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What does FET stand for?
Field Effect Transistor (FET) is a kind of transistor which relies on an electric field to control the shape and the conductivity of a channel in a semiconductor material.
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2007-11-06 TI tips 2A, 3A SWIFT converters with dual outputs
Texas Instruments Inc. introduced four new dual-output SWIFT DC/DC step-down converters with integrated FETs that deliver 2A and 3A of continuous output current and support input voltages of 4.5V to 28V.
2002-02-15 TI JFET operates at 1.6GHz
Claimed to have the industry's highest gain bandwidth at 1.6GHz, the OPA657 JFET amplifier from the company's Burr-Brown product line is designed for optical networking, photodiode and data-acquisition applications.
2001-10-01 Thermal characterization techniques for GaAs FETs
This technical article deals with the proper modeling techniques that can simultaneously handle high-mesh transitions and temperature-dependent and anisotropic thermal properties for GaAs FET applications.
2005-02-14 SOT-89 FETs offer low cost, high linearity
Agilent announced two new members of its family of high-linearity E-pHEMT FETs in the industry-standard 4.5-by-4.1-by-1.5mm SOT-89 surface-mount package.
2000-02-24 SMPS MOSFET
This application note describes the IRFB31N20D, IRFS31N20D, and IRFSL31N20D HEXFET Power MOSFET devices for high-frequency dc-dc converter applications.
2002-10-09 Single control VVA
This application note describes two single bias attenuators designed by Alpha to alleviate dual biasing requirement.
2002-10-09 Single control VVA
This application note discusses the circuit implementation of a single bias 0dB to 35dB dynamic range VVA.
2013-04-17 Single channel CMOS driver for microwave switching
The MADR-009269 is a high performance single channel CMOS Driver that is used to translate TTL control inputs into complementary gate control voltages for GaAs FET microwave switches and attenuators.
2001-04-20 Simple and inexpensive high-efficiency power amplifier using new APT MOSFETs
This application note describes a simple and inexpensive high-efficiency RF power amplifier based on Advanced Power Technology's RF power MOSFETs.
2003-05-08 Siliconix JFETs eliminate latch-up
Vishay Siliconix has released a new series of JFETs that eliminates latch-up in amp designs.
2002-10-09 Silicon drivers for commercial IC products
This application note presents various CMOS chips utilized with GaAs IC switches and digital attenuators.
2006-10-16 Selecting the right linear regulator
Each linear regulator has its advantages and disadvantages. Designers determine whether a certain type is appropriate for the application based on dropout voltage, ground current and stability-compensation method requirements.
2000-05-01 Schottky diodes vs. synchronous rectification using FETs
Though Schottky diodes continue to be the dominant solution for rectifying DC-DC converters, FETs are becoming common as an efficient alternate. The paper provides guidelines and test parameters to help engineers choose the right solution under specific circumstances.
2003-07-16 Scalable power management for tomorrow's microprocessors
Tomorrow's microprocessors will demand robust dc-dc power management solutions that combine the best in technology with the best in design techniques.
2008-10-01 Safety comes first for MIC2310 controller
Micrel introduces the MIC2310, a single-FET, constant power-limit hot-plug controller.
2003-03-20 Richardson to distribute Celeritek RF line globally
Celeritek Inc. has named Richardson Electronics Ltd as the sole worldwide distributor for its complete line of RF semiconductor products.
2005-08-10 Revised model-based DSP tools pitch higher performance
The 2005.3 versions of AccelChip DSP synthesis tool and related intellectual property core generators for MATLAB model-based design of DSP products promise higher performance circuits and higher speed
2013-01-28 Renesas' new MOSFETS boast 50% lower On-resistance
Renesas' latest MOSFETS feature a low on-state resistance of 0.72M? (typical value) for 30 V and a high-efficiency, small surface mount package (8-pin HVSON).
2003-06-12 Remaining battery power display: Monolithic IC MM1305
This application note discusses the MM1305, which is designed for detecting battery voltage and current variations, at the same time displaying the values, in portable systems.
2003-03-17 Reduce power-supply effects on ADSL data rates
Careful selection of the supply's switching frequency can improve the data rate, size, power consumption, and cost of ADSL modems.
2001-09-21 Recommended wire bonding for Excelics FETs
This application note illustrates the recommended wire bonding techniques for Excelics' FETs.
2001-04-06 Recommended ESD protection and circuit placement for the DS2438 in a Li+ cell pack
This application note addresses the implementation of a DS2438-based Li-ion battery pack with low-side n-channel safety FETs. It presents a reference design that focuses on Li+ cell safety and ESD hardness.
2006-02-03 PWM controllers with 0.5% system accuracy
Intersil has introduced a new family of VR11 pulse width modulation controllers with the industry's highest accuracy.
2004-01-12 Protein recognition tapped to build nanotube FETs
Molecular self-assembly assisted by DNA and protein recognition might provide a route to complex logic and memory circuits built with nanotubes, a project in Haifa, Israel, suggests.
2014-08-11 Protection switch aimed at portable, adapter-powered devices
TI's TPS25940 and TPS25942 ICs include back-to-back FETs to provide bidirectional current control, while reducing system size by 50 per cent compared to discrete solutions.
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (two-cells in series): Monolithic IC MM1292, 1302
This application note discusses the MM1292, which is targeted for Li-ion battery protection during excessive overcharging and overcurrent conditions.
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (one-cell): Monolithic IC MM1301
This application note discusses the MM1301, which is targeted for high-precision Li-ion battery protection against excessive overcharging and overcurrent.
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (one cell): Monolithic IC MM1291
This application note discusses the MM1291, which is targeted for Li-ion battery protection during excessive overcharging and overcurrent conditions.
2002-09-01 Protection IC ensures battery reliability
Specific IC with protection loop guarantees defense against overcharging, overdischarging, and overcurrent problems of lithium batteries.
2000-12-01 Protecting IGBTs and MOSFETs from ESD
This application note discusses how HEXFET users can implement and benefit from International Rectifier's ESD control programs.
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