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2005-09-16 ST expands ST7Lite MCU family
STMicroelectronics announced a new series of 8bit flash microcontrollers (MCUs) within its low-cost ST7Lite family, adding new embedded peripherals to the ST7Lite feature set
2005-02-08 PIC MCU targets intelligent power conversion designs
Microchip's flash MCU provides system designers with a complete set of integrated peripherals that are said to address a wide variety of power-conversion topologies and parameters
2004-11-18 NEC, Chipcon partner on ZigBee module
NEC Engineering, with NEC and Chipcon, introduced a module developed for compatibility with IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee wireless network standards.
2004-11-18 NEC, Chipcon collaborate on Zigbee module
NEC Electronics' NEC Engineering group is working with Norwegian company Chipcon on a Zigbee module that incorporates an 8bit flash microcontroller from NEC and the CC2420 RF transceiver from Chipcon.
2004-11-09 NEC unveils 'industry's most comprehensive' line of MCUs
NEC and its subsidiaries in the U. S. and Europe, introduced the 78K0/Kx2 series of 8bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory
2002-12-27 Motorola MCUs speed LIN development
The company has announced the availability of a pair of 8-bit Flash MCUs that are designed to hasten the development of LIN systems in automobiles
2002-09-11 Motorola MCU integrates USB, RF capabilities
The 68HC908JB16 8-bit Flash MCU from Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector features integrated USB capability to support peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and wireless PC peripherals
2002-10-17 Mitsubishi MCU consumes 3V at 20MHz
The M16C/26 (M3026x) 16-bit MCU integrates a voltage down converter that allows the device to operate at a full-rated speed of 20MHz.
2002-03-01 Microchip Technology EEPROMs have 72 percent smaller footprint
Designed using the company's PMOS Electrically Erasable Cell process, the 24LCXXB and 24AAXX I?C serial EEPROMs are now packaged in 5-pin SOT-23 housings that are 58 percent smaller than 8-lead TSSOPs and 72 percent smaller than 8-lead SOICs.
2004-11-04 Microchip PIC MCU available in 40-, 44-pin packages
Microchip released what it claims as the first baseline 8bit PIC microcontroller to be offered in 40- and 44-pin packages
2002-04-03 Microchip offers in-circuit debugger, programmer
The MPLAB In-Circuit Debugger (ICD) 2 in-circuit debugger and programmer from Microchip Technology features a GUI of the MPLAB IDE and helps engineers identify design concerns and correct them quickly and efficiently.
2002-11-15 Microchip MCUs offer complete power consumption control
Microchip's PIC18FXX20 series of MCUs features proprietary nanoWatt Technology, enabling designers to lower current consumption.
2004-01-26 Microchip MCUs extend motor life in industrial apps
Microchip Technology has announced a family of 8-bit Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) with advanced motor control peripherals
2005-04-29 MCUs tout nanoWatt Technology
Microchip unveiled the first ten members of its high-pin count, high-density memory PIC18F87J10 flash MCU family, which double the performance in low-voltage applications by delivering up to 10MIPS at 3V
2005-03-15 MCUs reduce chip requirements
The five new low power AVR flash MCUs from Atmel promise to reduce complete system chip count requirements
2005-03-08 MCUs perform up to 10MIPS peak
ST expanded its uPSD family of 8051-class embedded flash MCUs with the release of the uPSD3400 Turbo Plus series that performs up to 10MIPS peak and provides full speed USB
2005-06-06 Interfacing 8051-based microcontrollers to an SCI port
This application note describes how to configure the UARTs of a high-speed microcontroller or ultra-high-speed flash microcontroller to communicate with an SCI-enabled device.
2002-10-24 Fujitsu MCUs provide two FULL-CAN interfaces
Fujitsu Microelectronics' MB90340 series of 16-bit MCUs provide up to two FULL-CAN interfaces and up to 384KB of Flash ROM for automotive apps
2010-01-06 Fearless IC forecasts for 2010
2010 is just beginning to unfold in the electronics industry and there is already uncertainty in the air. EE Times' Mark LaPedus offers his chip forecasts and other prediction for 2010.
2005-06-16 Designing energy meters with the PIC16F873A
This app note will discuss the implementation of a basic watt hour meter using PICmicro flash microcontroller
2003-02-06 Cygnal USB ?controller eliminates external crystal
The C8051F321 Flash microcontroller from Cygnal Integrated Products comes with an integrated full-speed USB 2.0 function controller and PHY.
2003-04-30 AVR061: STK500 Communication Protocol
This application note describes the protocol for the STK500 starter kit.
2005-04-18 Atmel targets wireless gaming apps
Atmel announced a reference design for wireless gaming apps that combines its low-cost 2.4GHz Smart RF transceiver and AVR Flash Microcontroller series ATmega48/88/168.
2002-05-15 Atmel ships microcontrollers in MLF package, bare die
Atmel Corp. will be shipping its AVR 8-bit Flash microcontrollers in chip-scale micro lead-frame package and as bare dies, allowing engineers to reduce the design area and use cheaper PCB technology
2003-09-22 Atmel MCUs offer on-chip debug capability
Atmel Corp. has announced two new members of its tinyAVR Flash microcontroller family with on-chip debug capability.
2006-07-28 Atmel MCU meets 150C automotive qualification
Atmel has unveiled the ATmega88 AVR microcontroller that is now capable of withstanding automotive temperature extremes
2004-11-16 Atmel MCU consumes 300?A at 1MHz
Atmel announced four new members of its LCD AVR flash MCU family that promise to address the requirements of portable and battery operated apps
2005-03-11 Atmel MCU 12x faster
Atmel's new AT89LP family, which is based on a Single-Cycle 8051 core, is touted to be 12x faster than the standard 8051 core.
2003-02-26 Atmel debuts its first ARM-9 controller
Atmel Corp. has introduced ASSP and ASIC versions of its first ARM-9 microcontroller, the AT91RM9200
2005-04-07 Atmel adds five new MCUs
Atmel Corp.'s five newest 8bit AVR flash microcontrollers (MCUs) boast low power consumption for applications requiring a large code space and extensive interfacing capability, such as single-board computers
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