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2001-05-11 V.22 bis modem on fixed-point TMS320C2xx DSPs
This application note describes a V.22 bis modem implemented on Texas Instruments' TMS320C2xx fixed-point DSP family.
2005-03-07 Toolbox enables fixed-point design directly in MATLAB
The MathWorks announced the availability of the new Fixed-Point Toolbox and Simulink Fixed Point, bringing fixed-point design capabilities to MATLAB and enhanced fixed-point simulation in Simulink.
2007-04-23 Tool accelerates fixed-point MATLAB algorithms
The MathWorks has released Fixed-Point Toolbox 2, which provides enhanced floating-to-fixed-point conversion capabilities and accelerated fixed-point MATLAB algorithms that execute at compiled C-code speed.
2007-07-06 TI floating point DSCs enable power savings
Texas Instruments will start sampling in September a floating point digital signal controller that provides 300MFLOPS performance at 150MHz
2007-10-11 Starter kit eases evaluation of TI floating-point DSCs
TI has introduced the F28335 eZdspTM starter kit, which the company claimed makes it easy for engineers to evaluate and develop software on its new floating-point TMS320F2833x DSCs
2001-04-27 Sensorless control with Kalman filter on TMS320 fixed-point DSP
This application note discusses the implementation of a sensorless field-oriented control for induction motors using the Kalman Filter on the TMS320 fixed-point DSP.
2005-06-15 S320TCI100Q fixed-point digital signal processor
This app note highlights the technical changes made to the SPRS251A device-specific data sheet to make it an SPRS251B revision and to make SPRS251B an SPRS251C revision
2005-06-15 S320TCI100 fixed-point digital signal processor
This app note discusses the S320TCI100 and S320C641xT DSP devices
2001-05-11 Programmable double bi-quad filter for tone detection on fixed point DSPs
This application note describes user-programmable double biquad filters for tone detection that are implemented on Texas Instruments' TMS320C2xx fixed-point DSPs.
2014-11-10 Peak floating-point performance calculations
Read about a methodology that provides designers a reliable technique for the baseline comparison of the peak floating-point computing capabilities of devices with very different architectures
2005-06-01 Parallel implementation of fixed-point FFTs on TigerSHARC processors
This app note explains how the fastest 16bit FFT implementation on the TigerSHARC works, but also provides guidance about algorithm development.
2010-03-05 MCU with floating point unit delivers higher precision
Atmel Corp. is offering its 32bit AVR UC3 product family designed with a floating point unit MCU to perform arithmetic calculations on decimal numbers in fewer clock cycles with higher precision
2004-09-30 LSI Logic DSP with sub-$4 volume price point
LSI Logic announced the addition of an ultra low cost standard product to its ZSP LSI403 digital signal processor chip family.
2001-05-04 Interfacing 20MSPS TLC5510 Flash A/D converter to TMS320C2xx and TMS320C5x fixed-point DSPs
This application note discusses how to interface the TLC5510 Flash A/D converter to a TMS320C2xx or TMS320C5x DSP at a data rate of 20MSa/s.
2015-01-15 How to optimise floating point calculations on FPGAs
Read about a methodology that provides designers a reliable technique for the baseline comparison of the peak floating-point computing capabilities of devices with very different architectures
2014-04-24 Hardened floating point DSP gives FPGAs a boost
Altera is building hardened single-precision floating point DSP blocks into its FPGAs and SoCs, performing up to 1.5TFLOPS in Arria 10 devices and 10TFLOPS in Stratix 10. Adding a layer of hardened multipliers and adders helped eliminate nearly all the logic usage in existing floating point computations
2001-05-18 General guide to implement logarithmic and exponential operations on a fixed-point DSP
This application note provides a general guide to implement logarithmic and exponential operations on fixed-point DSPs and sample codes based on Texas Instruments' TMS320C54x DSP.
2005-05-23 Floating-point library supports TI fixed-point TMS320 DSPs
Sundance Digital Processing Inc.'s GDD600 is touted as a new and powerful library of floating-point DSP vectors and functions for DSP applications targeting Texas Instruments' TMS320 DSP-based platforms
2013-08-08 Floating point benchmark suite for multi-core processors
The FPMark benchmark suite contains single (32bit) and double (64bit) precision workloads, as well as a mixture of small to large data sets to support microcontrollers to high-end processors.
2000-06-06 Fixed Point Routines
This application note presents an implementation of the multiplication and division fixed-point math routines for the PIC16/17 microcontroller families.
2007-06-06 DSCs offer single-precision floating-point-units
Texas Instruments Inc. introduced its first floating-point digital signal controllers (DSCs), the F28332, F28334, and F28335
2002-06-24 ADI fixed-point DSP pursues midrange receivers
After using a floating-point DSP to sew up the market for audio decoders in high-end A/V receivers for home theater sound systems, Analog Devices Inc. is now going after the midrange portion of the market with a fixed-point version of the 32-bit processor.
2006-11-13 Wi-Fi dual solutions to enable fixed-mobile convergence, says report
Fixed and mobile network operators will invest more than $450 million in capital infrastructure over the next five years to provide fixed-mobile convergence, according to ABI Research
2011-02-01 SIP point-of-load converters 20A to 120A
Bel Power expanded its VRPx Series of single inline package (SIP) footprint point-of-load (POL) converters to include 30A, 90A, 100A, 110A and 120A modules
2003-05-15 Power-One dc/dc converter eyes point-of-load apps
Power-One Inc. has jumped into the multichip-module arena with its maXyz family of non-isolated dc/dc converters aimed specifically at POL systems.
2007-05-07 Fixed, mobile WiMAX tester rolls for CPE
Agilent Technologies has introduced a manufacturing test system for WiMAX CPE and PC card manufacturers seeking a calibration and tuning product optimized for high-volume environments.
2008-06-23 TMS320DM642 to TMS320DM6437 migration guide
This application note from Texas Instruments written by Jon Bradley describes device considerations for migrating a design based on a TI TMS320DM642 Video/Imaging Fixed-Point DSP to one based on a TI TMS320DM6437 digital media processor (DMP).
2000-03-07 TMS320C54x DSP Programming Environment
This application note describes some of the techniques that can be used in different applications to take advantage of the full feature set of the TMS320C54x fixed-point DSP family.
2008-07-24 TI DSP, processor lines address power budget needs
Texas Instruments Inc. introduced its breakthrough low-power processor roadmap with more than 15 new devices across four product lines.
2000-09-08 The DSP solution for microprocessor applications
This application note discusses the high-performance and cost-effective DSP implementation of Zilog's Z893XX DSP controller for microcontroller applications, while supporting conventional on-chip microcontroller peripherals.
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