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2007-08-14 Toshiba recalls more fire-hazard Sony batteries
Due to the continued reports of overheating batteries, Toshiba has issued another round of recalls for Sony notebook batteries that are said to be fire hazard.
2011-11-21 TI, Samsung, Hynix fill Kindle Fire's interior
The electronics manufacturers are sure to gain as the tablet is poised to sell as many as five million units in Q4.
2007-06-21 Sony battery fire prompts Toshiba to up recall efforts
A legacy Sony battery pack caught fire last month and another incident happened in April, PC maker Toshiba.
2009-08-27 Smart phones fire up Japan mobile market
Japan's mobile industry is now focused on the increasingly popular smart phone segment, which is experiencing a meteoric rise in take-up and will continue to drive and grow the wireless industry.
2013-09-09 SK Hynix's DRAM supply threatened by fire damage
TrendForce believes that the fire that occurred September 4 causing the entire production line of SK Hynix to come to a halt could lead to a shortage of DRAM supply.
2004-04-14 Sensor tag may combat 'friendly fire' incidents
Fratricide could soon be prevented through the use of a radar tag sensor developed at Sandia National Laboratories.
2001-10-09 Security/Fire system demo software and evaluation board for M16C microcontroller
This application note discusses the use of different security features and sensors with the M16C microcontroller and gives suggested ways of integrating them into a system. A demo board is presented to provide an idea of how the M16C can be used in security/fire systems.
2007-10-31 Pentax may sue for damages from Matsushita plant fire
Pentax may seek monetary damages from Matsushita Battery Industrial, after a fire at the latter's plant had caused Pentax to push the scheduled launch of its new digital camera beyond the lucrative holiday season.
2006-04-12 Over 50 feared dead in Indian electronics show fire
A fast-moving fire at a consumer electronics show in northern India likely killed more than 50 people and injured over 100, according to several online news reports.
2009-03-25 Mounting layoffs fire up offshoring debate
The offshoring debate heats up with labor groups slamming companies for shipping jobs overseas at a time of spiraling U.S. high-tech unemployment.
2009-04-16 MEMS fire up component revolution
Semiconductor vendors are in either in the MEMS sector or will be out of business; that was the stark assertion that came out of a panel session at the recent Globalpress Electronics Summit.
2015-09-23 MediaTek takes Amazon Fire TV territory from Qualcomm
The latest version of the Amazon Fire TV is powered by MediaTek's MT8173, a 64bit quad-core processor and the world's first multimedia SoC with ARM's Cortex-A72 cores.
2011-10-04 Kindle Fire adds spice to tablet wars
Kindle fire brings a welcome competition to the Apple-dominated tablet market, but it may also challenge opportunities for Taiwan system builders trying to make a mark in the new mobile market.
2008-08-21 Japan reports multiple iPod nano fire incidents
Japan has warned users of Apple iPod nanos of a potential fire risk after of two new incidents of the portable music players overheating were reported.
2002-02-14 Intel launches first Xscale to fire up PDA sector
Intel Corp. rolled out the first chips based on its vaunted Xscale architecture. Weighing in at 400MHz and 200MHz, the devices are expected to spice up a PDA market that analysts say is suffering from lack of differentiation, poor wireless connectivity, low horsepower and a dearth of true productivity applications.
2012-10-01 Image gallery: What makes up Kindle Fire HD?
In this teardown, we offer a peak inside the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.
2011-11-25 Image gallery: Tearing down Kindle Fire
Here's a step-by-step photo gallery of a teardown analysis of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.
2007-05-08 Hot and cold: Server market chills, microprocessors on fire
Activities seem to be slowing down for the computer server market, whereas things are on the upswing for microprocessors.
2007-07-31 HDMI testing by Silicon Image subsidiary under fire
The HDMI interoperability testing program of Silicon Image subsidiary Simplay Labs is under fire by some who say it is a little more than a costly feel-good seal of approval.
2001-08-22 Guide to the selection of filters for use on fire and intruder alarm circuits
This application note presents a guideline in choosing the appropriate filters when designing fire and intruder alarm circuits.
2007-06-25 Gateway recalls 14,000 fire-hazard batteries
Another PC maker has launched voluntary recall of defective laptop batteries. Gateway Inc. began last week a recall of about 14,000 laptop batteries that could pose a fire hazard.
2006-07-25 Flexible circuit materials offer halogen-free fire retardant
Rogers Corp. its new R/flex JADE series flexible circuit materials meet flammability requirements without the use of halogens.
2002-02-22 Fire shuts down production operations in EFI
Electro-Films Inc. has halted production operations in its facility in Providence, Rhode Island, due to a fire that occurred on February 13, 2002.
2014-07-30 Fire Phone carries low BOM, teardown reveals
Developing the Fire Phone's Dynamic Perspective feature involved a huge amount of R&D money; thus, Amazon must sell large volumes of its smartphone to recoup its investment.
2007-10-02 Fire halts Li-ion battery production at Matsushita plant
Matsushita Electric has stopped production of Li-ion batteries at a factory in Osaka, Japan after a fire broke out over the weekend.
2006-05-03 Fastrack Design standardizes on Cadence Fire & Ice QX Extraction
Cadence Design Systems Inc. announced that Fastrack Design Inc. is using Cadence Fire & Ice QX cell-based extraction technology to tape out a 65nm design for a consumer product.
2003-03-11 Eltek immersion gold plating line damaged in fire
Eltek Ltd has reported damages at its production facility in Petach-Tikva due to a fire which occurred last February 28, 2003.
2014-10-16 Early-warning system cuts fire risk for Li-ion batteries
Scientists at Stanford University developed a "smart" lithium-ion battery that claims to give sufficient warning before it overheats and burns.
2013-10-02 DRAM spot prices across the board shoot up post-SK Hynix fire
The incident at SK Hynix's Wuxi plant, which has led to a sudden surge in market demand, pushed spot market prices for mainstream PC DRAM 2Gb to 36 per cent since the day of the fire, noted TrendForce.
2001-08-22 Considerations to be addressed when selecting fire alarm, intruder alarm, public address and data circuits for use on shielded installations
This application note discusses the considerations that should be adopted when using shielded installations, such as fire alarm, intruder alarm, etc., where interconnecting wiring needs to pass through filters.
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