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What is fiber optics?
Fiber optics refer to any filament that is made of dielectric materials, which guides light, whether or not it is used to transmit signals.
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2004-07-08 Acterna OSA has <50pm resolution bandwidth
Acterna introduced high-precision optical spectrum analyzers for customers with testing needs for ultra dense wavelength division multiplexing apps.
2007-11-01 Achieve interface flexibility with dual-media GbE PHY
Using devices such as a second-generation dual-media GbE PHY is the best way to achieve Ethernet media interface flexibility and still keep system BOM costs down.
2002-10-29 Accelink light sources feature <5 percent output polarization
The ASE series of broadband network light source modules offers <5 percent polarization of output light and 0.03dB spectrum power density stability.
2010-02-08 40nm 10GBASE-T PHYs operate at 4W/port
Broadcom Corp. is sampling low-power 10GBASE-T transceivers
2003-11-20 3M, AI announce OGI multifiber system
3M and Advanced Interconnect have announced that they have independently produced OGI (Optical Gateway Interface) multifiber connection system products.
2007-05-31 10GbE optical transceiver supports 220m link lengths
Avago Technologies launches a new family of 10GbE LRM transceivers incorporating electronic dispersion compensation and supports link lengths of at least 200m.
2002-06-25 WaveSplitter, MKE to manufacture photonic components
WaveSplitter Technologies Inc. and Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Ind. Ltd have collaborated on the manufacture of photonic components.
2015-02-24 Top Google projects in 2015
Many of Google's experiments may seem kooky, but they're really designed to benefit the company's core ad business by bringing more Internet users online, many of whom will use Google Search.
2008-02-27 Startup unrolls low-power 10G optical module
Lightwire is sampling out an optical transceiver based on a novel CMOS design, claiming lower power and size than competing alternatives.
2009-02-19 SLIC protection for both classical and new networks
The telecom deregulation everywhere in the world generated two kinds of line needs. The long ones are dedicated to the classic telecommunication networks while the short ones are linked to the emerging remote applications.
2006-11-01 Researchers build 'first' hybrid silicon laser
Intel Corp. and University of California, Santa Barbara researchers have joined forces to create the world's first electrically powered hybrid silicon laser, which can produce terabit-level optical computer data pipes and high-performance computing applications.
2002-05-16 Planar integration of optical components
This news article discusses the industry methods in constructing optical circuits out of waveguides fabricated on silicon wafers, or planar integration, using conventional semiconductor tools and techniques.
2005-02-08 Optical round ribbon cable eases installation
Greater flexibility, easier installation and reduced attenuation are said to be among the key advantages offered by Molex's new optical round ribbon cable assemblies.
2006-02-27 Module for IEEE C37.94 testing
Sunrise Telecom introduced the Sunset MTT-45 test solution for IEEE's C37.94 standard.
2005-11-04 Japan demonstrates next-gen TV broadcast
Aiming at next-generation broadcasting, Japan Broadcast Corporation (NHK) has demonstrated a live relay of a 4x x 8k resolution Super Hi-Vision program connecting a 260-km distance by a fiberoptic network.
2006-09-21 Intel, UCSB researchers build 'first' hybrid silicon laser
Intel and University of California, Santa Barbara researchers announced that they have successfully built the world's first electrically powered hybrid silicon laser, which could bring terabit-level optical links and high-performance computing applications.
2008-07-15 Ethernet media converter stretches EMC performance
The eCon 3011 is designed to ease the migration to optical-fibre communication in industrial applications where electrical Ethernet data transmission reaches the limits of its performance, allowing users to extend the range and improve EMC immunity.
2003-09-19 Adva debuts access system for new data features
Adva Optical Networking Inc. said it is putting the three most popular new data encapsulation features for Sonet/SDH into a single 1U-high platform.
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