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2007-09-18 Verizon appeals FCC's 700MHz open auction rules
After previously agreeing to the terms of the 700MHz spectrum auction, Verizon Wireless turned the tables around and filed a formal lawsuit challenging the Federal Communication Commission's rules.
2005-09-16 UWB opportunities under new FCC waiver
This new rule signals the Commission's desire to leverage available spectrum and encourage innovation in the industry.
2011-06-28 Using CC1190 front end with CC1101 under FCC 15.247
Know what to expect when using a CC1101- CC1190 design under FCC Section 15.247 in the 902-928MHz frequency band.
2002-02-05 Ultrawideband companies gear up for FCC ruling
A growing number of startups and established players are aiming their development efforts at leveraging UWB for streaming-multimedia applications in wireless home networking.
2008-04-30 U.S. FCC explains low bidder turnout for 700MHz D block
The U.S. FCC inspector general uncovered a series of reasons prospective bidders were scared off from bidding for the D block spectrum in the recent 700MHz auction.
2004-07-30 Samsung HDTV SoCs comply with FCC standards
Samsung introduced a SoC device for high-definition TVs and digital STBs to meet U.S. FCC requirements.
2003-12-22 Radio forum backs FCC notice on flexible spectrum
The Software Defined Radio Forum applauded the Federal Communications Commission's review announced of technologies to support flexible and efficient use of spectrum.
2006-07-12 Microwave filters ease compliance to FCC's re-banding mandate
K&L Microwave is offering a family of microwave filters designed to support OEMs' compliance with the U.S. FCC mandate to vacate the frequency range 1990-2110MHz.
2008-06-18 ISM band transceiver meets FCC standard
Microchip has launched the MRF24J40MA FCC-certified RF transceiver module, which is expected to save time and money by eliminating the need to receive FCC certification for wireless products.
2007-05-21 iPhone gets green light from FCC
The path is clear for the debut of iPhone next month after receiving a passing grade from the U.S. FCC.
2007-03-27 In-flight phoning: FCC snubs, Europe replies
While the Federal Communications Commission is moving to kill the idea of cellphone service on commercial aircraft in the United States, European regulatory agencies remain positive on in-flight mobile phone calling.
2004-08-10 HP, Philips gain FCC nod on content protection
Hewlett-Packard and Philips announced that their video content protection system (VCPS), formerly called Vidi, has received approval from the United States Federal Communications Commission and will be offered to manufacturers through a license program.
2008-10-06 How to go through FCC compliance testing using the MICRF112
This application note will cover the use of short range devices (SRD), which do not require a license for the MICRF112.
2004-05-26 FCC's Powell pulls plug on Nextel spectrum shift
Nextel Communications' hope for relocating much of its traffic to the 1.9GHz band are fading, after Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Michael Powell withdrew his support for Nextel's plan to acquire rights to the coveted spectrum.
2004-05-18 FCC to free TV spectrum for wireless services
The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday, May 13, 2004 announced plans to open up underutilized broadcast TV spectrum to unlicensed wireless devices.
2003-09-25 FCC permit enables Ambient to speed field trials
Ambient Corp. announced that the company has been approved for a nationwide license by the Federal Communications Commission.
2008-07-29 FCC gives green light to Sirius-XM merger
U.S. regulators formally approved the long-delayed billion-dollar merger of the nation's only two satellite radio companies, combining Sirius and XM into a single network with 18 million subscribers.
2015-05-11 FCC gets serious on LTE-Unlicensed appropriation oversight
Qualcomm and Broadcom are at odds over the LTE-U issue, while Wi-Fi Alliance members are actively pushing for details on the LTE-U standard and its specific attributes.
2003-10-20 FCC frees spectrum for 3G and broadband wireless
In separate actions, the Federal Communications Commission continued to follow through on its commitment last year to removing the regulatory barriers to the deployment of advanced wireless broadband services.
2004-02-16 FCC affirms hands-off approach to VoIP and IP services
In two separate decisions issued Thursday (Feb. 12), the FCC reaffirmed its minimalist approach to regulating voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other IP services.
2003-09-12 FCC adopts DTV 'plug and play' rules
The Federal Communications Commission adopted new TV-cable compatibility rules that it said would speed the transition to digital broadcasting.
2007-09-14 Dual DTV ruling gets green light from FCC
The FCC has approved the DTV transition rules that will require cable operators to either carry digital broadcast signals in analog format or downconvert digital signals for subscribers.
2008-11-05 Clock oscillators meet FCC interference standards
SiTime has expanded into the electromagnetic compliance business with a family of MEMS electromagnetic interference products.
2014-12-16 Bluetooth beacon gets FCC/CE/IC marks
The EMBC01 is designed to withstand various weather conditions and over-the-air attacks. Certified and available in a compact housing, it enables rapid deployment into any beacon solution.
2004-11-16 WLANs are jump-starting cognitive radio
CR techniques can be expanded in an evolutionary way to achieve the full promise of wireless communications.
2004-10-12 Wireless will get tougher but more interesting
Unfortunately, while it may seem that going wireless should be getting easier; it's actually going to get tougher going forward for the non-RF expert as the FCC opens the door to new innovations.
2004-03-09 Wave Tech FCCs have IDC connectors
The IDC DIN 41612 FCCs from Wave Tech have a single-row IDC socket and feature a current rating of 1A and contact resistance of 30 milliohms maximum.
2005-05-30 UWB competitor squeezes more bits through limited spectrum
Which wireless technologies do you prefer? Ultra Wideband or xMax? You decide
2005-09-16 UWB competitor squeezes more bits through limited spectrum
Hybrid technology combines aspects of narrowband carrier systems and low-powered wideband PPM
2005-08-08 UWB competitor brings more bits through limited spectrum
Hybrid technology combines aspects of narrowband carrier systems and low-powered wideband PPM.
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