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What is Filter?
In signal processing, a filter is a device or process that removes from a signal some unwanted component or feature. Filtering is a class of signal processing, the defining feature of filters being the complete or partial suppression of some aspect of the signal. Filters can be classified as analog or digital.
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2003-06-24 Zhengyuan filter has 2MHz bandwidth capacity
The SD31/40 bandpass filter from Zhejiang Zhengyuan Electric Co. Ltd has a 2MHz bandwidth, and a 4dB insertion loss.
2004-02-17 Zhengyuan bandpass filter suits comms apps
Zhengyuan Electric has unveiled its SD46/49A bandpass filter that is designed for communication systems.
2003-07-24 Yoto coil filter has 30?H to 1, 000?H rated inductance
Yoto Coils Electronics Co. Ltd has released its TC6826 coil filter that measures 17.5-by-9.4-by-8.8mm.
2003-08-08 Yoto coil filter features up to 1,500?H inductance
Yoto Coils Electronics Co. Ltd has released its TC8026 coil filter that measures 20.2-by-12.6-by-9.517mm.
2014-09-05 WLAN-Bluetooth filter prevents signal interference
The B8831 is able to prevent signals in the adjacent WLAN/Bluetooth and highband cellular bands from interfering with each other due to its excellent insertion loss and high out-of-band selectivity.
2008-07-17 Wideband filter quashes noise on DisplayPort links
TDK Corp. announced that it has developed a wideband thin-film common mode filter for EMI suppression on DisplayPort interfaces, an industry first. It is designed specifically to suppress noise on DisplayPort connections.
2007-01-23 Video filter/driver improves system reliability
Fairchild's FMS6141 has an active filtering approach that promises to improve system reliability and image quality as well as lower component count by approximately 20 percent to help reduce test time, design time and inventory costs.
2005-09-08 Video filter/driver eliminates dozens of discrete devices
Fairchild Semiconductor's FMS6406 is the industry's most highly integrated standard definition, low-pass reconstruction video filter/driver
2006-01-24 Video filter/driver brings video from cellphones to TVs
Fairchild introduced what it claims to be the smallest video filter/driver on the market for driving video images from cellphones to TVs, computer monitors or other larger display products.
2009-09-23 Video filter supports 1,080p HD
Fairchild Semiconductor has launched a video filter that offers selectability from SD to 1,080p HD.
2007-07-04 Video filter removes glitch noise, extends battery life
Intersil Corp. has introduced the ISL59118, a 9MHz, dual-channel, low-pass filter that eliminates video glitch noise associated with the use of video DACs.
2006-06-27 Video filter IC has intelligent power management
Maxim says its MAX9508/MAX9512 are the world's first analog standard-definition video filter-amps equipped with intelligent power management electronics.
2009-07-23 Video filter amp packs short-to-battery protection
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX9532 analog video filter amplifier that drives standard-definition (SD) video connections to an in-dash or rear-seat automotive display.
2009-03-11 Video filter amp cuts consumption to 1?A
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX9519, claimed to be the smallest, lowest pin-count video filter amplifier for standard-definition (SD) video connections from portable devices to TVs.
2008-01-23 Video decoder with 3D comb filter aims at HDTVs
Analog Devices has expanded its Advantiv advanced TV portfolio with a new 12bit resolution 3D comb video decoder with an integrated 150MSps digitizer for Full-HD 1,080p input formats.
2002-05-07 Vicor filter module meets harmonic current, EMI specs
The ENMods filter module from Vicor Corp. combines the MiniHAM passive harmonic current attenuation module and the FARM3 ac/dc front-end module, as well as additional filtering and holdup component to provide full compliance to EN harmonic current and EMI standards.
2004-12-02 VCO inductor and external loop filter design guidelines for the AT86RF401X
This app note explains the process of implementing a design using the AT86RF401X (RF wireless microtransmitter)
2002-06-20 Variable optical attenuators combined with an arrayed waveguide grating filter for next-generation WDM system
This application note describes the combination of variable optical attenuators with an arrayed waveguide grating filter for next-generation WDM systems.
2002-12-03 Utilizing the PDSP16256 filter design program
This article describes a way to use the filter design program for externally cascaded filters up to 128 taps long.
2002-12-02 Using the Murata SAFJA35M4WC0Z00 saw filter
This article advises users of the Zarlink GP2015 (or GP2010) GPS RF front-end how to use a new 35.42MHz SAW which has recently become available from Murata.
2004-11-24 Using the MAX4090 with the reconstruction filter
This app note demonstrates the MAX4090, a dc-coupled output driver, which can be used after the reconstruction filter to drive the video signal.
2002-06-12 Using loop filter software for the TRU-050 and loop filter program
This application note details the features of the TRU-050 module, a user-configured, PLL solution designed to simplify a wide variety of clock recovery and data retiming, frequency translation and clock smoothing applications.
2007-08-01 Use filter capacitors in linear voltage regulators
System design engineers have to use many capacitors to filter digital noise, expecting to get a clean voltage source as the power supply for analog circuits. This article discusses the effect of filter capacitors.
2005-11-29 Tyco's new input filter module helps meet EMI requirements
Tyco Electronics Power Systems released a new input filter module that provides a space efficient and cost effective solution to meet EMI limits mandated by various international agencies.
2008-09-16 Two-dimensional rank order filter
This application note describes the implementation of a two-dimensional Rank Order filter. The reference design includes the RTL VHDL implementation of an efficient sorting algorithm.
2009-06-01 TSH173 triple video buffer with filter for SD video evaluation board user guidelines
This application note describes the TSH173 evaluation board, designed to help you evaluate the TSH173 triple video buffer.
2009-06-01 TSH103 triple video buffer with filter for SD video evaluation board user guidelines
This application note describes the TSH103 evaluation board, designed to help you evaluate the TSH103 triple video buffer.
2002-03-18 Toppan injects $170M for color filter equipment
Toppan CFI (Taiwan) Co. Ltd has invested $170.94 million for installing production lines in its plant in Tainan, Taiwan, for use in manufacturing 4G 680-by-880mm color filter substrates.
2007-04-09 Tool eases addition of digital filter in audio apps
Quickfilter Technologies announced a new product designed to simplify the addition of precision digital filtering to audio applications.
2002-01-11 Toko multilayer ceramic filter measures 1.6-by-0.8-by-0.9mm
The LTF1608L miniature multilayer ceramic lowpass filter features an 0603 footprint and a low profile of only 0.9mm.
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