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2014-01-16 TSMC works on fingerprint sensors for iPhone
TSMC is working on fingerprint sensors for Apple's iPhone, according to a report. The sensors are being made using 65nm manufacturing process technology at a 300mm wafer fab, with production expected to start in the second quarter, the report said.
2006-07-04 Touchscreen has noncontact sensing, fingerprint reading
Motion Computing's LS800 is a slate PC built around a central design teneta pen-input screen. This article examines how this technology works.
2006-09-25 TI, ADEL co-develop fingerprint ID processor
Shenzhen IDEAL Microelectronics Co. Ltd and Texas Instruments Inc. announced that they have jointly developed fingerprint identification processor ramped to volume production.
2004-07-19 TI readies fingerprint biometrics tool
TI launched a DSP-based platform that it said will allow system OEMs to quickly evaluate different fingerprint sensors and verification algorithms.
2013-09-24 Teardown: A7, fingerprint sensor main draws for iPhone 5s
A teardown of the iPhone 5s confirms that along with the fingerprint sensor, the A7 is a major enticement for consumers to pick this unit over the 5c.
2002-07-01 Synaptics touchpad module integrates AuthenTec fingerprint sensor
Synaptics Inc. has introduced its Fingerprint TouchPad product, which integrates the company's TouchPad interface device with AuthenTec Inc.'s EntrePad AES3500 fingerprint sensor.
2003-05-15 STMicro equips MPC notebooks with fingerprint protection
STMicroelectronics has announced that its is equipping MPC Computers' TransPort T2100 and T200 notebook PCs with their TouchChip fingerprint BIOS.
2007-10-16 Secure systems with fingerprint, facial ID
Although there are various ways to identify people, fingerprint identification has spread significantly due to the balance of features it offers, including high reliability, accuracy and solid cost performance.
2010-08-13 SDK eases fingerprint sensor app design
AuthenTec releases a software development kit (SDK) for developers to create applications around AuthenTec smart sensors and TrueSuite identity management software.
2002-06-10 parvus implements Fujitsu fingerprint sensor into PC/104 board
parvus Corp. has announced that it has implemented Fujitsu's MBF solid-state fingerprint sensor into a stackable, PC/104 form-factor, and is intended for biometrics-based security.
2010-10-11 Navigation button incorporates fingerprint authentication
AuthenTec adds fingerprint sensor to navigation button for smartphones
2003-02-05 National, Validity partner on fingerprint security solution
National Semiconductor Corp. and Validity Inc. have partnered to develop a unique fingerprint imaging security solution for smart cards, remote controls, notebook computers, cellphones, PDAs, key fobs, and other devices.
2007-11-14 LSI offers fingerprint authentication accelerator
Oki Electric Industry has unveiled the ML67Q5250 application-specific standard LSI with a fingerprint authentication accelerator.
2015-09-15 LDO regulator enables fingerprint recognition modules
The AP7346 from Diodes has a low quiescent current and high efficiency under light loads that cuts power consumption in smartphones, tablets and similar consumer electronic products.
2002-03-14 Fujitsu shrinks fingerprint sensor for portable apps
Fujitsu Microelectronics America said it has developed a tiny fingerprint sensor that is about one-tenth the size and less than half the cost of conventional fingerprint sensors.
2003-12-23 Fujitsu Micro, Cogent partner on fingerprint biometric solutions
Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. (FMA) and Cogent Systems Inc. have agreed to collaborate on the development of new biometric security designs for government and commercial applications. The two companies will develop solutions for network security, physical and logical access control, positive ID for identity documents, and mobile/wireless security.
2003-07-28 Fujitsu fingerprint sensor eyes mobile phones
Fujitsu Microelectronics America has introduced the MBF310, a capacitive-based fingerprint sweep sensor that features an Auto-Finger Detection circuit.
2007-01-12 Fingerprint sensors shrink swipe area
The VFS200 swipe sensors from Validity Sensors feature an exposed swipe area of 12-by-3mm.
2006-10-02 Fingerprint sensors secure portable systems
Growing demand for smaller and less power-hungry sensors has sparked a market for swipe-type sensorstwo of which are Fujitsu's silicon-based MBF320PBT-GE1and Synaptics' swipe touchpad solution.
2004-01-16 Fingerprint sensors score in handsets
Authentec is looking to build momentum in mobile applications with the EntrePad AES2500, a fingerprint sensor and a navigation device on a handset.
2016-01-27 Fingerprint sensors remain on uphill climb through 2020
IHS said unit shipments of fingerprint sensors were expected to have grown from 316 million in 2014 to 499 million in 2015 and will continue to increase each year to peak at 1.6 billion in 2020.
2006-11-16 Fingerprint sensors keep data secure in laptops
One method for safeguarding data is biometric technology, specifically, fingerprint sensors. These devices are embedded in PCs and handhelds to add a new level of security by making it almost impossible for unauthorized access.
2008-02-28 Fingerprint sensors head into mainstream markets
Fingerprint authentication technology is gaining headway into the mainstream consumer market with the efforts of fingerprint sensor developer AuthenTec as well as other startups.
2006-01-26 Fingerprint sensor upgrades with advanced security
AuthenTec has unveiled the EntrePad 1610 with advanced biometric security and a small footprint for portable applications such as notebook and tablet PCs.
2005-03-16 Fingerprint sensor touts security
A new tinier biometric fingerprint sensor from AuthenTec combines security, navigation and personalization functionality in the industry's smallest package for cellphones.
2011-08-08 Fingerprint sensor SDK targets Android phones
AuthenTec's SDK enables the creation of custom applications around smart sensor features such as fingerprint authentication, mobile payment security and user personalization.
2008-07-02 Fingerprint sensor renders improved performance
AuthenTec has added the AES2550 fingerprint sensor to its product portfolio for notebook computers, PCs and PC peripherals, offering improved fingerprint imaging, sensor durability and ESD protection compared to the existing AES2501.
2008-06-09 Fingerprint sensor renders improved interface function
Upek recently launched the TCS5 TouchStrip fingerprint sensor that delivers greater durability, compact size and price geared for the mainstream market.
2008-07-25 Fingerprint sensor provides customized features
Validity has launched the VFS301 fingerprint sensor based on the company's LiveFlex technology that delivers high durability and high impact resistance.
2006-08-29 Fingerprint sensor IC adds security to PCs, notebooks
The new fingerprint sensor IC with TrustedCore PBA from Fujitsu Microelectronics America adds a vital layer of security to PCs, notebooks and tablet PCs.
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