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2002-03-08 Tongfeng Electronics completes capacitor development project
Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Co. Ltd has completed its development project for type-film capacitors, electronic materials, metalized film capacitors and ac capacitors
2001-11-01 Sizing integrated thin-film capacitors
This article assesses the impact of dielectrics, lithographic resolution and device sensitivity on the sizing of integrated capacitors.
2002-07-08 Shenzhen Shengxin polypropylene film capacitors suit PFC apps
The CBB6 series metalized polypropylene film capacitors from Shenzhen Shengxin Capacitor Co. Ltd feature a non-inductive construction, good self-healing properties, high-current resistance, high insulation resistance, low dissipation factor and high stability.
2004-08-04 MEI integrates electronic circuit capacitor business
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd (MEI) has decided to transfer its film capacitor and other film-related products business of the Electronic Circuit Capacitor Division of MEI, to Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd. (MACO), a subsidiary of MEI.
2003-10-08 Megatone film capacitors suit RF filter apps
Megatone Electronics Corp. has released its MEA (flat oval) and MET (tubular) type metallized polyester film capacitors with axial lead
2005-01-13 Ling In film capacitors offer 200?F capacitance
Ling In Electronics announced the release of its Z-1 film capacitors
2003-01-14 Lanhai film capacitors withstand 1.6x their rated voltage
The CL233X film capacitors of Changzhou Lanhai Electronics are available withstand up to 1.6 times their rated voltage for 5s
2007-08-15 Kemet to acquire plastic-film capacitor maker
Kemet has agreed to acquire Arcotronics Italia S.p.A., an Italy-based manufacturer of plastic film and metallized plastic-film capacitors and wet tantalum capacitors
2005-02-14 Jiangbei Gofront film capacitors rated at 6kV
Jiangbei Gofront Herong Electric recently released its latest series of film capacitors optimized for use in power devices
2003-04-11 Jenn Fu film capacitors exhibit low self inductance
The MEC series of film capacitors from Jenn Fu Electronics Corp. exhibit low self inductance and is suitable for filtering and bypass apps
2002-07-16 JARO offers film capacitors in 0603 sizes
The PPC series of low noise and low ESR film capacitors from JARO Components Inc. is offered in 0603 casings
2002-09-02 Jaro film capacitors fit in 0603 pack
Jaro Components Inc. has tucked its high-grade surface-mount PPC-series film capacitors in an ultramini 0603 moldless package
2003-04-04 HKFC film capacitors rated to 18kVac
The STHV series of high voltage film capacitors from Hong Kong Film Capacitor Co. Ltd is available with capacitance values ranging from 1nF to 20?F.
2004-09-22 Hitano film capacitors withstand 2 times rated voltage
Hitano announced the availability of its MPT polypropylene film capacitors that feature capacitances ranging from 1?F to 40?F
2015-07-28 Guard against capacitor corrosion for long life apps
Advanced EMI suppression film capacitors that can survive harsh environments for 15 years or more enable designers to implement economical circuitry in cost-sensitive equipment such as smart meters
2002-11-28 Fushan variable capacitor eyes portable radios
The CBM-107-3 thin film variable capacitor of Nantong Fushan measures 9-by-9-by-3.3mm and is designed for use in portable radio receivers.
2015-04-20 Film capacitors take on demanding apps
Applications for the EPCOS capacitors include switch-mode power supplies or resonant circuits and other applications in which high voltages and currents occur.
2002-08-28 Europtronic film capacitors operate from -550C to 1050C
The DMPC series of film capacitors features a metallized polycarbonate film dielectric, flame-retardant epoxy resin, and is rated for operation over the -550C to 1050C temperature range
2002-09-27 Europtronic film capacitors exhibit 30-gigaohm insulation resistance
The FMPE series of film capacitors has a dielectric strength of 1.5 times its rated voltage and an insulation resistance >30 gigaohms if the capacitance is <0.335F or >10 gigaohms if capacitance is >0.335F
2004-09-06 Epcos expands EMI film capacitor line
Epcos has upgraded its X2 EMI film capacitor series with a higher rated voltage and smaller packaging.
2008-09-30 EMI suppression film capacitors have increased voltage rating
From Vishay comes three X2 EMI suppression film capacitors with an increased maximum main voltage and a wide range of lead pitches and capacitance values
2005-07-01 Electronic Concepts' AC film capacitors suit inverter outputs
Electronic Concepts introduces a series of UL approved, high-current AC film capacitors with a broad RMS spectrum to meet requirements of inverter outputs
2003-05-05 Dongxin film caps tout improved mechanical strength
The CL11 series of film capacitors from Fuxin Dongxin Capacitor Co. Ltd features improved mechanical strength and humidity resistance.
2012-08-09 DC link film capacitors target power apps
AVX released a series of 4-leaded FE series capacitors that features capacitance/voltage ratings up to 1.2kV, and is geared for DC power supplies and inverters for solar power, electric drive and industrial power systems.
2007-01-12 China's film capacitor industry on track for 10% growth
Over the past few years, China's film capacitor output has achieved steady annual growth rates of 10 percent, with 26.4 billion units in 2006.
2002-03-06 Changjie capacitor has >30 gigaohms
Manufactured using non-inductive materials and flame-retardant epoxy resin coating, the CBB21 film capacitor features low inherent temperature rise, improved stability, and an insulation resistance >30 gigaohms (0.33?F).
2002-11-18 Capacitor series features >50-gigaohm insulation resistance
The CH11 series of polypropylene capacitors from Fuxin Dongxin Capacitor Co. Ltd exhibits an insulation resistance >50 gigaohms
2005-11-14 AVX's power film capacitor may replace electrolytic devices
AVX Corp. beefed up the temp and voltage operating conditions of its medium power film capacitor family.
2005-06-27 AVX medium power film capacitors suit military, industrial apps
AVX introduces the FD series of medium power film capacitors. The standard devices are available with voltage ratings up to 3kV (5kV on request) and offer a high specific energy level of up to 1,500 joules per liter
2004-03-12 Aid PP film capacitors comply with UL standards
The Type-BUP metallized PP film capacitor from Aid Electronics suits various kinds of lamps and lighting fixtures.
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