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2007-09-17 Recognize high-power LED thermal problems
Designers attempting to create high-power LED systems are well served by understanding the thermal problems associated with LEDs. Smart thermal management will increase the operating temperature range, and thermal monitoring will maintain the accuracy of LED products.
2010-06-30 Ready to bid incandescent bulb goodbye?
In many situations, the so-called waste heat of the incandescent bulb is not actually wasted, but serves to help keep a cool area warm. It's a form of electrically sourced heat.
2003-12-08 Pudong Yingfa transformers have resistant layers
Shanghai Pudong Yingfa Electronics Co. Ltd released its flyback transformers with resistant layers that are designed to suit 29-inch to 34-inch color TVs.
2009-12-10 Power supplies pack full RS232 control
HiTek Power has integrated a RS232-controlled variant to its XRG70 series of compact high-voltage power supplies for high-performance analytical and measurement X-ray applications.
2014-07-15 Porous silicon oxide improves memory prod'n
Researchers from Rice University developed what they say is a breakthrough silicon oxide technology aimed at high-density, next-generation computer memory that is one step closer to mass production.
2013-01-31 Philips returns to lighting roots, drop CE business
Philips has exited the consumer electronics market choosing to focus instead on segments such as LED lighting and control systems.
2016-03-11 Phase change memory advances: Discontinuity, melting
Understand the role of melting during threshold switching and the post-threshold switching conducting state prior to SET state crystallisation.
2012-02-09 PCM progress report no. 3: New direction with polyamorphic states
Here's a review of Semyon D. Savransky's paper to evaluate a type of nonvolatile memory based on polyamorphous chalcogenide transformations.
2002-10-18 Park FR-4 epoxy offers improved thermal stability
Park Electrochemical Corp. has announced the availability of the N4000-11 Caf-resistant, FR-4 epoxy material designed for use in lead-free assembly substrates.
2007-07-02 OLEDs glow in efficient lighting quest
OLEDs are staking out claims in mobile devices and TV displays, with the first OLED-based TVs expected to emerge this year. A European research project has reported on a prototype that could bring the lighting application closer to realization, and similar programs are under way elsewhere.
2004-01-14 New Epoch coaxial cables have aluminum mylar shields
Changzhou New Epoch Enterprises Co. Ltd (E) has released its CFETT-D general or RG-type coaxial cables that come with aluminum mylar longitudinal shields.
2012-11-21 Memory to make a splash at ISSCC 2013
Non-traditional memory architectures could steal the show from more structured analytical papers to be presented at the International Solid State Circuits Conference.
2002-11-26 Maxim controller manages 96-character VFDs
The MAX6850 vacuum-fluorescent display device controls a starburst numeric or alphanumeric VFD up to 96 characters.
2002-12-02 Kolinker adjustment system plates crystals at <3s
The company's KH6800 automatic final frequency adjustment system achieves a typical plate time per crystal of <3s.
2014-08-05 Is there a bright optoelectronic future for PCM?
Here's a look at a venture modestly described as an optoelectronic framework. It has the potential to spawn whole new families of optoelectronic phase-change-based switching displays and modulators.
2014-05-12 Is start-up's bet on induction tech worth the risk?
Finally Light Bulb Company is coming out with a $19m-funded 60W, 800lm A19 light bulb that is said to replicate the popular glow of incandescent light bulbs, but is cheaper and more energy efficient.
2015-04-22 Is resistive RAM the next NVM star?
Resistive RAM features low power consumption and a small cell areaboth compelling reasons for their adoption as a non-volatile memory.
2016-05-06 IR-emitting device lays down path for cheap gas sensors
Researchers from University of Exeter plan to use the capability of many gases that strongly absorb infrared light to develop with cost-effective gas sensors.
2006-11-13 IR unveils 600V ballast controller for fluorescent lamps
International Rectifier's IRS2166D is a 600V fully-integrated and protected ballast control IC for advanced linear fluorescent lamp ballasts that incorporate active PFC.
2004-08-19 IR rolls out reference design for CFL ballasts
International Rectifier introduced three compact fluorescent lamp ballast reference designs for the IR2520D.
2002-06-22 IR lighting control IC cuts parts count by 30 percent
The IR2166 ballast control IC from International Rectifier is positioned to replace a separate ballast control IC, gate driver IC, power factor correction IC, and additional discrete circuitry.
2004-07-06 IR ballast control IC increases lamp reliability
IR introduced a CFL ballast control IC that can adapt to changing supply voltage, frequency and lamp conditions to increase lamp life and reliability.
2015-07-30 Intel, Micron unleash novel non-volatile memory
The executives said the memory is based on a fundamental discovery that has yielded a non-volatile memory that exhibits a "bulk material property change" at the cross-point of metal access lines.
2011-07-15 Imec reports breakthroughs in DRAM, RRAM
The Imec breakthroughs help bridge the gap in developing resistive RAM as a successor to DRAM technology.
2013-06-14 Imec presents RRAM, FinFET innovations
At this week's VLSI 2013 Technology Symposium, Imec presented improved quantitative statistical prediction of the RRAM operation as well as the the first strained germanium devices based on a Si-replacement process.
2014-12-19 IBM claims PCM non-volatility not necessary
Ron Neale gets down to the nitty-gritty of IBM's invited paper at IEDM 2014. IBM has stated that for PCM, non-volatility/data-retention is no longer needed.
2007-02-06 HVIC with PFC eases multilamp circuits in fluorescent ballasts
IR's IRS2168D HVIC features a wide range input voltage PFC to simplify complex multilamp circuits.
2007-05-22 How to implement high current LED arrays
This article summarizes the key requirements for driving Osram Ostar high current LED arrays and shows how these requirements can be met with an easy-to-implement driver based on Micrel's MIC2196 chip.
2014-01-02 How to drive LED with fluorescent ballast (Part 1)
Here's a look at an AC/DC converter without active LED current control.
2016-05-17 High-conductive thermoplastic mat'l advances 3D printing
A*STAR IMRE scientists have come up with what they describe as a novel type of thermoplastic thread that can be used in 3D printers to develop functional circuits for use in electrical gadgets.
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