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2003-05-13 ZiLOG 8-bit MCUs have 8KB of Flash
ZiLOG has expanded its Z8 Encore! family of 8-bit MCUs with the addition of new models that feature up to 8KB of high-speed Flash memory
2000-08-28 Using the AT89C2051 microcontroller as a virtual machine
This application note demonstrates how to use the AT89C2051 Flash microcontroller as a virtual machine for microprocessor simulation.
2003-02-20 Toshiba microcontroller has 32KB of NAND Flash
The TMP86FM48 8-bit microcontroller from Toshiba Corp. combines the TLCS-870/C CPU core with 32KB of NAND-type Flash memory.
2002-02-04 TI Flash MCUs go below 1mA
Texas Instruments Inc. has added two 16-bit RISC Flash microcontroller families to its MSP430 product line.
2002-04-01 STMicro microcontroller has up to 143 GPIOs
Designed for single-chip engine control units and I/O intensive automotive application, the ST10F280 16-bit microcontroller chip features up to 143 GPIOs in eight ports, and 512KB of embedded Flash memory.
2003-02-26 STMicro expands 8-bit Flash MCU line
The company has expanded its ST7Lite series of 8-bit Flash MCUs with the introduction of the ST7FLite1 and ST7FLite2 units
2000-08-28 Programming Atmel's family of Flash memories
This application note describes the design benefits of Atmel's Flash architecture as well as how the device ID feature is used to adjust for varying densities and supply voltages
2002-04-15 Motorola unveils 16-bit flash MCU duo
Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector has introduced two 16-bit flash microcontrollers, bringing to 10 the number of such devices spun from its HCS12 architecture, which is especially popular among automakers
2002-09-30 Motorola Flash MCUs encroach on OTP apps
Motorola Inc.'s latest 8-bit Flash microcontrollers effectively lower reprogrammability cost
2002-04-02 Motorola Flash MCU enables direct connection to LCDs
The 68HC908LJ12 8-bit Flash microcontroller features an advanced LCD driver architecture enabling the device to be directly connected to LCD panels.
2004-07-09 Microchip unveils Flash MCUs for cost-constrained apps
Microchip announced four 64- and 80-pin PIC Flash microcontrollers targeting cost-constrained apps requiring additional I/O
2002-06-26 Microchip microcontroller has 5-channel ADC
Microchip Technology has debuted its PIC16F72 Flash microcontroller that features a 5-channel, 8-bit ADC and is targeted for small memory applications requiring analog functionality with serial communication and digital I/O requirements such as automotive body controls, automotive cabin controls, electric tools, battery chargers and consumer appliances.
2004-07-06 Microchip MCUs have 64KB Flash program memory
Microchip expanded its 28- and 40/44-pin PIC Flash MCU portfolio with eight devices targeting high-end apps requiring additional memory in low pin counts
2006-04-10 MCU integrates flash memory
Toshiba announced the expansion of its embedded flash MCU product line with the addition of a new 16bit MCU and six new 8bit MCUs
2006-05-10 MCU combines SRAM, flash
STMicro's STR910F microcontroller family combines Ethernet connectivity, an ARM9E processor core, and embedded SRAM and flash memories.
2002-11-28 Fujitsu adds MB90455 family to 16LX flash controller line
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has recently enhanced its 16LX Flash microcontrollers with the addition of ultra-compact MB90455 family
2010-05-18 Flash MCUs come in ultrasmall packs
The Atmel ATtiny4, ATtiny5, ATtiny9 and ATtiny10 AVR microcontroller come in an ultrasmall 8-pad UDFN package, with a dimension of only 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm
2009-12-28 Flash MCUs boast 0.65?A standby power
NEC Electronics has released eight new all flash microcontroller for automotive control, designed to respond to all temperature environments, with a standby power consumption of only 0.65?A.
2005-02-08 Flash MCU targets low power, battery operated apps
EM Micro's new flash MCU delivers a high level of integration, making the new device suitable for use in battery-operated and cost sensitive apps
2005-05-11 Flash MCU targets comm apps
Cyan Technology's new 16-bit flash MCU contains a full range of peripherals which can be very quickly configured using the Peripheral Configuration Tool, which is part of the company's free CyanIDE Integrated Development Environment
2004-09-22 Flash MCU line touts power consumption reduction
Atmel's newest MegaAVR flash MCUs have been designed to decrease power consumption and enable battery-powered apps
2008-02-29 Flash MCU integrates high-res dot matrix LCD driver
Seiko Epson has developed the S1C17702, a 16bit flash MCU that claims the industry's highest-resolution dot-matrix LCD driver
2006-01-24 Flash MCU at less than $3
Atmel has launched what it claims to be the world's first family of ARM7-based Flash microcontrollers with prices starting at less than $3, targeted at 8bit applications
2002-10-14 Cygnal offers microcontroller in MLP casing
Cygnal's C8051F311 microcontroller is available in a 5-by-5-by-0.9mm, 28-pin MLP casing, providing 50 percent more board space
2002-08-08 Cygnal microcontroller offers CAN connectivity
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc.'s C8051F040 mixed-signal Flash microcontroller features CAN bus connectivity suitable for industrial control and data acquisition applications.
2003-05-21 Cygnal microcontroller features two 16-bit ADCs
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc. has released the C8051F060 mixed-signal Flash microcontroller that has two 16-bit 1MSPS ADCs, which can be used in analog intensive embedded applications.
2003-05-02 Cygnal MCU incorporates 2KB of Flash
The C8051F305 Flash MCU from Cygnal Integrated Products integrates a 25 MIPS 8051 CPU and 2KB of Flash memory into a 3-by-2mm MLP
2003-05-14 Cygnal Flash MCU incorporates two 1MSa/s ADCs
The C8051F060 mixed-signal Flash MCU of Cygnal Integrated Products features two low-power, 16-bit ADCs
2002-07-25 Crossware offers starter kit for Atmel microcontroller
Crossware's starter kit features an evaluation board outfitted with an Atmel T89C51RD2 Flash microcontroller and an 8051 Development Suite.
2000-11-30 COP8 Flash ISP handbookParallel port programming adapter
This application note describes the construction of an inexpensive programming adapter, which programs the COP8 Flash microcontrollers, and demonstrates the simplicity of interfacing and using the MICROWIRE ISP boot ROM firmware
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