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2004-11-15 Flash PIC MCUs tout USB 2.0 connectivity for embedded apps
Microchip's newest flash PIC MCUs are said to provide a complete embedded-control solution for designers working with USB in embedded apps
2004-12-06 Flash PIC MCU with Full-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity
Microchip unveiled what it claims as the first flash PIC MCU with Full-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity and 48MHz operation, for 12Mbps data-transfer rates
2005-08-15 Flash memory from EM Micro makes smart-card ICs smarter
EM Microelectronic has added two new members to its Theseus family of devices designed for smart card applications.
2001-10-09 Flash memory embedded in the M16C
This application note briefly discusses the Flash memory for the M16C microcontroller series.
2006-06-19 Flash MCUs offer embedded Ethernet MAC/PHY
ASIX announced sample availability of new Flash microcontrollers with embedded Ethernet MAC/PHY
2010-02-11 Flash MCUs consume 150?A per 1MHz
Renesas Technology Corp. has launched the R8C/Mx series of low-pin-count microcontrollers with on-chip flash memory offering among the lowest power consumption in the industry
2009-12-18 Flash MCU ups impedance matching at low power
Atmel Corp. has launched the SAM3S series of 18 general-purpose Cortex-M3 based flash microcontrollers that improve impedance matching, simplify PCB design and save 50 percent power
2015-02-04 Flash FPGAs offer designers enhanced flexibility
Flash-based FPGAs offer a wide range of features that allow designers to craft highly-integrated system solutions that deliver several advantages
2002-06-11 Domosys ASIC uses Dolphin's microcontroller core
Domosys Corp. is using Dolphin Integration's Whirl 8051 microcontroller core as the foundation of its U-Chip ASIC used in control networking applications
2015-10-12 DiY IoT: Working with CC3200 microcontroller
This series explores several Internet of Things-oriented microcontrollers and project ideas, and provides reviews and opinions about emerging technologies, and all things embedded.
2000-08-28 Controlling FPGA configuration with a Flash-based microcontroller
This application note shows different options for space-saving realization, design protection or for fast, flexible reconfiguration of SRAM-based FPGAs.
2003-09-19 Connect the M16C with a Compact Flash Card
This application note shows how to connect the M16C microcontroller with a Compact Flash Card.
2009-09-14 Automotive MCU packs 3.75MB flash memory
Renesas has announced a powertrain control MCU that integrates 3.75Mbyte flash memory and offers high-speed operation at 200MHz
2009-04-01 Automotive industry bids 5V NOR flash goodbye
Some automotive subsystem suppliers are finding themselves in difficulties not only because orders are down due to the global credit crisis but also, in some cases, they are facing unexpected component obsolescence.
2005-01-28 ARM7 MCU family touts full range of flash
TI joined the growing number of MCU chip vendors that offer general purpose MCUs based on the 32bit ARM7 Thumb extension debug module multiplier interface core.
2006-10-06 ARM7 Flash MCUs feature 54MIPS, low-power modes
ST's STR7 family promises 54MIPS (at 60MHz) performance while providing outstanding low power modes.
2011-10-07 ARM-based MCUs integrate 1MB flash memory
Energy Micro has released the Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko product families, which are both backed by low-power Cortex-M3 EFM32 microcontrollers with up to 1MB flash memory
2003-09-19 Applications of M16C/62 Flash CPU rewrite mode
This application note describes using the CPU rewrite mode on the M16C/62 within a user program.
2000-08-30 A digital thermometer using the AT89C2051 microcontroller
This application note presents a system that implements a simple digital thermometer, which includes a built-in LCD and RS-485 communication port.
2013-05-17 8bit PIC microcontroller expanded for intelligent analogue needs
Featuring a complementary output generator, the PIC16F75X line of 8bit microcontrollers increases overall system capabilities while reducing cost.
2010-08-12 8bit microcontroller embeds flash memory, integrates comparator, amplifier
Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia has expanded its F2MC-8FX family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory with the 32-pin MB95430H series featuring built-in analog comparator and operational amplifier
2010-01-27 8bit MCUs pack embedded flash, LCD driver, ADCs
The ML610Q400 series of CMOS 8bit microcontrollers are equipped with a LCD driver and two kinds of ADC making them suitable for sensor-based applications with LCD display
2009-04-21 8bit MCUs highlight dual-operation flash memory
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has expanded its portfolio of low pin count microcontrollers with three new series in its F2MC-8FX family of high-performance 8bit MCUs featuring 8, 16, and 20 pins.
2006-05-18 8bit flash MCUs qualified for automotive apps
Atmel Corp. announced four new AEC Q100-qualified AVR flash microcontrollers designed for the automotive segment
2008-08-19 8-, 16- and 32bit single-chip microcontroller flash protection features
NEC devices offer a state of the art protection of the flash contents against a fraudulent read-out of the flash contents
2010-08-23 6ch microcontroller enables zoned cooling
Maxim introduces its MAX31782, a system management microcontroller that utilizes six temperature measurement channels with six channels of closed-loop fan control
2009-04-01 5V NOR flash tailored for automotive, embedded apps
Numonyx B.V. has expanded its line of NOR flash memory to include the 5V Axcell M29F flash memory devices suited for both automotive and embedded customers
2011-05-05 32bit MCUs boast up to 512KB flash memory
Fujitsu Semiconductor America Inc. introduces 52 new products in its 32bit MCU portfolio, which are designed for home appliances, office automation and digital consumer products.
2010-04-30 32bit MCU packs zero-wait state flash, SRAM
Toshiba America Electronic Components has developed the 32bit TMPM380 microcontroller for the digital control of high-current circuits commonly found in industrial or appliance applications
2009-04-15 32bit flash MCUs pack peripheral, comm functions
Renesas Technology America Inc. has launched the SH7216 group of 32bit on-chip flash memory microcontrollers, the latest addition to the 32bit SuperH RISC family
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