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2004-09-06 UWB camp forms SIG, finalizes physical-layer spec
The Multiband-OFDM Alliance has formed a special interest group (SIG) to develop technical specifications based on its version of ultrawideband high-rate, short-range wireless communications
2008-02-18 Use UWB in ultralow-power Zigbee sensor nodes
The IEEE 802.15.4 standardization committee who defined the MAC and PHY adopted by Zigbee has proposed an alternative PHY relying on UWB technology.
2002-02-05 Ultrawideband companies gear up for FCC ruling
A growing number of startups and established players are aiming their development efforts at leveraging UWB for streaming-multimedia applications in wireless home networking.
2005-01-10 Thomson, Zarlink develop 'plug-and-play' DTV module
Zarlink and Thomson produced what the companies claim is the industry's first single-conversion tuner module to meet U.S. performance specs for 'plug-and-play' digital TV.
2004-05-17 Standard to address precise locationing
Ultrawideband might well form the basis of a newly proposed wireless standard for positioning and low-data-rate communications
2004-07-30 Samsung HDTV SoCs comply with FCC standards
Samsung introduced a SoC device for high-definition TVs and digital STBs to meet U.S. FCC requirements.
2003-09-11 Samsung adopts XSI's chipset as UWB debate heats up
Samsung's Digital Multimedia R&D Center announced it has integrated XtremeSpectrum Inc.'s Trinity UWB chipset into its multimedia platform.
2003-12-22 Radio forum backs FCC notice on flexible spectrum
The Software Defined Radio Forum applauded the Federal Communications Commission's review announced of technologies to support flexible and efficient use of spectrum.
2007-11-07 Healthy market awaits handsets with GPS in 2011
Global shipments of mobile handsets equipped with GPS capability will quadruple in 2011 at 444 million units, up from 109.6 million units in 2006, reported iSuppli Corp.
2007-08-27 Google likely to bid for 700MHz
Comments made by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt raised speculations that the search company will participate in the upcoming auction for the 700MHz wireless spectrum.
2003-10-10 Global broadband deployment growing as DSL spreads
Cable companies rather than incumbent telecom carriers have led the way in introducing broadband access in the industrialized world.
2004-08-12 Freescale gains UWB approval
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. said on August 9, 2004 it is the first manufacturer to receive federal approval for its ultrawideband (UWB) communications chipset
2004-05-26 FCC's Powell pulls plug on Nextel spectrum shift
Nextel Communications' hope for relocating much of its traffic to the 1.9GHz band are fading, after Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Michael Powell withdrew his support for Nextel's plan to acquire rights to the coveted spectrum.
2004-05-18 FCC to free TV spectrum for wireless services
The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday, May 13, 2004 announced plans to open up underutilized broadcast TV spectrum to unlicensed wireless devices.
2003-09-25 FCC permit enables Ambient to speed field trials
Ambient Corp. announced that the company has been approved for a nationwide license by the Federal Communications Commission.
2003-10-20 FCC frees spectrum for 3G and broadband wireless
In separate actions, the Federal Communications Commission continued to follow through on its commitment last year to removing the regulatory barriers to the deployment of advanced wireless broadband services.
2003-09-12 FCC adopts DTV 'plug and play' rules
The Federal Communications Commission adopted new TV-cable compatibility rules that it said would speed the transition to digital broadcasting.
2005-06-06 Fast path to wireless
The road to wireless is bumpy, but early planning can prevent disaster
2007-03-22 Probe set for MS-Alcatel-Lucent patent fray
The U.S. International Trade Commission will begin investigating claims by Microsoft that Alcatel-Lucent infringed on its patents for "unified communications" products
2002-02-26 FTC charges cell phone radiation shield makers with fraud
The Federal Trade Commission took strong action Thursday (Feb. 21) against two companies that sell items described as protecting consumers against radiation from cell phones
2005-09-16 UWB opportunities under new FCC waiver
This new rule signals the Commission's desire to leverage available spectrum and encourage innovation in the industry
2002-05-10 Ultra-wideband players look for global footprint
In the wake of the Federal Communications Commission's formal approval of ultra-wideband technology deployment in the U.S., UWB proponents are now pursuing similar regulatory endorsements for the technology in Asia and Europe.
2004-10-15 TDK offers evaluation services for UWB comm devices
TDK Corp. has launched evaluation and measurement services for ultra wideband (UWB) communications devices
2007-03-02 Regulators pressed to meet DTV-conversion deadlines
Details on the U.S. federal government's program to subsidize the purchase of digital converter boxes are expected to come out very soon to meet January 2008 deadline
2008-04-07 Qualcomm wins eight licenses in 700MHz auction
Qualcomm Inc. has acquired eight licenses in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's 700MHz spectrum auction for $558.1 million.
2002-04-09 Powell plan would spur digital TV transition
Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell is floating a plan to help jumpstart the market's sluggish transition to digital TV.
2005-08-15 Murata ferrite bead minimizes attenuation in high speed signals
Murata Electronics introduced an enhanced 0201 surface mount ferrite bead that is designed to meet Federal Communications Commission EMI regulations and minimize attenuation in high speed signals
2008-02-01 It's a full house for digital TV links
Consumer electronics companies are asking the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to mandate that their products be given access to applications and services running on the headend systems of cable TV providers.
2007-03-27 In-flight phoning: FCC snubs, Europe replies
While the Federal Communications Commission is moving to kill the idea of cellphone service on commercial aircraft in the United States, European regulatory agencies remain positive on in-flight mobile phone calling.
2004-08-10 HP, Philips gain FCC nod on content protection
Hewlett-Packard and Philips announced that their video content protection system (VCPS), formerly called Vidi, has received approval from the United States Federal Communications Commission and will be offered to manufacturers through a license program.
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