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What is fiber optics?
Fiber optics refer to any filament that is made of dielectric materials, which guides light, whether or not it is used to transmit signals.
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2002-06-11 NEI standalone 10Gb ASIC targets comms
A 10Gbps multiprotocol ASIC that was previously available only in a module from Network Elements Inc. is now available as a standalone device.
2008-07-04 NEC, Sumitomo absorb submarine optic cable specialist
NEC Corp. and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd have announced the acquisition of OCC Holdings and its subsidiary OCC Corp., which manufactures fiber optic submarine.
2002-03-20 NEC, SEI announce MSA for optical receivers
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have entered into an MSA wherein both companies will focus on standardizing package size, pin configuration and power source for 10Gbps fiber-optic receivers.
2010-07-14 NEC bags APCN2 submarine cable upgrade deal
NEC Corp. has been chosen to update the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 that runs over 19,000km of cable to serving the Asia Pacific.
2002-05-17 Mykrolis moves headquarters, manufacturing facility
Mykrolis Corp. has signed a 12-year lease agreement for a new corporate headquarters, R&D and manufacturing facility in Billerica, Massachusetts.
2007-07-04 Multirate limiting post amp fits SFP transceivers
Micrel has begun volume production of the low-power SY88973BL limiting post amplifier designed for use in fiber optic receivers.
2002-04-24 Multilink optical transponder transmits up to 100km
The MTC21218 optical transponder from Multilink Technology Corp. is capable of transmitting up to 100km, and is targeted for use in DWDM systems, MANs, IP routers, and ATM switches.
2002-02-12 Molex transceivers operate over multi-, single-mode fibers
The MuxLink series of WWDM transceivers operates over both multi- and single-mode fibers, allowing up to 300m transmission distance in multimode fibers, while supporting up to 10km distances in single-mode fibers.
2002-01-04 Molex SFP connector system supports 2Gbps data rates
The company's high-speed, high-density small form-factor pluggable (SFP) connector and cages are employed to interface copper or fiber-optic pluggable transceivers and cable assemblies to host equipment.
2006-09-28 Module replaces DCF in DWDM networks
Civcom is launching a free-path Manageable Dispersion Compensation Module (M-DCM) designed to be a replacement for Dispersion Compensation Fiber (DCF) in Metro-Regional DWDM networks.
2002-09-02 Mitsubishi DFB laser diode delivers 60mW output
Mitsubishi Electric's ML9XX37 single-mode, DFB laser diode delivers a minimum output of 60mW throughout the 00C to 500C temperature range.
2005-10-12 Micrel's new limiting post amplifier
Designed for use in fiber-optic receivers, the SY88315BL low-power limiting post amplifier from Micrel connects to typical transimpedance amplifiers
2005-09-22 MergeOptics' XPAK SR modules transmit over 82m in MMF
MergeOptics announced its XPAK SR and XPAK LR products that promise to provide customers with a cost effective supply of small form factor modules.
2005-08-29 MergeOptics extends X2 product line
MergeOptics GmbH, a supplier of highly integrated, low-power fiber optic components and subsystems, recently announced the availability of its X2 SR and X2 ER products.
2002-11-01 MEMS light valves manage wavelengths for D-WDM
One type of optical MEMS, known as the grating light valve, is going into next-generation dynamic optical modules for use in optical networks.
2005-02-23 Memec Insight, Finisar ink distribution agreement
Memec Insight, a division of semiconductor distributor Memec, has signed a global distribution agreement with Finisar Corp.
2002-03-25 MegaSense optical attenuator targets =U apps
The company's MEMS-based variable optical attenuator measures 7.6-by-15.5-by-6.5mm, making it suitable to perform amplification, pre-emphasis, and equalization on low-profile =U applications.
2002-02-25 Material converts IR waves into visible light
A team from the University of Buffalo has developed an organic material, which is capable of absorbing three photons at IR wavelengths and re-emitting the light in the visible spectrum.
2011-05-02 M/A COM acquires Optomai, 40/100Gbps chips
Optomai's product portfolio complements M/A-COM Tech's CATV/broadcast and point-to-point/infrastructure businesses, and will help it penetrate the booming optical communications market.
2009-05-07 Lumitex builds Asian manufacturing site in Taiwan
Lumitex Inc. has established the West Coast R&D Center in Irvine, California, and Asian manufacturing center in Taipei, Taiwan to help develop, apply and produce illumination solutions using patented LED and fiber optic technologies for electronics applications on the West Coast and in Asia.
2004-01-08 Luminent unifies branding with Taiwan subsidiary
Luminent has announced brand unification between its Luminent and Optronics Int. Corp. (OIC) divisions into LuminentOIC.
2002-03-21 Luminent transceiver module targets fiber-to-home apps
Designed to enable cost-effective deployment of fiber-to-home (FTTh) networks, the Integrated Triplexer module provide bundled voice, data, and video through a single optical fiber, for delivery to residential subscribers.
2002-10-07 Lucent closes sale deal with Corning
Lucent Technologies has completed the sale of its interests in Lucent Technologies Shanghai Fiber Optic Co. Ltd. and Lucent Technologies Beijing Fiber Optic Cable Co. Ltd, to Corning Inc.
2002-02-25 Lithium niobate crystal production base breaks ground in Hubei
The Sichuan Institute of Piezoelectric and Acoustic Technology has cooperated with Hubei Danjing Electronic Material Co. Ltd to establish a lithium niobate crystal production base in Hubei, China.
2002-03-18 LightPointe FSO device delivers 2.5Gbps over 1km
Designed using free-space optical (FSO) technology, the FlightSpectrum 2.5 optical transmitter delivers a full-duplex bandwidth of 2.5Gbps over 1km via line-of-sight transmission of data, voice, and video.
2002-05-29 LightPath invests in LightChip
LightPath Technologies Inc., a manufacturer and integrator of fiber-optic components for the telecom industry, has invested $1.5 million in LightChip Inc., an optical networking company.
2002-07-31 LeCroy adopts New Focus 3.5GHz converter for oscilloscope
LeCroy Corp. has selected New Focus Inc.'s 3.5GHz optical-to-electrical converter for its WaveMaster 8500 oscilloscope to analyze fiber-optic signal data.
2002-10-15 KVH obtains U.S. patents for DSP technology
KVH Ind. Inc. has received a U.S. patent for its technological breakthrough that enables the company to produce AHRS-grade fiber optic gyros at a fraction of the cost of competing products.
2002-10-10 Koncent DWDM module has 4.5dB max insertion loss
Fuzhou Koncent Optical Communication's 100G DWDM module exhibits a maximum insertion loss of 4.5dB and a minimum directivity of 50dB.
2008-01-16 JDSU offers structured cabling test products
JDSU will unveil several new task-ready tools for network and enterprise test including the LanScaperPRO network tester, TestifierPRO cable tester and fiber-optic test kits at the Winter BICSI Conference 2008.
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