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2008-02-18 Voltage-feedback amp draws lowest power at 5mA
ADI is offering what it claims to be the lowest-power voltage-feedback amplifier designed for densely populated, thermally sensitive instrumentation equipment that requires high-speed signal conditioning.
2005-07-29 Vibration feedback device uses an electromagnetic drive system
To improve the operability of electronic products, Alps Electric developed the Force Reactor AF series short-vibration feedback devices, which generate an array of vibration settings.
2008-03-28 TI offers 'lowest-power' voltage feedback amp
TI has introduced a high-speed, unity gain stable, voltage feedback amplifier that features over 90 percent less power than devices with comparable slew rates in the market.
2014-08-28 TI MCUs offer four 16bit ADCs for precision feedback
The C2000 Delfino 32bit F2837xS MCUs from TI offer four 16bit ADCs, enabling precision feedback in power control applications and expedites industrial real-time control design.
2002-03-26 The Audio Feedback extension for Chart 4 (Macintosh)
2005-11-17 Switch with diagnostic feedback
International Rectiifer's IPS10xx family of low-side intelligent power switches include a logic-level input and diagnostic information pin to monitor/detect faults during operation.
2000-12-08 SPICE model eases feedback loop designs
This application note shows the benefits of using a SPICE model when designing SMPS. It also details the way to introduce various poles/zeroes combinations when implementing a shunt regulator.
2011-07-15 SMT key switches feature LED, tactile feedback
C&K Components has introduced a series of LED illuminated IP67-sealed SMT key switches that is designed for harsh environment applications.
2007-05-08 Self-protecting MOSFETs provide diagnostic feedback
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced what it claims as the first low side self-protecting MOSFETs in a SOT223 package designed to provide diagnostic feedback via a separate status pin.
2007-10-16 PWM closes feedback loop in intelligent SMPS
Microchip's new MCP1631 PWM provides a means to close the feedback loop in SMPS that use MCUs for general system intelligence and control.
2014-10-28 Practical feedback loop analysis for boost converter
The boost converter belongs to the family of indirect energy transfer converters. This application note describes how to select the placement of poles and zeros with several rules.
2014-04-30 Power tip: Weighted feedback in multiple-output supplies
Here's a look at weighting the feedback divider in multi-output switching power supplies.
2005-06-07 Positive analog feedback compensates PT100 transducer
This app note reviews the basic characteristics of common temperature sensors, describes the RTD PT100 temperature transducer, and explains a simple analog approach for linearizing and conditioning the output of that device.
2010-02-25 PCIe 3.0 packs Serdes with feedback equalization
PLX Technology Inc. will demo PCIe Gen 3 silicon that uses Serdes with decision feedback equalization.
2002-12-05 Omron lever switch offers tactile feedback
The B6J surface-mount lever switch from Omron Corp. is touted to be the first in the industry to offer tactile feedback in all three directions.
2007-10-08 National debuts rail-to-rail, current feedback op amps
National Semiconductor has introduced a 5V rail-to-rail input and output and a 36V current feedback operational amplifier.
2015-10-15 Mouser ships hi-res motion feedback encoder kits from Avago
The AEDC-55xx modules enable a high resolution up to 2,500 or 5,000 counts per revolution (CPR), depending on the model, and the AEDM-5810 module offers resolutions up to 5,000 CPR.
2005-11-16 Model feedback systems efficiently
2003-05-11 LM385 Feedback Provides Regulator Isolation
This application note illustrates how to use a 4N27 optocoupler in a feedback arrangement to design a switching regulator with a floating output.
2001-04-11 LM385 feedback provides regulator isolation
This application note describes how the National Semiconductor's LM3524 switch-mode regulator IC can be configured to provide regulator isolation.
1999-11-06 LabVIEW-based quality feedback systems monitors production on factory floor.
This application note describes the labVIEW solution to develop quality feedback systems (QFS) for monitoring the manufacture of telecommunications components for quality assurance.
2003-06-30 KLA-Tencor wafer monitor provides accurate feedback
KLA-Tencor has expanded its Archer overlay metrology tool series with the release of the MPX focus-exposure product.
2009-11-26 Key switches deliver tactile, LED feedback
Applications for the key switches in the car include window lifts, seat adjustments and steering wheel functions.
2009-01-22 Key switches boast improved tactile feedback
C&K Components has expanded its K5 Series of snap-acting key switches that feature silver- or gold-plated dome inserts for enhanced user feel, provide excellent tactile feedback, and are housed in small, low profile packages.
2004-03-19 ITT switch provides excellent tactile feedback
The QSA series of switches from ITT Ind., Cannon were developed as a convenient control switch for products with low current demands of 1mA to 50mA.
2007-06-01 Integrate tactile feedback into touchscreen HMI
Touchscreens with tactile feedback are just beginning to come to market, but they are already showing much promise for improving the HMI and promoting a more intuitive, engaging and satisfying user experience.
2009-08-28 IDT, Immersion collaborate on touch feedback
Integrated Device Technology Inc. and Immersion Corp. are working together to drive the adoption of haptics in digital devices.
2012-07-11 HiWave's haptic touch panels deliver tactile feedback
Hardware and software platform enhances safety in cockpit and passenger entertainment systems.
2005-06-14 Frequency response errors in voltage feedback op amps
This app note focuses on the error analysis, so each equation is analyzed in detail
2005-06-29 Feedback amplifier combines high performance, low power
Designed to drive high-quality video, Intersil Corp.'s new ultra-wideband, low-power, four-channel current feedback amplifier features a slew rate of 5,000V/?s and 500MHz of gain bandwidth on all four channels
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