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2008-09-19 Which memory rival should buy SanDisk
SanDisk Corp. will most likely be acquired by a rival but the question is which of its NAND memory competitors or partners will buy the company
2007-05-09 UMC gears up for CPUs, NAND flash memory
United Microelectronics Corp. said it is in talks on a CPU production deal, but it is being circumspect on how it will attack the high-volume flash memory market.
2012-04-24 Ultrabooks to benefit global NAND flash market
According to IHS, NAND flash memory market is expected to achieve eight percent growth this year because of major sales drivers such as solid-state-drive equipped ultrabooks.
2006-12-04 TSMC, SMIC increase flash efforts
TSMC and SMIC are reportedly increasing their efforts to raise their flash memory market shares.
2009-12-23 Toshiba reigns over Q3 NAND flash market
Global NAND flash memory revenue in Q3 09 rose to $3.94 billion, up 25.5 percent from $3.1 billion in Q2 09, according to iSuppli
2005-11-23 Spansion introduces high-density 64Mb serial flash memory device
Spansion LLC, the flash memory venture of AMD and Fujitsu Ltd, expanded its line of serial flash memory products with samples of a 64Mb Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) device
2007-10-02 SMIC-Saifun flash project delayed but not stalled
The Saifun-SMIC flash memory project is moving forward, but it is taking much longer than expected
2005-08-02 SMIC licenses Saifun flash for 'fab-filler' role
Chinese silicon foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. has agreed to license NROM technology for the production of flash memory-based products from Saifun Semiconductors Ltd, the company said Thursday (July 28
2013-04-19 Smartphones, tablets, SSDs lift NAND flash sales
IC Insights forecasted that the NAND flash market will grow 12 per cent in 2013 from $26.8 billion in 2012
2005-09-23 Smart-card ICs are purely flash based
Silicon Storage Technology's recently acquired business unit, Emosyn has developed a smart-card IC line called Theseus Titanium that it is targeting at the SIM and 3G USIM markets.
2006-04-19 Shortages, stability seen for NAND flash, says analysts
After experiencing severe price declines and a capacity glut, suppliers of NAND-based flash memories are expected to see the first wave of product shortages in the current quarter
2005-02-03 Semiconductor market ends on slow note in 2004
The semiconductor market ended on a slow note in 2004, as sales, unit volumes and average selling prices (ASPs) were down for the month of December
2002-04-23 Samsung tops memory market for the ninth straight year, says Dataquest
According to Dataquest's 2001 performance data for the semiconductor industry, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd came out on top in the global memory chip market for the ninth year in a row (since 1993
2005-01-12 Samsung to boost flash bit growth by 140% in '05
Looking to maintain its lead in flash-memory, South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd plans to boost its overall bit rate production for these devices by 140 percent in 2005
2002-08-19 Samsung starts ramping 1Gb Flash memory
Samsung Semiconductor Inc. has announced that it is moving into mass production of 1Gb NAND-type Flash memory
2008-08-21 Samsung leads NAND market ranking in Q2
The NAND flash memory market remained constant in Q2, but Samsung's ranking stood as the only profitable supplier during the period, according to iSuppli Corp.
2007-03-29 Samsung exec sees a stable memory market
Despite worries about the direction of the global memory market, the head of Samsung's semiconductor business forecast that the flash memory market will recover over the next few months while the entire memory market stabilizes later this year.
2006-03-23 Samsung bullish on NAND market growth
Despite concerns about oversupply in the global NAND flash market, Samsung Electronics is forecasting that the market will reach up to $18.5 billion in 2006
2008-07-02 Report: 'Apple effect' no impact in NAND market
Semico's reports claimed that the NAND market has not experienced the 'Apple effect' seen in previous years, despite the upcoming 3G iPhone and the SSD option for the MacBook Air
2008-05-26 Renesas withdraws from flash memory market
Renesas Technology has completed its planned exit from the standalone flash memory market.
2006-02-09 Renesas licenses flash line to Powerchip
Renesas Technology announced the conclusion of a licensing agreement with Powerchip Semiconductor covering the technology and sale of 1Gb AG-AND flash memory devices
2008-04-25 Rambus, Spansion collaborate on next-gen flash
Rambus and Spansion have entered into a collaboration for DDR engineering services and future development of MirrorBit flash memory solutions
2006-10-17 Qimonda stops NAND flash development
Qimonda has stopped development of NAND flash memory devices based on the NROM technology the company had licensed from Saifun Semiconductors
2008-08-18 Numonyx seeks flash memory supremacy
Looking into how Numonyx positions itself in the flash memory market and how it sees the competition with industry leader Samsung, Harrison said the company's strategy is to achieve profitability through the efficiency and cooperation between Intel and ST to lead in flash memory industry.
2009-09-23 Numonyx beats Spansion in Q2 NOR flash war
Spansion's revenue declined by $22 million in Q2 09, giving Numonyx a 0.4 percentage point market lead
2005-05-05 NOR flash memory market to contract 7 percent in 2005
The recovery of the NOR flash memory market from the current period of declining revenues will see the market achieve record-breaking revenues approaching $11 billion in 2006, according to Semico Research Corp.
2010-03-03 NOR flash markets posts sales rebound
The economic recovery has translated into a sales rebound for the long-suffering NOR flash memory market, similar to the momentum the overall memory market is enjoying, according to iSuppli.
2013-02-26 NOR flash demand to drop as cell phones favour NAND
IHS revealed that global NOR flash memory market revenue this year is forecast to dip to $3.40 billion, down two per cent from $3.47 billion last year and from $4.34 billion in 2011.
2007-05-01 NAND market pins hope on video iPods
Rumors of Apple's upcoming launch of NAND-based video iPods and the emergence of NAND-based solid-state drives have fueled recovery hopes for the beleaguered NAND flash memory market.
2010-09-03 NAND Flash rolls on 24nm CMOS process
Toshiba has begun producing what it claims are the smallest geometry and highest density 2-bit per cell 64Gb NAND flash memories
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