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2010-07-02 LED drivers cut need for external Schottky diode
IXYS Corp. has released the LDS8710/11, LDS8720/24/26 inductor-based, high-efficiency LED driver family that eliminates the external Schottky diode normally used in the rectification loop
2010-06-08 LED drivers allow design flexibility in mobile apps
From Fairchild Semiconductor come LED drivers that deliver 92 percent peak efficiency, extending battery life in mobile handsets, gaming devices, MP3 players and other small display applications.
2005-03-21 King Yuan to run at full capacity by April
Due to increasing demand for flash and LCD driver ICs, Taiwan-based IC back-end provider King Yuan Electronics Co. Ltd announced plans to run at full capacity next month.
2004-12-15 Jiangyin Changdian begins WL-CSP, FC package production
China-based Jiangyin Changdian Advance Package Co. Ltd, a joint venture of Jiangsu Changjian Electronics Technology Co. Ltd and Singapore APS Inc., announces that it already started operations at its IC bump, WL-CSP and FC package lines.
2012-06-27 JEDEC releases updated UFS standard
JESD220A Universal Flash Storage v1.1 contains important amendments and references to the latest related MIPI Alliance specifications
2012-08-13 IC biz projected to see long-term doubled growth
NAND flash is forecast to have16.6 percent average annual growth rate while DRAM market is forecast to show a healthy turnaround by growing 9.6 percent annually through 2016, noted IC insights
2008-04-10 Gyro sensors power next-gen PC mouse
A gyro-based mouse is an easy-to-use pointing and control system based on free-space movements and gestures.
2014-07-28 Google, Facebook clash steps up in data centre networking space
Google and Facebook will share their visions of data centre networking, likely both similar and competing, at the Hot Interconnects event in August.
2006-06-23 Gartner: iPod, other PMPs to drive NAND sales
Gartner forecasts that the market for Apple's iPod and other portable media players will drive sales of NAND flash memory in the second half of 2006
2004-12-24 Gartner winds 2004 chip market growth back to 23%
Worldwide semiconductor revenue is on track for a 23 percent increase in 2004, to $218 billion in revenue, according to Gartner-Dataquest, which scaled back the annual growth figure from its August 2004 prediction of $226 billion and 27.4 percent growth.
2010-01-06 Fearless IC forecasts for 2010
2010 is just beginning to unfold in the electronics industry and there is already uncertainty in the air. EE Times' Mark LaPedus offers his chip forecasts and other prediction for 2010.
2005-01-03 DSP, memory chips face bittersweet year
The intense growth which the IC industry has enjoyed for the past three years is expected to reach a plateau this year.
2008-10-16 Design LED drivers for mobile phones, PDAs
Here is a look at LED apps, white LED, and a discussion of the latest features and driver topology for LCD backlighting, fun lighting and indication, as well as camera phone"s flash.
2007-09-24 Design and programming examples for lighting management unit LP5526
This document provides information for customers who are using LP5526. The document is written to help design, layout and software engineers reduce the time needed for successful design.
2013-05-15 CTO: TSMC prepared to push beyond IC limits
TSMC technology chief Jack Sun discusses the future of semiconductors-such as super-systems that move beyond SoCs-and the path the microchip foundry aims to take.
2005-11-01 Constant current output produces best pictures from your phone
Current-controlled charge pump enables a suitable drive source for flash LEDs in camera phones
2007-05-08 ChipMOS holds back on DRAM expansion
ChipMOS Technologies CFO SK Chen disclosed that the company will lower its Capex for 2007 due to unclear market conditions, particularly in DRAM pricing.
2007-03-14 China start-up eyes growth in memory market
China memory start-up GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc. says that it is positive about its development in the local memory market with their strategy based on tapping local advantages and constant technology innovation.
2007-01-08 Charge pump drives up to six white LEDs
Allegro's charge pump IC offers a simple, low-cost WLED driver solution for driving up to six WLEDs in various application configurations
2004-05-04 Character LCD interface for the Z8 Encore!
This app note provides character LCD driver routines, coded in ANSI C, for the Z8 Encore! Flash MCU-based embedded software.
2004-11-16 Atmel MCU consumes 300?A at 1MHz
Atmel announced four new members of its LCD AVR flash MCU family that promise to address the requirements of portable and battery operated apps
2013-01-21 Arasan rolls out NAND controller IP, PHY sol'n
The ONFI 3.1 NAND flash controller IP provides a high performance digital controller IP core with soft PHY and the hardened ONFI 3.1 compatible I/O pads supporting 1.8V and 3.3V operation
2013-05-13 Advantages of surface-mount SSDs
A surface-mount solid state drive in a ball grid array package offers an alternative data storage architecture that has improved performance, power savings and cost.
2010-04-15 16bit MCU enables 5120-dot high-res display
Seiko Epson Corp. has begun shipping samples of the S1C17706 16bit microcontroller capable of 5120-dot high-resolution display.
2005-01-12 100-pin 8bit MCU eliminates need for external LCD drivers
Toshiba expanded its family of high-performance CMOS 8bit MCUs with a device that integrates 32KB of flash memory, an LCD driver circuit, and key peripherals and interfaces.
2010-02-12 Smart sensor eases integration in notebook PCs
AuthenTec has unveiled its newest smart sensor specifically tailored for convenient security, personalization and touch-based functionality in today's PCs and peripherals.
2005-06-27 New system LED drivers tailored for compact LCDs in mobile apps
Rohm developed new system LED drivers targeted for the backlight LEDs used in compact LCDs in mobile equipment such as PDAs, DSCs, DVCs and can also be used as supplementary light as a flash in mobile phone cameras
2002-09-17 Micronas dashboard MCUs drive up to seven stepper motors
Micronas GmBH has launched what it claims to be the world's first fully-integrated series of dashboard microcontrollers that are capable of driving up to seven stepper motors for car instrumentation.
2007-01-01 Low-EMI charge pump drives six white LEDs
Allegro's A8434 touts a proprietary high-efficiency, low-EMI charge pump design, which provides a well regulated output for driving up to six white LEDs.
2010-09-10 Low-cost audio IC takes out amplifier, regulator
Nuvoton's latest ChipCorder IC eliminates need for separate amplifier, regulator
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