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2010-09-16 32-bit microcontroller design tool kit available
STMicroelectronics releases hardware development platform for STM32 line of 32-bit microcontrollers
2008-08-21 16bit single-chip microcontrollers flash memory self programming
The 78K0R/Kx3 series products are equipped with an internal firmware, which allows to rewrite the flash memory without the use of an external programmers
2007-10-24 16bit MCUs with on-chip flash up system performance
Renesas Technology has unveiled the H8S/Tiny Series as a low-end product lineup in the H8S family of high-performance 16bit MCUs.
2007-02-05 0.18?m flash memory reprogramming in user boot mode
This application note describes the reprogramming of flash memory (the user MAT) via a clock-synchronous communications interface in the user boot mode of the H8SX/1582F, and mainly concerns the slave (receive) side
2002-02-05 TI RISC microcontroller draws 0.65A during standby
The MSP430 family of 16-bit RISC mixed-signal processors can switch to high-performance processing in <65s, permitting maintenance of standby mode up to 1,000 times longer than other microcontrollers.
2002-10-07 STMicro MCUs offer 8KB SRAM, 288KB Flash memories
STMicroelectronics' ?PSD3200 family of embedded Flash 8051-based microcontrollers feature up to 288KB of Flash memory and 8KB of SRAM
2002-12-02 SoC-based configurable systems replace the microcontroller
As many products are being re-designed using SOC devices, it is a must for engineers to take into account many considerations to determine whether their products warrant testing the waters with an SoC device.
2006-10-24 Renesas unveils car MCU with MONOS embedded flash
Renesas Technology America has unveiled its first MCU built with the company's metal oxide nitride oxide silicon embedded flash technology
2004-11-17 NEC's MCU touts 128KB of on-chip flash
NEC's 78K0/Kx2 series of 8bit MCUs with up to 128KB of flash memory are targeted at a wide range of home appliances and consumer electronic products
2002-10-23 NEC adopts SST Flash memory technology
Silicon Storage Technology Inc. has licensed its 0.185m SuperFlash technology to NEC Corp.
2006-01-20 NEC 32bit MCUs feature embedded flash memory
NEC Electronics has unveiled 23 additions to its V850 series of high performance, 32-bit general purpose microcontrollers.
2006-04-27 MCUs enable switching between ROM, flash versions
Microchip Technology Inc. announced the availability of new complementary ROM PIC microcontrollers in the PIC16 family.
2011-07-05 MCUs apply dual-channel Flash tech
Fujitsu Semiconductor's 8bit general-purpose MCU integrates dual-channel Flash, enabling a program to operate on one Flash channel while performing an operation on another Flash channel
2002-12-02 Integration strategies transform microcontroller design
New application demands and semiconductor economics increase levels of integration demanded of products, and hence blurring the traditional boundaries between MCUs and MPUs.
2002-10-15 Infineon MCUs support up to 128KB embedded Flash
Infineon Technologies has announced the availability of two new microcontrollers that feature support for the company's embedded Flash memory
2002-06-07 Fujitsu ships MCUs with full CAN interface, Flash memory
Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. has announced the release of the MB91F367G and MB91F368G 32-bit microcontrollers that feature full CAN bus interface and single voltage Flash memory
2002-02-22 Fujitsu expands 32-bit microcontroller line-up
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has expanded its MB91360 series of 32-bit microcontrollers with the introduction of the MB91F365, MB91F366, and MB91F364 models.
2000-08-01 Flash microcontrollers benefit new applications
Flash technology is now opening up new applications, so you must explore the nuances of using it in your designs. This paper describes a non-traditional application that can benefit from this new technology
2005-01-06 Flash MCUs offer extremely low power consumption
Renesas announced the H8/38076RF group, its latest family of low voltage flash microcontrollers
2011-04-07 Development tool for microcontroller
Freescale Semiconductor introduces KwikStik, a development tool for evaluation, developing and debugging, designed for the company's Kinetis line of microcontrollers.
2002-08-20 Atmel offers dense Flash on its ARM MCUs
Atmel Corp.'s second generation of microcontrollers based on the 32-bit ARM7TDMI core offers two high-density Flash memory options
2002-12-03 8-bit MCUs carry 60KB ROM, flash
The ST72324x series of general-purpose 8-bit microcontrollers is capable of carrying 8KB to 60KB of ROM or flash program memory
2004-11-08 Zilog offers customers MCU support
Zilog announced the availability of its Smart Flash Programmer portfolio of in-circuit flash MCU programming software
2006-01-31 ZiLOG MCU to power Hauppauge's TV tuner card
ZiLOG's Z8 Encore! F08 Flash microcontroller family will power the advanced remote control functions of Hauppauge Computer Works' WinTV-PVR-150 board.
2004-12-22 Zilog expands Z8 Encore! Family
Zilog announced an extension to its current Z8 Encore! Flash microcontroller family to include devices with lower memory sizes.
2000-08-29 Using a personal computer to program the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051
This application note describes a PC-based programmer for the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051 Flash-based microcontrollers
2002-03-08 TI MCUs increase signal-processing rate
Texas Instruments has boosted the signal-processing capabilities of its 16-bit Flash microcontroller line, launching four new members last week that TI said will provide a sustained conversion rate of 380kSa/s from the on-chip ADC.
2001-01-01 Test coverage enhancements at the register transfer level
This technology article describes the RTL buffer insertion and fault grading that helps identify untested functions and low-fault coverage areas where added test vectors can be generated.
2003-09-11 STMicro MCU has 10MIPS peak performance
STMicroelectronics has introduced the Turbo ?PSD3300 series of its ?PSD family of 8051-class embedded Flash microcontrollers
2003-04-01 STMicro 8-bit microcontrollers feature expanded memory
The company has expanded the memory capacities of its ?PSD3200 family of 8-bit Flash 8051-based microcontrollers
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