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2005-01-24 New firewall supports gateway anti-virus, intrusion prevention
SonicWALL introduced what it claims as the world's first sub-$400 small business firewall supporting gateway anti-virus and intrusion prevention.
2013-04-24 MCU Reference design features embedded firewall
Zilog and Icon Labs teamed up to develop a microcontroller which features an embedded firewall that provides a critical layer of security that can block Internet-based threats.
2013-04-25 Icon Labs, Quadros team up for embedded firewall
The Floodgate Packet Filter adds proven firewall security to Quadros-powered devices to protect from Internet-based attacks and is designed to meet ANSI/ISA/IEC/TS 62443 standards for cyber security.
2002-04-17 How to allow ICQ file transfers through a NAT firewall
This application note discusses the process of allowing ICQ file transfers through a NAT Firewall.
2007-12-12 Firewall-on-a-chip aids M2M public Internet link
Connect One's SecureGAP offers a cost-effective, firewall-on-a-chip solution that allows machine-to-machine (M2M) devices to be safely connected directly to the public Internet.
2002-04-17 Allowing NetBIOS information through Merilus' firewall products
This application note explains two ways to set up Merilus' Gateway Guardian and FireCard products to allow NetBIOS information from a LAN through the firewall to a protected sub-network.
2002-04-08 Stateful versus stateless traffic analysis
This article defines the difference between
2004-10-18 Seeking security at the network edge
By moving the management of security services to the network edge, many technical and business challenges can be solved.
2002-04-19 Remote office VPN solution
This application note describes the remote office VPN SRAN security solution provided by Danu Industries.
2006-01-16 Next-gen NPUs needed to add IPS functionality
Offload IPS tasks onto various processors to increase throughput and reduce latency for better network performance.
2005-04-18 Net processors for advanced security apps
The proper solution for defending LAN from security attacks is by using a multilayered protective 'net.
2004-06-02 LSI ports Intoto software to DSL gateway chips
LSI Logic said it has ported Intoto's iGateway firewall and virtual private networking software to its HomeBASE ADSL2+ gateway chipset.
2007-11-26 IT security investment growing among Asia-Pacific SMBs
Access Markets International Partners Inc. notes that SMBs will spend $2.8 billion on IT security in Asia-Pacific in 2008 with China accounting for over 33 percent of the total investment.
2004-05-06 iPolicy moves into security management
iPolicy has introduced its first global security management software system.
2004-11-01 Inside the HyperTransport 2.0 Interface
Get to know the evolution of HyperTransport as a useful interconnect technology in simplifying board-level designs.
2004-04-26 IDT NSEs come in 2Mb configurations
Integrated Device Technology has introduced one of the industry's lowest-cost NSEs in 32Kx72 (2Mb) configurations.
2002-02-22 Hifn security processor handles up to 4Gbps data flow
The 3010 Secure Flow processor can handle data flows of up to 4Gbps, allowing network security OEMs to produce cost-effective firewalls that run at multi-gigabit speeds.
2002-12-16 Gigabit nets slowed by security
Massive amounts of outward-bound LAN traffic and gigabit interfaces to the service provider or Internet are wreaking havoc on network managers responsible for network security.
2012-03-16 Fundamentals of embedded firewalls (Part 2)
Know the requirements, issues, filtering options and best practices when building embedded firewalls.
2012-02-23 Fundamentals of embedded firewalls (Part 1)
Learn about the need to defend against the growing number of vulnerabilities and hacking dangers.
2002-04-22 Configuring SSH Sentinel Internet Pilot VPN client to establish a road-warrior VPN tunnel with a Merilus Gateway Guardian or FireCard
This application note describes the process of connecting an SSH Sentinel Internet Pilot Client to Gateway Guardian or FireCard products using a Road-Warrior IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN).
2002-04-22 Configuring MS Windows 2000 to establish a VPN tunnel with Gateway Guardian or Merilus FireCard
This application note describes the process of connecting a Windows 2000 host to a Gateway Guardian or FireCard using an IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN).
2002-03-01 Cisco upgrades network security solutions
The company has announced system and hardware upgrades for its firewall platforms and OS, providing customers with enhanced network security and VPN performance for next-generation, converged network deployments.
2002-01-23 Centillium introduces ADSL secure router chipset
Integrating firewall and VPN, the Palladia 100/200 is claimed to be the world's first ADSL secure router chipset.
2003-01-09 Broadcom design behind two CableHome certifications
Gateways from Linksys Inc. and NetGear Inc., each based on Broadcom Corp.'s BCM93348RG reference design, were certified by CableLabs as meeting the CableHome 1.0 specifications.
2003-07-01 Architectural innovations needed for broadband edge
Developers are faced with the need to build many types of CPE systems as inexpensively as possible to cover the wide range of broadband applications.
2014-04-14 Siemens-McAfee partnership tackles cyber security
Siemens and McAfee team up to bring together McAfee's expertise in IP-theft risk reduction in firewall and security information and event management (SIEM), and Siemens' proficiency in automation.
2004-07-12 NTT builds 10Gbit classification board for net security
NTT announced Wednesday (July 7, 2004) that it will use a custom ASIC to build a 10Gbit packet classification board for firewall and security appliance designs.
2014-10-22 Is China trying to phish iCloud users' passwords?
The great firewall of China is preventing users from connecting to iCloud services, fuelling suspicions that the government is stealing user credentials and other personal information.
2005-10-21 Inline security processor family touts Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
Cavium Networks' new NITROX II CN2800 family of stand-alone security processors combine a high level of integration and new algorithms for next-gen multi-gigabit VPN/Firewall Equipment, WLAN switches and storage security appliances.
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