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2000-06-22 Synchronous and asynchronous FIFO designs
This application note describes RAM-based FIFO designs using the dual-port RAM in XC4000-Series devices. Synchronous designs with a common read/write clock are described, as well as asynchronous designs with independent read and write clocks.
2005-06-29 Renesas rolls out large-capacity FIFO memory modules
Renesas Technology Corp. has announced two large-capacity 8Mb FIFO (First-In First-Out) memory models - the 100-pin R8A66120FFP and 48-pin R8A66120FFA - with a fast operating speed of 100MHz for use in W-CDMA and similar base stations, OA equipment such as color copiers, and digital home electronics appliances
2008-10-20 QuickLogic PolarPro RAM and embedded FIFO controller
This document outlines QuickLogic PolarPro RAM and FIFO controller features and modes.
2006-09-27 Quad-channel UARTs come in three FIFO options
Exar's new quad-channel UARTs are available in 16-, 32- and 64byte FIFO choices so designers in the industrial and networking sectors can match their application's requirements more accurately.
2004-02-12 Philips UART provides 256-byte FIFO
Royal Philips Electronics has disclosed that its SC28L202 is the industry's first UART with 256B FIFO and real-time error detection.
2001-03-22 Interfacing the CY7B923 and CY7B933 (HOTLink) to a wide data clocked FIFO
This application note considers general interfacing issues between Cypress Semiconductor's CY7B923/CY7B933 HOTLink transmitter/receiver devices and its clocked FIFOs.
2008-09-03 Implementing FIFO operations using TIE queues
This application note provides TIE and C code that demonstrate how to implement standard FIFO (First In, First Out) operations using TIE queues.
2004-12-16 IDT adds to dual-port, FIFO families
IDT expanded its line of dual-port memory devices and first-in, first-out products.
2010-12-03 How to migrate FIFO generator
Here's a guide to migrating existing designs containing instances of either legacy FIFO cores or older versions of FIFO Generator cores to the latest version of the FIFO Generator.
2002-09-19 High Band Access delivers smallest FIFO die
High Bandwidth Access Inc. has announced the production of FlexQ FIFO queuing devices using 0.25?m process technology, allowing the company to deliver what is claimed to be the industry's smallest FIFO die.
2002-08-02 HBA expands channel switching FIFO family
High Bandwidth Access Inc. has expanded its ChannelQ FIFO product line with the addition of new devices that operate at 3.3V and provide up to 16 channels.
2001-04-30 FIFO patented synchronous retransmit: Programmable DSP-interface application for FIR filtering
This application note presents an of the synchronous-retransmit feature of TI's DSP application-specific FIFOs. It describes a synchronous-retransmit feature and shows how this feature can be used in conjunction with a DSP for FIR filtering.
2001-04-30 FIFO mailbox-bypass registers: Using bypass registers to initialize DMA control
This application note describes the operation of FIFO mailbox-bypass registers and shows their application in an example that implements the DMA control of a DSP.
2001-03-21 FIFO Dipstick using Warp2 VHDL and the CY7C371
This application note presents a method by which FIFOs of any size may be monitored by an external PLD that will then generate all of the flags necessary for most FIFO applications.
2010-04-09 Digital gyro integrates FIFO memory block
STMicroelectronics has released a high-performance three-axis digital-output gyroscope that embeds a FIFO memory block for smarter power management.
2001-03-22 CY7C42X/46X FIFO interface to the CY7B923 (HOTLink)
This application note considers the interface between Cypress Semiconductor's CY7B923 HOTLink transmitter and generic FIFOs.
2013-12-18 ADC FIFO application on S08P MCUs
Learn how to utilise FIFO of ADC module on S08P family. Demo code is provided.
2000-09-05 16-word by 8-bit FIFO
This application note demonstrates how to implement the AT6000 Series FPGA as a synchronous FIFO register buffer with a word width and depth tailored to specific design needs.
2002-05-16 When data streams in
Control-oriented architectures and streaming architectures are not interchangeable. The attempt to implement both using the same base is a first step in the wrong direction.
2001-03-22 Using FIFOs in Delta39K CPLDs
This application note provides instructions for all aspects of implementing synchronous FIFO buffers in Cypress Semiconductor's Delta39K CPLDs, such as description of FIFO operation, static timing analysis, etc.
2001-09-28 Using event characters with FT8U2XX
This application note provides an introduction to event characters and how they can be used to overcome timeout delays in certain applications.
1999-04-08 Understanding the evolution of serial interface in analog-to-digital converters
This paper discusses the evolution of ADCs in temperature measurement systems and how the devices has become more of a system on a chip solution for such systems.
2001-03-28 Understanding synchronous FIFOs
This application note discusses the general operation and features of Cypress Semiconductor's line of synchronous FIFOs.
2001-03-26 Understanding large FIFOs
This application note explains the internal operation of the large FIFOs manufactured by Cypress Semiconductor and shows how to use the devices to accomplish depth and width expansion.
2001-03-20 Understanding clocked FIFOs
This application note explains the basic operations and features of Cypress Semiconductor's family of clocked FIFO memories.
2003-07-04 UMC, HBA announce 90nm silicon success
Semiconductor foundry UMC and High Bandwidth Access (HBA) have announced the successful prototyping of the latter's IC based on the foundry's 90nm process.
2004-01-06 Test your next hardware design - in a live network
With speed-matching software, designers can simplify the hardware emulation process, while also performing more realistic live test.
2005-06-16 SystemVerilog enhances assertion-based verification
ABV leverages designer knowledge and automatic verification methods to stress-test the design before tape-out. Find out how
2004-11-16 Streaming solutions for IP-cameras
Using a PC-camera as a surveillance system at home may be a good idea. But using an IP-camera would be an even better option.
2015-03-30 Significance of RTL architecture to power analysis
Learn about the advantages of a well defined RTL architecture for power estimation and analysis through a case study of a FIFO design.
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