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2015-10-23 NAND flash devices for embedded apps compatible with SPI
Applications for the "Serial Interface NAND" from Toshiba include consumer applications as flat-screen TVs, printers and wearable devices and industrial applications, including robots.
2009-04-03 Connecting Spansion SPI serial flash to configure Xilinx FPGAs
Spansion's SPI flash can be easily connected to Xilinx FPGAs to configure the FPGA at power-up. The SPI configuration mode is supported for Xilinx VirtexTM-5 and SpartanTM-3E, Spartan-3A, Spartan-3AN and Spartan-3A DSP FPGA families.
2010-07-07 8Mb serial flash boasts 5?A standby power consumption
Microchip has introduced the SST25WF080 serial flash memory device that features extremely low standby power consumption of just 5?A and active read current of 2mA
2007-12-18 Zilog intros first 1.8V flash MCU
Zilog has released its first 1.8V low power, 8bit embedded flash MCU, designated as the Z8 Encore! XP F1680 series, which comes with extended peripherals
2005-10-05 ZiLOG flash MCUs eye BLDC, AC induction motor control apps
ZiLOG launched its Z8 Encore! MC family, a new generation of flash MCUs targeted at sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) and AC Induction motor control applications
2007-12-27 Zilog debuts 1.8V flash MCU
Zilog announced its first 1.8V low power, 8bit embedded flash MCU with extended peripherals
2007-03-01 Winbond unrolls parallel, serial flash devices
Winbond has announced three new parallel flash memory devices in its W19B product family and two new serial flash memory devices in its SpiFlash W25X family
2007-08-10 Winbond intros quad-SPI serial flash memory
Winbond Electronics Corp. claims to develop the industry's first serial flash memory with quad-SPI.
2012-09-21 Why GigaDevice gambles on NOR flash memory
China fabless firm GigaDevice is staying put in the NOR flash market even if the industry proves challenging for sales growth and expansion
2006-11-24 VIA announces SPI support on processor platforms
VIA Technologies Inc. announced it will integrate advanced SPI bus into its new chipset product releases to support all leading processor platforms
2006-03-02 USB host has 26MHz SPI interface
Maxim Integrated Products introduced the MAX3421E, a USB host and peripheral controller with an SPI interface
2006-10-27 Tiny Flash chips offer 16/32Mbit densities
Winbond Electronics' new Flash memory chips offer 16Mbit and 32Mbit densities that fit into space-saving and cost-effective 8-pin 5.28mm SO8 packaging
2006-09-15 STMicro unveils 8/16Mbit serial Flash in SO8N package
STMicroelectronics has introduced new high-speed 8Mbit and 16Mbit serial Flash memories in SO8N, said to be the smallest package for these densities
2003-05-30 STMicro serial Flash eyes data, parameter storage
STMicroelectronics has launched the first in its family of high-speed low-voltage serial Flash memories that are suitable for use in data apps
2016-04-12 Stackable NOR, NAND flash suitable for apps, IoT
The mixing and stacking capabilities of Winbond's SpiStack provide designers with flexibility to meet needs for a variety of small machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT devices.
2004-12-29 ST Flash memory provides 50Mbps throughput
ST's new 64Mb serial-interface flash memory features an enhanced data transfer clock speed of 50MHz and read throughput of 50Mbps
2004-11-25 ST extends serial flash family
STMicroelectronics introduced two new devices for data and parameter storage within its family of high-speed, low-voltage, serial flash memories
2006-03-07 ST claims first 128Mbit serial flash device
STMicroelectronics announced a new 128Mbit serial flash device, the M25P128, which is intended for code storage in a range of computer and consumer applications
2008-08-14 SST updates serial flash line with 4Mbit offering
Silicon Storage Technology Inc. has added a 4Mbit device to its 1.8V 25WF Series SPI serial flash memory family.
2005-05-30 SST discloses flash memory support for Intel chipsets
Silicon Storage Technology Inc. (SST) announced a serial flash memory support of Intel Corp.'s latest Intel 82573E LAN chipset featuring Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), and Intel 945 Express chipset family with Intel 82801GB and 82801GR I/O Controller Hub
2006-11-21 SPI serial flash devices tout 'smallest' form factor
Silicon Storage Technology has unveiled a family of SPI serial flash memory devices that claims the industry's smallest form factor and lowest power consumption.
2009-05-27 SPI multi I/O flash achieves up to 40MBps
NOR flash provider Spansion Inc. has released a new family of SPI devices based on 90nm NOR technology.
2012-02-01 SPI interface user manual for MAX1441 proximity and touch sensor
Find out how to use interface firmware to facilitate evaluation of the MAX1441 automotive, two-channel proximity and touch sensor during product development.
2011-07-21 SPI FRAMs provide 10 billion write/read cycles
Fujitsu Semiconductor's SPI FRAM family operates at a voltage range between 3C3.6V and provides an endurance of 10 billion write/read cycles
2013-12-20 SPI flash memory targets graphic-rich apps
The Spansion FL Dual-Quad SPI family touts fast boot times and code execution, and quick graphic performance with 160MB/s read throughput
2010-03-10 SPI flash memory allows multiple parameter options
The N25Q serial flash memory's Non-Volatile Configuration Register feature optimizes the device configuration by allowing multiple parameter options that are best-suited for the application
2009-06-18 Spansion SPI flash pin-out and migration path
This application note details the signal pins, modes, general pin-out and migration path for Spansion serial peripheral interface (SPI) flash memory products, and applies to densities ranging from 4Mbit to 64Mbit.
2005-11-23 Spansion introduces high-density 64Mb serial flash memory device
Spansion LLC, the flash memory venture of AMD and Fujitsu Ltd, expanded its line of serial flash memory products with samples of a 64Mb Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) device.
2005-12-01 Spansion 64Mb serial flash device delivers 50MHz read speed
Spansion LLC is sampling a 64Mb flash device that is based on the company's two-bit-per-cell MirrorBit technology, giving it a read speed of 50MHz for faster boot times on embedded products
2014-09-12 SMIC unveils 38nm NAND Flash process tech
The 38nm NAND Flash technology targets diversified high volume specialty applications such as embedded products, mobile computing, TV and STB
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