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2005-10-05 ZiLOG flash MCUs eye BLDC, AC induction motor control apps
ZiLOG launched its Z8 Encore! MC family, a new generation of flash MCUs targeted at sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) and AC Induction motor control applications.
2002-02-04 TI Flash MCUs go below 1mA
Texas Instruments Inc. has added two 16-bit RISC Flash microcontroller families to its MSP430 product line
2003-02-26 STMicro expands 8-bit Flash MCU line
The company has expanded its ST7Lite series of 8-bit Flash MCUs with the introduction of the ST7FLite1 and ST7FLite2 units.
2007-06-19 ST's 32bit flash MCU promises more design freedom
ST has launched a new family of 32bit flash MCUs that draw power from the ARM Cortex-M3's many enhancements to address low power, high performance and low cost products.
2008-05-26 Renesas withdraws from flash memory market
Renesas Technology has completed its planned exit from the standalone flash memory market
2011-12-16 Renesas develops automotive app embedded flash
The developed technology will be used in 40nm embedded flash MCUs for automotive applications that are due to sample in the autumn of 2012.
2005-07-14 PIC MCUs expand with passive-keyless-entry, more peripherals
Microchip Technology has beefed-up its microcontroller line with four new product offerings, broadening out both its low- and high-end families into new 8bit apps.
2007-06-21 New ST MCUs feature high performance gains
STMicroelectronics has released a new set of flash MCUs that promises to deliver optimized system performance.
2006-12-28 New NEC MCUs offer more memory, options
NEC Electronics America's MCUs offer up to twice the memory and an increase in pin-count options compared to previous devices in the line
2006-05-10 NEC adds flash versions to 32bit MCU line
NEC Electronics America Inc. has added as many as 28 flash-based 32bit V850 series microcontroller devices
2002-04-15 Motorola unveils 16-bit flash MCU duo
Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector has introduced two 16-bit flash microcontrollers, bringing to 10 the number of such devices spun from its HCS12 architecture, which is especially popular among automakers
2002-12-27 Motorola MCUs speed LIN development
The company has announced the availability of a pair of 8-bit Flash MCUs that are designed to hasten the development of LIN systems in automobiles.
2002-09-30 Motorola Flash MCUs encroach on OTP apps
Motorola Inc.'s latest 8-bit Flash microcontrollers effectively lower reprogrammability cost
2003-09-30 Motorola combines MCUs with analog ICs
The company's Semiconductor Products Sector has developed a series of devices that combine flash MCUs with SMARTMOS analog ICs in a single package.
2004-07-09 Microchip unveils Flash MCUs for cost-constrained apps
Microchip announced four 64- and 80-pin PIC Flash microcontrollers targeting cost-constrained apps requiring additional I/O
2003-04-28 Microchip ships starter kit for PICmicro Flash MCUs
Microchip Technology Inc. has introduced a low-cost, programmer and development kit for the company's 8-pin and 14-pin PICmicro Flash-based MCUs.
2006-11-14 Microchip offers PIC18 MCUs with on-chip ADC
Microchip Technology has announced the four-member PIC18F4523 family, the company's first high-end 8bit flash MCUs to include a high-speed 12bit ADC peripheral on-chip.
2003-01-27 Microchip MCUs target single-phase motor control
Microchip Technology has unveiled the PIC18FXX9 series of PICmicro Flash MCUs, which is targeted for efficient operation of single-phase motor control applications.
2008-05-15 MCUs tailored for compact, battery-powered systems
NEC Electronics' new line of 16bit All Flash MCUs are optimized for compact, low-power systems that are driven by battery.
2006-02-21 MCUs tailored for 'demanding' industrial apps
Infineon's new flash MCUs, including 8bit, advanced 16bit and high-end 32bit TriCore family of devices, are designed for use in demanding industrial applications.
2005-03-15 MCUs reduce chip requirements
The five new low power AVR flash MCUs from Atmel promise to reduce complete system chip count requirements.
2005-03-08 MCUs perform up to 10MIPS peak
ST expanded its uPSD family of 8051-class embedded flash MCUs with the release of the uPSD3400 Turbo Plus series that performs up to 10MIPS peak and provides full speed USB.
2010-12-10 MCUs offer USB host/function, OTG support
Renesas has added low-end USB microcontrollers targeted at consumer and healthcare devices to its R8C series. The Flash MCUs feature built-in USB 2.0 host/function controller and support USB OTG.
2009-07-10 MCUs for inverter control enable energy efficiency
In an effort to develop solutions enabling energy-efficient products, NEC Electronics has made available 15 new 32bit All Flash V850 MCUs for inverter control and motor control applications.
2008-02-14 MCUs combine 200 MIPS processor, 512KB on-chip flash
Monolithic ARM9-based flash MCUs that combine a 200MIPS processor core with up to 512Kbytes of on-chip flash have been announced by Atmel Corp.
2006-05-10 MCU combines SRAM, flash
STMicro's STR910F microcontroller family combines Ethernet connectivity, an ARM9E processor core, and embedded SRAM and flash memories
2007-04-12 Low-power flash MCUs target digital A/V apps
Fujitsu Microelectronics America unveiled a pair of 8bit flash MCUsMB95F128 and MB95F168Mfor use in household appliances and digital audio/video equipment.
2006-11-06 Low-power flash MCUs feature high-speed timers
Atmel has rolled out three new 20-pin tinyAVR flash MCU devices with high-speed timers targeting battery chargers, sensor end-points and motor control applications
2007-08-08 Low-cost flash MCU offers up to 24 I/O lines
The ST7LITE49M series expands ST's Lite family by offering small memory MCUs, up to 4Kbytes, with up to 24 high-sink-current I/O lines
2013-05-02 Infineon, Globalfoundries develop 40nm embedded flash
To maintain its position in automotive and security Infineon is turning to Globalfoundries to provide its MCUs with embedded flash at 40nm.
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