observers wondering whether the entire semiconductor industry was about to go fabless
2012-11-01 IBM research opens path for smaller computer chips
The research demonstrates initial steps towards commercial fabrication of carbon nanotubes as a successor to silicon, leading to more powerful and smaller ICs
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