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2007-04-17 VisualDSP++ flash programmer API for Blackfin processors
VisualDSP++ features an additional set of API functions that facilitate the uploading (burning) of executable code and data image files into flash memory. Using the new API functions, application images can be programmed into flash, and flash contents can be filled or erase
2005-06-15 Programming C2000 flash DSPs using the SoftBaugh SUP2000 and GUP2000 in SCI mode
This app note shows how to program C2000 flash DSPs using SoftBaugh SUP2000 single USB flash programmer and the GUP2000 Gang USB flash programmer
2002-09-30 Motorola Flash MCUs encroach on OTP apps
Motorola Inc.'s latest 8-bit Flash microcontrollers effectively lower reprogrammability cost
2004-12-20 Macraigor software supports new flash chip parts
Macraigor said its flash programming softwareOCDemon Flash Programmernow supports several new families of flash chip parts.
2009-07-16 IDE platform supports NEC All Flash MCUs
NEC Electronics has released the CubeSuite, an integrated development environment that combines all the tools necessary to develop applications for NEC's 8- through 32bit All Flash microcontrollers into a single platform
2005-07-06 ARM core emulator packs compiler, debugger, flash programmer
Ronetix's PEEDI JTAG emulator features GNU tools, specifically a GCC compiler and GCB debugger; built-in flash memory programmer; hardware and software breakpoints; and target reset control and remote reset detection capability.
2010-03-04 Adding device(s) to the CodeWarrior flash programmer for microcontrollers V10.0
This application note explains how to use the flash tool kit to support additional flash devices on the flash programmer for CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers V10.0 by creating new programming algorithms and support files.
2007-03-09 8bit flash MCUs feature on-chip LCD controllers
NEC Electronics America has introduced the 78K0/Lx3 line of 8bit all-flash MCUs with on-chip LCD controllers/drivers for portable industrial, healthcare and home appliances
2011-07-15 Universal programmer integrates Vector Engine co-processor
BPM Microsystems will unveil an addition to its family of device programmers that boasts industry-topping speed and universal device support.
2002-11-25 System General ships universal programmer with USB interface
System General Corp.'s PowerLab USB-interface universal device programmer supports programming of high-density Flash memory, CPLD, PLD, FPGA, and microcontrollers without sacrificing speed, quality, and capability, the company says.
2005-08-01 Spansion showcases single-chip 512Mb NOR flash memory device
At the 5th Annual Embedded Systems Conference-Taiwan, Spansion LLC showcased its broad range of NOR flash memory products, including what it touts as the industry's only single-chip 512Mb NOR flash memory device in production
2006-01-23 Serial analyzer doubles as exerciser, EEPROM programmer
Corelis' new I2C bus analyzer packs a JTAG controller that supports data rates up to 5Mbps.
2006-12-01 Renesas offers emulator for its MCU on-chip flash
Renesas is readying its E8a emulator, an ultrasmall tool for debugging embedded systems and programming Renesas MCUs' on-chip flash memory
2008-06-30 Quick guide to Common Flash Interface
The CFI is used to standardize flash device characteristics and to define feature differences between various flash manufacturers. For a detailed definition of CFI, please refer to the JEDEC CFI publications JEP137 and JESD68. The Spansion application note "Common Flash Interface Version 1.4 Vendor Specific Extensions" provides an overview of versions 1.3 and 1.4 CFI implementations, with v 1.3 covering Addresses 10h - 50h and v 1.4 beyond Address 50h
2003-09-19 Programming the M16C/62 in Flash Parallel Mode
This application note describes using the ATC PGM1000 programmer to parallel program the Flash memory into the M16C/62 series of microcontroller.
2008-07-22 Programmer facilitates data writing in flash ROM
Future Technology Devices International Ltd has released the VPROG-1 designed specifically to program FTDI's Vinculum host controller product range including VNC1L-1A and evaluation modules.
2010-07-30 Programmer eases FPGA, embedded software design
Actel's FlashPro4 Programmer supports hardware design for Actel flash FPGAs and embedded software design and debug for embedded processor designs.
2003-04-28 Microchip ships starter kit for PICmicro Flash MCUs
Microchip Technology Inc. has introduced a low-cost, programmer and development kit for the company's 8-pin and 14-pin PICmicro Flash-based MCUs.
2005-01-18 Microchip PIC MCU touts 40MHz speed, 128KB flash on-chip
Microchip's newest 8bit PIC MCU chips have up to 128KB of self-reprogrammable, high-endurance flash memory
2002-04-03 Microchip offers in-circuit debugger, programmer
The MPLAB In-Circuit Debugger (ICD) 2 in-circuit debugger and programmer from Microchip Technology features a GUI of the MPLAB IDE and helps engineers identify design concerns and correct them quickly and efficiently
2006-04-27 MCUs enable switching between ROM, flash versions
Microchip Technology Inc. announced the availability of new complementary ROM PIC microcontrollers in the PIC16 family.
2010-02-02 MCU packs 3.5Kbyte flash, 10bit ADC
The PIC12F617 MCU features 3.5Kbyte of self-programmable flash, and peripherals such as a 10bit ADC, comparator, PWM and VREF for closed-loop-control apps, all in 3mm x 3mm DFN package
2003-10-22 Leap programmer module supports Flash devices
The SU-1000 general Gang-4 programmer from Leap Electronic Co. Ltd is designed for laboratory and small production use
2002-05-07 Introduction to on-board programming with Intel Flash memory
Learn various methods of performing on-board programming, as well as take note of some design considerations to understand how to design OBP interfaces to programming equipment.
2007-02-15 In-system programmer targets flash MCUs
SofTec Microsystems has unveiled the FlashRunner, a universal standalone in-system programmer specifically designed for flash-based MCUs and serial memories.
2006-09-15 Free programming software rolls for EEPROM, Flash
Total Phase has released a free I?C- and SPI-based EEPROM and Flash Memory programmerthe Flash Center software package.
2007-09-04 FPGA development card has MRAM, on-board programmer
Measuring only 2.4-inch x 1-inch, the Actel ProASIC3 FPGA development card from Domain Technologies supports speedy development of sophisticated designs.
2004-11-15 Flash PIC MCUs tout USB 2.0 connectivity for embedded apps
Microchip's newest flash PIC MCUs are said to provide a complete embedded-control solution for designers working with USB in embedded apps
2010-02-11 Flash MCUs consume 150?A per 1MHz
Renesas Technology Corp. has launched the R8C/Mx series of low-pin-count microcontrollers with on-chip flash memory offering among the lowest power consumption in the industry
2005-05-11 Flash MCU targets comm apps
Cyan Technology's new 16-bit flash MCU contains a full range of peripherals which can be very quickly configured using the Peripheral Configuration Tool, which is part of the company's free CyanIDE Integrated Development Environment
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