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2002-09-04 Shipley to acquire fiber-optic components provider
Shipley Co. LLC will acquire the technology, equipment, IP, and remaining workforce of Haleos Inc.
2004-10-14 Finisar, Infineon modify terms of fiber optics unit purchase
Finisar Corp. and Infineon Technologies AG announced Monday (Oct.11) they have agreed to modify the terms of a previously announced deal under which Finisar is to acquire Infineon's Fiber Optics Business Unit based in Berlin
2002-03-21 Fiber-optic component makers to merge
Avanex Corp. and Oplink Communications Inc. have agreed to combine their business operations. The merged company will be known as Avanex and it will be based in Fremont, California.
2003-10-03 Fiber-Optic Component Inspection Using Integrated Vision and Motion Components
This application note outlines common fiber inspection and measurement techniques and describes the equipment needed to create an automated optical component inspection system
2002-04-03 Zhongtian Optics fiber-optic filters receive T\V CERT nod
The fiber-optic filters of Zhongtian Optics Devices Co. Ltd have received a T\V Anlagentechnik GmbH certificate from the T\V CERT Organization, and has also passed DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standards
2002-03-04 Zarlink parallel fiber modules features 30Gbps data rate
The MFT62340A-J transmitter and MFR62340A-J receiver 12-channel parallel fiber modules offer a channel data rate of 155Mbps to 2.5Gbps, for an aggregate bandwidth of 30Gbps
2002-09-06 Wuhan fiber-optic transceiver complies with IEEE 802.3z
The RTXM176/177 fiber-optic transceiver of Wuhan Telecommunication Devices Co. complies with the IEEE 802.3z standard and comes on 2x5 SFF dual-in-line package with an integrated LC fiber-optic connector
2002-09-03 Tongda fiber-optic cable withstands 3,000N
The GYXTS fiber-optic cable of Tongda Grp Co. Ltd is constructed with a PBT loose tube and a PSP-PE outer sheath, enabling it to withstand up to 3,000N of force per 100mm
2006-01-31 Three-terminal capacitors reduce component count
Syfer Technology offers an extended range of RoHS-compliant, X2Y three-terminal capacitors for decoupling and EMI suppression.
2002-05-20 OFS fiber exhibits lower aging loss
OFS has released its next-generation AllWave optical fiber that is claimed to exhibit an aging loss less than half that of competing products
2002-07-26 Networking component suppliers forge deal in 10Gbps transceivers
Agere Systems, Agilent Technologies, JDS Uniphase, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, OpNext, Optillion, and Tyco Electronics, have entered into a MSA for smaller form factor 10Gbps pluggable fiber-optic transceivers
2002-07-02 LightPath to realign fiber-optic business
LightPath Technologies Inc. has announced plans to realign and consolidate its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities.
2002-03-19 I Sheng fiber-optic patch cords exhibit 55dB return loss
The company's SC/PC-ST/PC duplex patch cords feature cable diameters measuring 3mm, 2.4mm and 0.9mm. They are manufactured with S.M. ferrules, with 9?m/125?m fiber diameter
2002-05-31 Hwapeng fiber-optic cable has <0.5dB connection loss
Hwapeng Electric Fty's plastic fiber-optic cable has a connection loss of <0.5dB and an attenuation of <0.18dB/m
2002-03-14 GSI Lumonics combines several micro-optic components into one package
The company has developed what is claimed to be the industry's first Integrated Block Optic component, combining the functions of standard micro-optics into a single miniaturized part
2002-06-18 Full-land fiber-optic converter extends distance up 2km
The HT-1100 multimode fiber-optic media converter from Shenzhen Full-land Electronic Co. Ltd changes 100Base-Tx to 100Base-Fx, and extends transmission distances by up to 2km
2003-01-31 Fiber-optic connector has <0.3dB insertion loss
The MU/PC type of single-mode fiber-optic connectors from Shenzhen Microhard Electronic Co. Ltd exhibits an insertion loss of <0.3dB
2003-04-10 Fiber-optic cable suits home A/V theater systems
The Q-118 fiber-optic cable of Shenzhen Yifeng Electronics Co. Ltd provides a bandwidth of 40MHz and attenuation up to 0.14dB/m (650nm
2002-03-01 ERNI fiber-optic transceiver supports 500kbps data rate
The ERbic SafetyBus p-system fiber-optic transceiver converts the electrical signals from a SafetyBus p-interface into optical signals, and supports bidirectional data transmission at rates of up to rates of up to 500Kbps
2003-05-06 Edison fiber-optic connector exhibits <100ns delay
The DLR11A11 single-mode fiber-optic connector of Edison Opto Corp. exhibits a pulse width distortion of 25ns
2013-12-02 DARPA program shrunk 50m of optical fiber to microchip-size
DARPA's integrated Photonic Delay (iPhoD) program created a class of photonic waveguides built onto microchips and include up to 50m of coiled material that is used to delay light.
2003-05-11 Current Sources for Fiber Optic Lasers
This application note discusses the practical requirements for a fiber optic current source, as well as the various sources of Fiber Optic Lasers
2002-09-17 Corning fiber-optic cables have 805m cladding diameter
The PureMode Reduced Clad Photonic Fibers portfolio includes a model with an 805m cladding diameter fiber-optic cable suitable for use in SFF EDFAs, next-generation couplers, and compact optical modules
2005-10-17 Component vendors address module challenges
Get a bird's eye view of the changes, challenges and opportunities facing optical component and subsystem vendors today
2003-03-24 CNEIES fiber-optic attenuator suits CATV filter apps
The CEIECSXD4-004 fiber-optic attenuators from China National Electronics Import & Export Shaanxi Co. Ltd operate up to a frequency of 1GHz
2002-11-06 Verrillon acquires ADC's passive components unit
Verrillon Inc. has acquired ADC's passive photonic components business unit in Canberra, Australia.
2002-07-04 Sirenza wins patent for transimpedance amplifiers
2002-12-23 Sirenza obtains patent for method on broadband ICs
Sirenza Microdevices Inc., a designer and supplier of RF components, has been granted U.S. patent number 6,480,067, entitled
2004-03-16 New Elite eyes funding for R&D
EZ Conn Corp. has acquired Micro Systems' share in fiber-optic component maker New Elite Technologies Inc., according to New Elite CEO Robert Shih.
2003-08-15 Infineon forges alliance with Taiwan-based firm
Infineon Technologies has signed an agreement with United Epitaxy Co. of Taiwan, to set up a fiber-optic component joint venture company.
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