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What does FET stand for?
Field Effect Transistor (FET) is a kind of transistor which relies on an electric field to control the shape and the conductivity of a channel in a semiconductor material.
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2007-07-13 FET plus driver saves board space by 80%
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced a fully optimized and integrated FET plus driver power stage solution in an ultracompact package that saves board space by at least 80%.
2009-01-22 FET op amp fit for medical, portable devices
Analog Devices Inc. introduced one of the industry's fastest FET op amp that operates at 1GHz. The ADA4817 was designed for high-performance medical diagnostic and portable devices, as well as instrumentation equipment.
2007-09-27 FET module saves space in synchronous buck designs
Fairchild Semiconductor's FDMS9600S and FDMS9620S are two highly integrated modules that significantly reduce board space while providing the ability to achieve higher conversion efficiency in synchronous buck designs.
2010-12-23 FET driver eases rectification design
Texas Instruments introduces a rectifier that claims to improve power supply efficiency and reduce primary-side power loss in 5V AC/DC adapters and bias supplies.
2009-09-18 Expanding the voltage range of the HIP1020 FET driver
This application note offers a solution for controlling 24V, 5V and -5V supplies. The concepts here can be applied to many FET controllers of the HIP1020 type.
2013-03-19 EPC rolls out dev board for 100V eGaN FET apps
The EPC9010 development board a 100 V maximum device voltage, 7 A maximum output current, half bridge with onboard gate drives, featuring the EPC2016 enhancement mode field effect transistor.
2015-07-16 EPC eGaN half bridge power ICs with integrated bootstrap FET
Geared for resonant wireless power transfer applications, the EPC2107 and EPC2108 promise to eliminate gate driver induced reverse recovery loses as well as the need for a high side clamp.
2002-03-27 Elantec regulators integrate FET boost, Vcom regulator
The EL7580CL and EL7581CRE multi-output dc/dc regulator ICs from Elantec Semiconductor Inc. integrate a FET boost regulator and two regulated charge pumps.
2002-04-10 Elantec dc/dc regulator packs FET boost regulator, charge pumps
The EL7583CR dc/dc regulator from Elantec Semiconductor Inc. integrates a FET boost regulator and two regulated charge pumps into a TSSOP-20, and is aimed at satisfying the bias voltages required by 12-inch to 15-inch TFT-LCD flat-panel displays.
2001-05-29 Drivers for GaAs FET switches and digital attenuators
This application note provides information on M/A-COM's SW-109 and SWD-119 drivers and other commercially available digital logic chips for control of switches and digital attenuators.
2001-06-05 Drivers for GaAs FET MMIC switches and digital attenuators
This application note provides technical and application information to simplify the use of drivers for M/A-COM's FET MMIC switches and digital attenuators.
2007-12-06 Driver plus FET modules trim power losses
Fairchild Semiconductor has released the FDMF8704 and FDMF8704V driver plus FET modules that minimize power losses across all load levels in DC/DC applications.
2015-12-18 DMOS FET transistor arrays pack 1.5A sink-output driver
The TBD62064A series and TBD62308A series from Toshiba are equipped with four channels of 50V/1.5A rated output, suitable for driving constant voltage unipolar stepping motors.
2011-08-19 Development board features 200V eGaN FET
The EPC9004 is a 200V maximum input voltage board that can be used in solar microinverters and class D audio amplifiers.
2006-11-13 DC/DCs for CDMA power amps include bypass FET
Maxim Integrated Products' new 2.5MHz DC/DC converters integrate a low-RDS bypass FET to minimize PCB area and extend battery lifetimes.
2003-05-26 Changjiang power FET withstands to 260C
The CJU03N25 power FET of Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co. Ltd dissipates a total power of 1W.
2007-11-23 Automotive FET pre-driver touts industry's widest voltage range
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a versatile FET pre-driver designed for three-phase motor control in a wide range of automotive and industrial control apps.
2008-04-02 50W GaAs FET power amp aims at 700MHz apps
A 50W GaAs FET solid-state power amplifier designed for next-generation 700MHz applications has been introduced by Stealth Microwave Inc.
2014-06-06 2D FET exhibits high electron mobility
The FET is built from all 2D material components, suffering no performance drop-off under high voltages and providing high electron mobility even when scaled to a monolayer in thickness.
2010-05-21 2.5A SWIFT converter packs 200m? high-side FET
Texas Instruments Inc. is rolling out a 2.5A step-down SWIFT converter to support input voltages up to 60V.
2012-03-20 Utilize LM5113 evaluation board
Here's an application note that presents the schematic of the evaluation board, bill of materials and a quick setup procedure.
2001-09-20 Using the EPA060B-70 as a low-noise, high-dynamic-range 2GHz amplifier
This application note outlines the behavior and circuit layout of the Excelics EPA060B-70 medium-power, low-noise heterojunction FET.
2000-12-07 Using PSPICE to analyze performance of power MOSFETs in step-down, switching regulators employing synchronous rectification
This application note describes an easy method to analyze the performance of various power MOSFETs in step-down switching regulators using the PSPICE circuit analysis tool.
2000-12-13 Using power MOSFETs in stepping motor control
This application note discusses different stepping motor control techniques and circuits that utilize Power MOSFETs driven from CMOS ICs. Some of these techniques discussed in this note include shift register phase generation, comparator switched current limiting and the use of synchronous rectification.
2001-04-06 Using Dallas' 1-wire chips in 1-cell Li+ battery packs with low-side n-channel safety FETs
This application note addresses the implementation of a Dallas Semiconductor-based Li-ion (Li+) battery pack with low-side n-channel safety FETs.
2004-12-16 Using cost-effective PWM controller for small power-offline apps
The article presents the development of a new PWM power-supply controller IC for universal input and low-power applications.
2006-09-18 Upgraded RapidFET complements TI DSPs in network management
Fabric Embedded Tools Corp. announced RapidFET version 2.1which leverages host capable Serial RapidIO endpoints such as Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) DSPs like TMS320C6455 and TMS320TCI6482.
2001-04-20 Understanding the differences between standard MOSFETs and avalanche energy rated MOSFETs
This application note is intended to dispel some of the misinformation, clarify the need for avalanche energy-rated MOSFETs and present the tradeoffs between rated and non-rated devices.
2011-02-04 Tyndall scientists create n-type junctionless transistor
With a 50nm channel length and a cross-section of about 8nm x 12nm, the new junctionless transistor is 30 percent more energy-efficient and could represent simpler manufacturing processes for transistors.
2002-01-18 Toshiba J-FETs feature 0.395mm height
The 2SK3376TK and 2SK3582TK are claimed to be the world's thinnest junction FETs (J-FETs) in a lead package.
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