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2003-03-19 Applied Materials streamlines business operations
Applied Materials Inc. has announced a major plan to align the company's cost structure with current business conditions.
2011-05-09 Applied acquires Varian, makes ion implanter comeback
Analysts believe that Applied will be able to accelerate Varian's Solion penetration with new solar customers and at the same time expand its servable semiconductor market into ion implantation.
2013-05-28 Annular electrodes as PCM solution (Part 2)
Learn about the possible advantages and limitations offered by nanotechnology and self-assembly techniques.
2003-03-05 Anam acquires Amkor's wafer fab business
Anam Semiconductor Inc. has purchased Amkor Technology Inc.'s wafer fabrication services business for $62 million.
2007-04-11 Anadigics, KSND to build a GaAs fab in China
Anadigics Inc. announced an investment contract with Kunshan New and Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone to jointly construct a 6-inch GaAs IC fab in Kunshan City, China.
2013-09-04 AMS spends $33 million for analogue 3D IC production facility
AMS investment aims to increase production capacity in response to a surge in demand outlook for ICs fabricated with 3D IC integration technology.
2011-10-04 Amkor buys Toshiba's assembly, test fab
Amkor hopes to grow its semiconductor assembly and testing operations as well as its presence in the power IC market.
2002-02-04 AMD taps UMC for joint 300mm wafer fab in Singapore
United Microelectronics Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. have entered into a comprehensive alliance to establish a joint venture to own and operate a 300mm wafer fab in Singapore.
2009-06-16 Alternatives to the DS1991L multiKey iButton
This application note discusses three alternatives for upgrading existing DS1991L applications. Each alternative takes advantage of these newer products.
2007-10-31 Air Products to supply nitrogen to Rexchip fabs
Air Products has signed a long-term nitrogen and bulk gas supply deal with Rexchip Semiconductor, the joint venture company between Powerchip Semiconductor and Elpida Memory.
2012-12-04 Aerosol-based method utilised for growing nanowires
Lund University researchers experiment on how aerotaxy, an aerosol-based growth method, can be used to grow nanowires continuously with controlled nanoscale dimensions, a high degree of crystallinity and at a remarkable growth rate.
2002-07-17 Academic stimulates IC design in China
Technical universities could greatly enhance the proliferation of IC design and manufacturing in mainland China.
2015-11-13 A9: Story of Apple's design ambitions
The A9 is really a story within a story. On a basic level it is a story of a sixth generation AP that is fabricated in a FinFET process. It is also a bigger story of Apple semiconductor design ambitions.
2008-07-08 1Mbit serial EEPROM completes data transfer in 1sec
STMicroelectronics has launched 1MHz two-wire serial EEPROMs in 256Kbit, 512Kbit and 1Mbit densities, compatible with I?C Fast-Mode-Plus allowing data rates up to 2.5x faster than the I?C Fast-mode.
2002-04-02 Zarlink to sell wafer fab to X-FAB Semiconductor
Zarlink Semiconductor has disclosed plans to sell its wafer fabrication facility in Plymouth, U.K., as well as IP and related foundry businesses to companies controlled by X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG for about $30 million.
2011-08-04 X-ray inspection system eases board failure detection
The Akila XR-3 X-ray inspection system claims accurate detection of defects such as excess solder, insufficient solder and voids in printed circuit fabrication.
2005-06-28 Work begins on Hyderabad fab, doubt cast on IBM role
A ground-breaking ceremony for Nano-Tech Silicon India Pvt. Ltd - the first major semiconductor fabrication facility to be launched in India - was held Sunday (June 26) on the outskirts of Hyderabad in southern India.
2008-11-21 Wafer-level packaging achieves prominence
Wafer-level packaging, the fabrication of the IC package directly on the wafer, is finally getting exposure after many years of promises, according to an expert in the field.
2002-01-09 Veeco, Photronics partner in next-generation photomasks
Veeco Instruments Inc. and Photronics Inc. have formed a strategic relationship focused on developing manufacturing technologies for fabrication of enhanced reticles and next-generation lithography masks.
2005-05-09 TSMC approves Centura for 65nm gate-stack building
Foundry chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd (Hsinchu, Taiwan) has found the Centura gate-stack system suitable for use in all of its 65nm generation transistor fabrication processes, Centura's supplier, Applied Materials Inc. said.
2010-11-23 True single-chip motor controller integrates digital, analog and power
High-performing motor drives for equipment may now be realized more quickly, utilizing a complete motor-control system on a chip designed by STMicroelectronics. The 'digital SPIN', or dSPIN, integrates all the necessary digital control, analog measurement, and power electronic circuitry for controlling stepper motors using ST's advanced BCD fabrication process.
2003-06-13 Toshiba, SanDisk co-develop NAND cell architecture
Toshiba and SanDisk have announced the development of a high density NAND flash memory cell structure that allows fabrication of 4Gb NAND flash devices.
2010-03-25 Toshiba sets up NAND flash fab in Japan
Toshiba Corp. it set to start construction of new a fabrication facility on a site next to Yokkaichi Operations, its memory production facility in Mie Prefecture, in July.
2004-02-24 Toshiba sets up 300mm wafer fab in Kyushu
Toshiba Corp. has completed the construction of a new 300mm-wafer fabrication facility at its Oita operations in Kyushu, Japan.
2013-12-23 TI sets up seventh assembly/test facility in China
The company acquired a building in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone from UTAC and will become the company's only end-to-end wafer fabrication and A/T facility.
2011-10-14 The move toward 3D chips
Semiconductor fabrication is moving toward 3D ICs and by next year, 3D chips will be available for commercialization.
2004-07-21 Teradyne receives award for PCB production
Teradyne Connection Systems' High Performance Circuits group has received the 2004 Customer Value Enhancement Award for its accomplishments in the PCB manufacturing and fabrication market at Frost & Sullivan's customer value enhancement awards banquet.
2000-03-01 Taking new stabs at programmable analog
Programmable logic has some traditional advantages over ASIC design. The gate count of FPGAs approaches that of custom circuits. FPGAs can be programmed?and re-programmed?out in the field, enabling fast time to market. ASICs, in comparison, need careful attention to layout and fabrication technology. It can take anywhere from six weeks to two years (depending on the complexity of the circuit) to get an ASIC working properly.
2002-10-04 Syncron: Web-based environment in PCB design
In the last 10 years, Taiwan has enjoyed steady growth in the semiconductor industry. Even with the current economic downturn, Taiwan continues to see the emergence of numerous (and diverse) fab-less semiconductor design companies. The IC designs coming from these businesses are taking advantage of the landmark achievements in semiconductor fabrication technology.
2002-03-22 SUSS receives multi-tool order Asian company
SUSS MicroTec AG has received a multi-tool order from Asia's F-Tech. The order consists of several SAW fabrication modules, including a microlithography cluster, metal lift-off tool, production mask aligner and production probe system.
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