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2007-01-19 VXS RAID system operates at up to 2GSps
The VXS-based JazzStore UWB system is claimed by TEK Micro to be the first disk-based data recording system to enable realtime high-capacity record and playback of broadband-sampled analog data at rates up to 2GSps
2004-05-04 Using an eZ80 Flash Memory File System
This app note demonstrates a method for creating a file system that can be stored within the external Flash memory connected to eZ80 MPUs.
2007-09-19 U.S. patent system overhaul stirs uncertainty
The patent reform bill passed by the U.S. Congress last week was met by varied and complex dissenting opinions, hinting at the uncertain future of the U.S. patent system
2005-11-29 Scalable file system puts safety first
2008-09-17 Network storage system reduces space, power use
Startup Greenbytes has emerged from stealth mode with unique algorithms that help reduce the size and power consumption of the rising tide of network-attached storage systems in the data center.
2010-08-19 IrDA driver and SD card file system on MM/JE Flexis families
This application note discusses a physical layer driver used to establish IrDA communication on Freescale devices in the MM/JE Flexis families.
2007-10-02 Implementing file I/O functions using Microchip's memory disk drive file system library
This application note covers the usage of file I/O functions using Microchip's memory disk drive file system library.
2004-02-02 How to build a multimedia files system
Many consumer products need to record and play digital video and audio data. If you need to do something similar, here are some design guidelines for implementing the file system.
2010-03-03 How to boot an embedded system from an eMMC equipped with a Microsoft FAT file system
This application note describes a set of solutions used to boot an embedded device from an Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) equipped with a Microsoft File Allocation Table (FAT) file system.
2012-04-05 Fujitsu unveils supercomputer system
The new Oakleaf-FX system, which employs Fujitsu's PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer, is one of the few petaflops-class systems in the world and achieves high energy efficiency
2009-07-22 Ensure file system integrity in embedded systems
The ability to store and manage large amounts of data has become a critical requirement for a variety of embedded devices.
2006-11-16 Controller enables graphical system design
NI, Freescale and Wind River collaborated to develop the CompactRIO cRIO-9012 controller, which promises to simplify embedded system development through graphical system design
2003-10-03 Adding An External File System to TINI
This application note describes a technique for adding an external file system.
2002-12-20 Adding an External File System to TINI
This application note describes a technique for adding an external file system in the storage space of the Tiny Internet Interfaces devices.
2005-11-07 VeriSign to endorse Infineon's PC security system
German chipmaker Infineon Technologies AG is working with VeriSign Inc. on extending the security of transactions made with personal computers.
2004-12-03 Updated Altium PCB design system include new technologies
A new PCB design system for layout professionals was recently released by Altium Ltd
2002-12-04 UMC adopts Oridus Web system
United Microelectronics Corp. has expanded its online customer-oriented services with Oridus Inc.'s Web-based mask data MEBES reader tool, MebesCruiser.
2002-11-25 System General ships universal programmer with USB interface
System General Corp.'s PowerLab USB-interface universal device programmer supports programming of high-density Flash memory, CPLD, PLD, FPGA, and microcontrollers without sacrificing speed, quality, and capability, the company says
2003-01-08 System allows long-distance image file manipulation
A remote viewing system being developed at Sandia National Laboratories allows an image of any size to be interactively visualized and manipulated over the Internet without transferring the file from its secured server.
2005-07-15 Synopsys announces support for Oasis file transfer format
Synopsys Inc. said that its Galaxy design platform and design-for-manufacturing (DFM) tool suite support the entire Open Artwork System Interchange Standard (Oasis) file transfer format with all current production releases.
2010-01-05 Software gives DAQ system real-time X-Y display
The new software for Yokogawa's SL1000 high-speed data-acquisition system delivers additional functionality including real-time X-Y display and waveform accumulation capabilities
2006-10-25 Software cuts MEBES file size, data transfer times
SoftJin has announced a software that compresses mask data files in MEBES format by a factor of 5-15X and reduces file size as well as data transfer times
2007-07-06 Simplifying board bringup: Porting a CodeWarrior initialization file to your system
To help expedite Power Architecture board bringup, this application note by Freescale's Karl Gundal describes how to port the CodeWarrior target initialization file from the Freescale MPC8555CDS development system to a custom development system.
2006-10-02 Self-healing chips prevent system failure
Semiconductor Research Corp. and the National Science Foundation are funding a groundbreaking research effort into "self-healing" chips that can detect and repair defects in the field.
2009-01-27 Secure supervisors provide multifaceted monitoring to ensure system security
This article describes many of the embedded security features in the various DS36xx secure supervisor products.
2014-12-04 Protecting FPGA system with secure authenticator
Learn about the general problems that counterfeiters pose for original equipment manufacturers and end customers, and how these concerns can be addressed.
2008-09-26 P2P system hastens file distribution in intranets
Peer-to-peer digital content distribution used to be related to copyright violations and about users sending unauthorized music and videos to each other over the Internet.
2005-07-12 Open-source C++ project offer basics of verification system
After implementing a C/C++ library that provides a basic verification system at three companies where he worked, Mike Mintz decided that there had to be a better way
2004-12-01 Oasis file format support rises as translators roll
Is it time to say goodbye to GDSII now that the Oasis file format is gaining more support from leading EDA tool vendors
2007-04-30 LSI combines USB/SD host, MP3 decoder, system controller
Rohm has developed what it says is the industry's first LSI that combines USB memory/SD card host functionality, an MP3 audio decoder, and system controller on a single chip
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