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2006-07-25 New MCUs combine Flash, extended temperature range
The ST10 MCU family from STMicroelectronics is said to be one of few product ranges to combine embedded Flash and the temperature range of -40C to 125C
2006-05-10 NEC adds flash versions to 32bit MCU line
NEC Electronics America Inc. has added as many as 28 flash-based 32bit V850 series microcontroller devices.
2004-10-07 NAND Flash architectures making inroads to be dominant form of non volatile memory
Renesas introduced its new R1FV04G13R (512Mb x 8bit) and R1FV04G14R (256Mb x 16bit) 4Gb AG-AND type flash devices
2008-08-06 MSP430 flash memory characteristics
This TI application note explains the physics behind these specifications and also gives recommendations for correct MSP430 flash handling
2010-10-27 Microcontrollers with on-chip flash target home appliances, metering
ST adds new low-cost microcontrollers with more flash
2011-04-13 Microcontroller targets low-cost analog front ends
Texas Instruments Inc. introduces the MSP430AFE2xx series of metrology AFE ultra-low-power 16bit microcontrollers.
2010-09-24 Microcontroller delivers 'highest performance' for ARM Cortex-M3
NXP debuts new ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller
2013-09-17 Microcontroller boasts 512Kb flash memory, 32Kb SRAM
The TMPM384FDFG integrates a large capacity on-chip memory, additional multipurpose timer channels and AD converters, and enhanced I/O ports.
2006-08-04 Microchip's CAN MCUs boast more on-chip flash
Microchip has unveiled the PIC18F4685 family of low-power 8bit CAN MCUs with 80- or 96Kbytes of flash and integrated EEPROM memory
2005-01-18 Microchip PIC MCU touts 40MHz speed, 128KB flash on-chip
Microchip's newest 8bit PIC MCU chips have up to 128KB of self-reprogrammable, high-endurance flash memory
2008-11-11 MCUs with on-chip flash, SRAM suit driver-assist systems
Renesas Technology Corp. has released the SH74504 and SH74513, 32bit MCUs with on-chip flash memory for driver-assist system control to achieve "active safety" in automotive applications
2009-03-17 MCUs with embedded flash fit industrial apps
Infineon Technologies AG has released new microcontrollers with embedded flash technology, designed to meet the performance and reliability requirements of a wide range of drive applications
2010-03-02 MCU packs up to 1Mbyte on-chip flash
STMicroelectronics has beefed up its STM32 microcontroller family with extra features and up to 1Mbyte of on-chip flash.
2010-02-02 MCU packs 3.5Kbyte flash, 10bit ADC
The PIC12F617 MCU features 3.5Kbyte of self-programmable flash, and peripherals such as a 10bit ADC, comparator, PWM and VREF for closed-loop-control apps, all in 3mm x 3mm DFN package
2006-01-16 MCU for automotive audio control includes 1MB flash memory
NEC Electronics' new MCU features large-capacity flash memory (up to 1MB) and are based on the same 32bit architecture as the company's popular V850ES devices
2005-08-12 MCU family touts enhanced flash memory, on-chip LCD driver
The 78K0/Lx2 family of 8-bit microcontrollers from NEC Electronics features 36 product configurations with many memory, peripheral and packaging options.
2009-12-04 Low-power MCUs pack 48Kbyte on-chip flash
Renesas Technology Europe offers the H8/38606F low-power microcontroller with 48Kbytes of on-chip flash memory for smart sensor applications.
2006-11-06 Low-power flash MCUs feature high-speed timers
Atmel has rolled out three new 20-pin tinyAVR flash MCU devices with high-speed timers targeting battery chargers, sensor end-points and motor control applications
2002-03-08 Infineon extends microcontroller portfolio
The company's announced the availability of the C868, XC161, XC164, and TC1765 microcontrollers that enable industrial and automotive designers to reduce development costs, by diminishing design cycled and accelerating the time-to-market period.
1999-06-29 Implementing in-system programmable Flash memory with 8bit CISC microcontrollers
This paper presents the advantages of utilizing Flash memory after it is programmed and soldered into a product for PROM and EPROM applications
2000-03-20 Implementing in-system programmable Flash memory with 8-bit CISC microcontrollers
This paper describes the Flash memory device that offers tremendous benefits to embedded 8-bit CISC microcontroller designs.
2009-07-16 IDE platform supports NEC All Flash MCUs
NEC Electronics has released the CubeSuite, an integrated development environment that combines all the tools necessary to develop applications for NEC's 8- through 32bit All Flash microcontrollers into a single platform
2004-11-29 How to connect a small page NAND flash Memory to an ARM7TDMI core based microcontroller
This app note demonstrates how to drive a STMicro small page NAND flash memory with an ARM7TDMI core based microcontroller that does not have an embedded NAND controller.
2002-06-18 Hitachi microcontroller features 32KB of Flash
The H8/38024F microcontroller from Hitachi Ltd offers 32KB of programmable Flash memory that enables onboard modification of control programs and system-adjustment data.
2002-10-03 Hitachi MCU offers 1MB on-chip Flash memory
Hitachi's 32-bit RISC microcontroller features the industry's largest class on-chip Flash memory capacity of 1MB.
2013-05-03 Fujitsu's microcontroller division bought by Spansion
Spansion's move to acquire Fujistu Semiconductor's microcontroller and analogue business division strengthens their product portfolio and aids their strategy to expand Flash-based embedded solutions.
2002-06-04 Fujitsu microcontroller measures 9-by-9-by-0.8mm
Fujitsu Ltd has announced the availability of the MB89F538L 8-bit microcontroller that measures 9-by-9-by-0.8mm, making it suitable for smaller PCB designs
2002-04-26 Fujitsu expands microcontroller line with 32-, 16-bit devices
Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. has expanded its microcontroller product line with the addition of two 32-bit microcontrollers with FULL-CAN bus interfaces and single voltage Flash memory, and a 16-bit version based on the company's 16LX processor core.
2008-05-20 Freescale 8bit MCUs add flash, RAM options
Freescale Semiconductor has broadened its entry-level 8bit S08 MCU family with the addition of the MC9S08SH32 (SH32) and S9S08SG32 (SG32) devices.
2010-04-21 Flash/EE memory programming via LINProtocol 6
This application note describes the download protocol implemented on the ADuC7032-8L and ADuC7033 (Protocol 6) to enable users to develop their own LIN programming tools either for series production programming or for application update.
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