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2002-04-04 Zhongkang Fiber commences cable plant expansion
Zhongkang Fiber Optical Cable Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Chengdu PTIC Telecommunication Cable Co. Ltd, has begun the second phase of its expansion program
2002-08-20 YOFC fiber-optic cable suits Gigabit Ethernet apps
The 407WY graded-index multimode fiber-optic cable from Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Co. Ltd can be used to deliver video, voice, and data services in GbE systems.
2009-11-23 Trans-Pacific cable arrives in Japan
After laying cable across the Pacific for two months, the cable ship KDDI Pacific Link has brought in the end of the Unity cable
2002-09-03 Tongda fiber-optic cable withstands 3,000N
The GYXTS fiber-optic cable of Tongda Grp Co. Ltd is constructed with a PBT loose tube and a PSP-PE outer sheath, enabling it to withstand up to 3,000N of force per 100mm.
2002-02-07 Superior Essex introduces ribbon fiber cable for outside plant apps
Designed for outside plant applications, the company's ribbon fiber cable product line utilizes one or more 12-fiber "ribbons" that sustain low losses during mass fusion splicing
2004-01-28 Sunstar cable closure features >40mm curve radium
Sunstar Communication Technology has released a fiber-optic cable closure that comes with reliable sealing and high tensile plastic construction.
2003-06-10 Stratos fiber-optic connectors target high-level apps
Stratos Lightwave Inc. announced they have developed the PHD backplane and panel-mount fiber-optic connectors that are based on 1.25mm LC ceramic ferrules
2002-03-22 Shianfu constructs fiber-optic cable plant
Shianfu Optical Fiber and Cables Co. Ltd is constructing a new fiber-optic cable manufacturing plant to expand production capacity by 50 to 60 percent next year.
2002-07-19 Semrock expands fiber-optic cable line
Semrock Inc. has expanded its line of erbium-doped fiber-optic cables with the addition of C-band and L-band models that have a cladding diameter of 1255m and 805m, respectively
2002-02-19 SEI constructs optical cable, optical fiber plants in Shenzhen
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd has begun constructing manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China.
2002-04-04 Pirelli single-mode fiber-optic cables operate at 850nm
Claimed by the company to be the industry's first single-mode fiber-optic cable to operate at 850nm, the FineLight Giga and Base optical fibers enable system providers to build fiber-based networks that meet the requirements of both multi-mode and single-mode operation.
2003-05-21 Optical Cable receives ISO 9001:2000 certification
Optical Cable Corp. announced that its Roanoke, Virginia facility has been re-certified under ISO 9001
2002-06-26 OFS to build cable facility in Beijing
OFS, a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of fiber-optic products, has revealed plans to invest in mainland China
2010-07-14 NEC bags APCN2 submarine cable upgrade deal
NEC Corp. has been chosen to update the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 that runs over 19,000km of cable to serving the Asia Pacific
2002-05-29 Krone offers 10Gbps multimode fiber-optic cables
Krone Inc. has introduced the 505m Ultra multimode fiber-optic cable specifically designed for enterprise networks.
2004-05-26 JiangSu HengTong fiber-optic cables adopt slim steel wires
JiangSu HengTong Photoelectric Stock Co. Ltd has released a new series of fiber-optic cables ideal for applications in high density and complexity of centralized cables such as host apparatus or domain centers of big network systems
2002-11-04 JDSU fiber-optic jumper cables exhibit 0.2dB max insertion loss
Fujian JDSU CASIX Inc.'s fiber-optic jumper cables exhibit a maximum insertion loss of 0.2dB
2002-03-19 I Sheng fiber-optic patch cords exhibit 55dB return loss
The company's SC/PC-ST/PC duplex patch cords feature cable diameters measuring 3mm, 2.4mm and 0.9mm. They are manufactured with S.M. ferrules, with 9?m/125?m fiber diameter
2002-05-31 Hwapeng fiber-optic cable has <0.5dB connection loss
Hwapeng Electric Fty's plastic fiber-optic cable has a connection loss of <0.5dB and an attenuation of <0.18dB/m.
2009-10-02 How to achieve cost-effective gigabit serial links over cable
This article scratches the surface of what can be achieved with modern signal conditioning semiconductor technologies.
2008-02-28 Google, international telcos lay trans-Pacific cable system
A group of international companies have joined forces to establish an under underwater fiber-optic cable linking the United States and Japan.
2002-09-04 Furukawa Electric builds cable plant in Suzhou
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has constructed a fiber-optic cable production plant in Suzhou, China in cooperation with Jiangsu Etern Group and Huadian Engineering Corp.
2004-04-02 Fujitsu to build fiber-optic cable network for Sea-Me-We
Fujitsu Ltd has been selected by the Sea-Me-We 4 consortia, together with its co-contractor Alcatel, to construct a high-capacity fiber-optic submarine cable network, as part of the Sea-Me-We 4 submarine optical network linking Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe.
2009-12-15 Fiber-optic remote control suits PXI Express ATE
The remote controller is suited for distributed test, measurement and control systems that transfer data to and from the host PC and PXI Express instrumentation.
2003-04-10 Fiber-optic cable suits home A/V theater systems
The Q-118 fiber-optic cable of Shenzhen Yifeng Electronics Co. Ltd provides a bandwidth of 40MHz and attenuation up to 0.14dB/m (650nm).
2002-01-29 Fiber-optic cable plant set up in Taiyuan
Houma Putian Communication Cable Co. Ltd has established Houma Putian Rongshen Optic Cable Co. Ltd, located in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
2002-07-01 Fiber-optic cable makers begin mass production of preform rods
Local fiber-optic cable manufacturers in China, with the support of their government, have embarked on the mass production of preform rod, a key material in optical fiber manufacturing.
2005-05-10 Fiber-optic cable glut forces companies to step up R&D
Following an oversupply last year, fiber-optic cable companies in mainland China this year are concentrating on developing new products and widening their overseas markets.
2002-09-17 Corning fiber-optic cables have 805m cladding diameter
The PureMode Reduced Clad Photonic Fibers portfolio includes a model with an 805m cladding diameter fiber-optic cable suitable for use in SFF EDFAs, next-generation couplers, and compact optical modules.
2010-08-06 Connection protects transceiver-to-cable interface
The R2CT connection kit provides a waterproof, sealed connection for fiber-to-the-antenna, remote radio head equipment, and other outdoor applications.
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