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2008-06-28 Writing to flash from firmware
The flash memory on all Silicon Labs MCU devices is readable and writable from application code. This capability allows user software to store values to the Flash such as calibration constants or system parameters, and to implement a boot loading feature in which user firmware can be updated in-system from a remote site.
2013-06-20 What's our virtual firmware game plan?
Virtual development is here and the timing is just right, as more and more industries demand connected embedded systems.
2005-06-07 Using the Free SDCC C compiler to develop firmware for the DS89C420/430/440/450 family of microcontrollers
This app note demonstrates how to use the SDCC to develop firmware for the DS89C420/430/440/450 family of ultra-high-speed 8051-compatible microcontrollers.
2012-07-23 Understanding 78M6613 split-phase firmware
Read about a firmware build specifically designed for the 78M6613 with a split-phase measurement interface and UART host interface.
2007-05-18 Tool speeds up firmware debugging
Striving to meet the demands of firmware developers, Carbon Design Systems announced a new technology called "OnDemand" that speeds the performance of Carbon's Virtual System Prototype (VSP) environment for debugging.
2013-09-25 ST fuses Movea motion processing firmware to MCU
The integration of SmartMotion into STM32F401 will enable to developers to create context-aware applications that use multiple sensor inputs while lessening the burden on the main applications processor.
2001-09-26 Simple NET2888 interface firmware for Scenix SX28AC
This application note presents tested Scenix SX28 MCU firmware that drives a NET2888 USB interface controller.
2001-06-16 Real system-level design challenge: Hardware-firmware integration
For today's engineering co-design, the real system challenge is the hardware/firmware integration.
2008-03-04 R&S bulks up 3GPP LTE signal generator firmware
Channel coding and MIMO precoding for up to four transmit antennas have been added to Rohde & Schwarz signal generator firmware for 3GPP LTE (uplink and downlink).
2013-10-31 Performing hardware/firmware co-design (Part 2)
Part 2 tackles best practices techniques for performance, power-on interactions, communications and control.
2013-10-28 Performing hardware/firmware co-design (Part 1)
Know some of the best practices developers can use to boost their design’s performance. Part 1 focuses on event notification.
2010-06-07 PDIUSBD12 firmware programming guide
PDIUSBD12 is a full-speed USB interface device with parallel bus and local DMA transfer capability. This application note explains the firmware programming of PDIUSBD12.
2006-08-01 OTP firmware enhances processor flexibility
Flash memory is costly for many consumer applications. Accessing firmware stored on external flash is power-intensive compared with storing the firmware on-chip. A better solution is to embed one-time programmable non-volatile memory on the processing chip.
2003-07-09 Oak Technology platform powered by IMG firmware
Oak Technology has formed a strategic relationship with IMG Engineering, a developer of consumer and business imaging technology for OEMs.
2014-03-28 NSA to bug Huawei firmware to spy on potential targets
According to documents released by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the intelligence agency penetrated the corporate networks of Huawei to build security flaws into the source code. Huawei would then integrate those backdoors in its own products and distribute to a large customer base.
2001-09-26 NET2890 interface firmware for Scenix SX28AC
This application note presents a Scenix SX28 MCU firmware that drives a NET2890 USB interface controller.
2005-02-11 Mindspeed launches firmware for TSP3 net processors
Mindspeed introduced the BroadbandMaker firmware suite for its TSP3 network processors, designed to expand access devices for "triple-play" voice, data and video services.
2003-08-15 MDS21x Software Firmware Interface
This application note describes the implementation of the MDS21x L1/L2 firmware.
2011-12-13 Learn about USB basic firmware
Read this instruction manual for the Renesas USB Device USB basic firmware.
2006-03-09 Kyocera selects InnoPath Firmware Manger for mobile handsets
InnoPath Software announced that it has signed an agreement with Kyocera Mobile Communications Japan to deploy Firmware Manager update solution to manage and send firmware updates to Kyocera's mobile handsets.
2005-06-09 ISP1582/83 firmware programming guide
This app note explains the firmware programming of the ISP1582/83.
2002-11-20 ISP1581 Mass Storage Kit Firmware programming guide
This application note discusses a firmware design that will enable the ISP1581 USB 2.0 interface device to achieve the fastest transfer rate over USB.
2008-11-05 Implementing a mass storage device using the Microchip USB device firmware framework
This application note will cover how to modify the Microchip USB device firmware framework to create a Mass Storage Device.
2004-04-22 Hardware and firmware noise reduction techniques
This paper delves into hardware and firmware noise reduction strategies for signal conditioning paths that have sensors.
2015-09-02 HAL firmware eases embedded system dev't
ST's HAL firmware in the design ecosystem of its STM32 ARM Cortex-M core 32bit MCUs is compliant with the MISRA C guidelines and the ISO/TS16949 standard for automotive quality system management.
2012-07-17 Guide to using 78M6631 firmware
Read about a firmware that provides measurements for a 3-phase system along with simple methods for calibration, configuration, and access to metrology data.
2011-12-12 Guide to installing USB basic firmware
Here's an installation guide for the sample program for USB interface control using the USB device.
2001-09-04 Firmware versions of the Mylex DAC960SX and DAC960SXI disk-array controllers
This application note is intended to provide a guide to understanding the features of the various firmware versions for the DAC960SX and DAC960SXI disk array controllers and how to select the appropriate firmware for a particular application.
2008-06-26 Firmware makes fluorescent-lit videos flicker-free
Pixim Inc. announced that it has solved a persistent technical issue affecting the accuracy and usability of CCD video security cameras worldwide.
2013-06-24 Firmware is coming of age
Here's a look at the changes in the industry as we try to meet the demand for quality firmware.
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