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2006-02-27 Module for IEEE C37.94 testing
Sunrise Telecom introduced the Sunset MTT-45 test solution for IEEE's C37.94 standard.
2001-10-15 S3029 to WAC-413 and 3.3V optical module applications note
This application note describes the implementation of a true four-channel 3.3V STS-1, STS-3/OC-3 or STM-1 solution with the use of the AMCC S3029 CRU, WAC-413 UNI processor and a Siemens 3.3V 1-by-9 fiber-optic transceiver
2003-07-04 Zarlink transceiver consumes 25 percent less power
Zarlink Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of parallel fiber optic modules with the launch of the 4-channel pluggable fiber optic transceiver
2002-03-26 Wavesplitter PBC passes Telcordia endurance tests
Wavesplitter has announced the addition of micro-optic polarization beam combiners (PBC) into its amplifier component product family
2002-04-30 Toshiba fiberless modules transmit up to 125Mbps within 3cm
The TOTX1500 transmitter and TORX1500 receiver optical fiberless (OFL) modules from Toshiba Corp. are capable of supporting data transmissions of up to 125Mbps within a 3cm distance, and are suitable for use with 10/100 Ethernet or IEEE1394 S100 signal transmissions.
2002-03-18 OMM MEMS-based optical switches consume 15mW
The company has introduced a pair of MEMS-based optical switches that operate from 1,290nm to 1,610nm, while consuming only 15?W of power.
2002-06-11 NEI standalone 10Gb ASIC targets comms
A 10Gbps multiprotocol ASIC that was previously available only in a module from Network Elements Inc. is now available as a standalone device
2002-04-24 Multilink optical transponder transmits up to 100km
The MTC21218 optical transponder from Multilink Technology Corp. is capable of transmitting up to 100km, and is targeted for use in DWDM systems, MANs, IP routers, and ATM switches.
2002-03-25 MegaSense optical attenuator targets =U apps
The company's MEMS-based variable optical attenuator measures 7.6-by-15.5-by-6.5mm, making it suitable to perform amplification, pre-emphasis, and equalization on low-profile =U applications.
2002-03-18 LightPointe FSO device delivers 2.5Gbps over 1km
Designed using free-space optical (FSO) technology, the FlightSpectrum 2.5 optical transmitter delivers a full-duplex bandwidth of 2.5Gbps over 1km via line-of-sight transmission of data, voice, and video.
2003-03-18 Infineon ships low power 10GbE transceiver
The company has begun shipment of its TenGiPHY single-chip transceivers for use in 10GbE WAN or LAN PHY devices.
2002-09-20 Ericsson unveils "smallest" EDFA
Ericsson Optoelectronics' PGE 60841 EDFA is touted to be the industry's smallest EDFA.
2002-04-24 Ericsson EDFA provides up to 22dBm output power
Designed for optical signal amplification over the C-band, the PGE 60822 erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) from Ericsson Microelectronics provides up to 22dBm output power with 0.5dB gain flatness across the entire band, while consuming 20W
2002-03-21 Codeon modulator integrates photodetector
The company has announced the integration of a photodetector into the Mach-10 12.5Gbps intensity modulator product, eliminating the requirement for an external fiber splice for power monitoring and bias control functions
2003-01-10 3M rolls single-mode multifiber system
The company's single-mode OGI multifiber system is being positioned as a technological improvement over existing parallel optic solutions
2002-11-29 Telecom test project stirs interest at Ixia
Motivating a team to design a compact test module for 40Gbps networks was not the easiest thing in the world at a time when market analysts were warning that 40Gb telecommunications transport would remain mired in overcapacity for quarters, or even years, to come
2003-01-06 Teamsun optical transceiver delivers 1dBm output power
The PDH optical transceiver module from Wuhan Teamsun Science & Tech Co. Ltd provides an output power ranging from -11dBm to 1dBm
2002-07-26 Networking component suppliers forge deal in 10Gbps transceivers
Agere Systems, Agilent Technologies, JDS Uniphase, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, OpNext, Optillion, and Tyco Electronics, have entered into a MSA for smaller form factor 10Gbps pluggable fiber-optic transceivers
2003-03-27 NEC rolls PLC-based tunable dispersion modules
NEC Corp. has expanded its PLC-based products for the WDM transmission market with the development of its colorless AWG wavelength dispersion modules.
2002-09-02 Mitsubishi DFB laser diode delivers 60mW output
Mitsubishi Electric's ML9XX37 single-mode, DFB laser diode delivers a minimum output of 60mW throughout the 00C to 500C temperature range.
2005-09-22 MergeOptics' XPAK SR modules transmit over 82m in MMF
MergeOptics announced its XPAK SR and XPAK LR products that promise to provide customers with a cost effective supply of small form factor modules.
2005-08-29 MergeOptics extends X2 product line
MergeOptics GmbH, a supplier of highly integrated, low-power fiber optic components and subsystems, recently announced the availability of its X2 SR and X2 ER products
2002-06-27 Finisar, SEI forge cross-licensing deal
Finisar Corp. and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have signed a cross-licensing agreement covering certain fiber-optic transceiver IPs that both companies own
2007-10-02 Ethernet/IP gateways connect up to 255 extension modules
Turck has announced new Ethernet/IP piconet gateways with two fiber-optic connectors to add modules and increase the number of I/O points on a single node, allowing up to 255 extension modules to be connected
2003-03-20 Bayton multimode transceiver transmits to 5km
Shenzhen Bayton Technology's multimode transceiver module is designed for use in multimode fiber-optic links and supports data rates up to 155Mbps.
2004-07-08 Acterna OSA has <50pm resolution bandwidth
Acterna introduced high-precision optical spectrum analyzers for customers with testing needs for ultra dense wavelength division multiplexing apps.
2003-08-26 Vitesse to sell optical systems assets to Avanex
Vitesse Semiconductor has entered into a transaction to sell certain assets of its optical systems division to Avanex Corp.
2003-05-15 Tyco Electronics, Xanoptix sign manufacturing deal
Tyco Electronics and Xanoptix have entered into a manufacturing service agreement under which Tyco will manufacture Xanoptix's next-generation optical communication products.
2002-10-14 OCP acquires business assets of Cielo Comm
Optical Communication Products Inc. has acquired certain assets of Cielo Communications.
2002-02-12 Molex transceivers operate over multi-, single-mode fibers
The MuxLink series of WWDM transceivers operates over both multi- and single-mode fibers, allowing up to 300m transmission distance in multimode fibers, while supporting up to 10km distances in single-mode fibers.
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