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What is flip chip?
A type of semiconductor mounting technique that does not require any wire bonds. The final wafer processing step deposits solder bumps on the chip pads, which are used to connect directly to the associated external circuitry.
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2010-06-04 IPAD 500?m Flip Chip: package description and recommendations for use
This application note provides package and usage recommendation information for 500?m pitch Flip Chips
2005-12-20 Inphi tapes out high-speed chip with Cadence platform
Cadence announced that Inphi has successfully taped out a complex high-speed chip using the Cadence Encounter digital IC design platform
2001-09-16 Improving compression-type flip-chip bonding
This technical article describes the compression-type flip-chip bonding technique that enables high-quality, high-density and low-cost processes in LSI packaging.
2005-09-29 IDT's flip-chip packaged monolithic NSEs now RoHS-compliant
IDT disclosed that it has begun volume production of its RoHS-compliant flip-chip packaged monolithic 512Kx36 (18Mb) and 256Kx36 (9Mb) network search engines with dual Network Processor Forum Look Aside interfaces.
2005-09-21 IDT offers network engines in RoHS-compliant flip-chip packaging
Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) has begun volume production of its RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)-compliant flip-chip packaged monolithic 512Kx36 (18Mbit) and 256Kx36 (9Mbit) network search engines (NSEs) with dual Network Processor Forum (NPF) Look Aside (LA-1) interfaces.
2006-11-16 Fully-packed chip carries all XFP ingredients
In a 20-by-12mm package, startup Luxtera Inc. integrated dual-transceiver channels of lasers and photodetectors, enabling the chip to provide all the functions of an XFP transceiver
2003-12-17 Fujitsu announces breakthrough in solder bumping, flip-chip bonding
Fujitsu Ltd has developed new technology that enables formation of ultrafine pitch 35&3181;m (center-to-center distance of bumps) solder bumps, and high-precision flip-chip bonding interconnection.
2006-08-03 Freescale cuts die area, thickness with new chip packaging tech
Freescale's proprietary redistributed chip packaging technique delivers about a 30 percent reduction in packaged-die area and thickness
2006-01-25 Flip-Stack packaging supports wirebond-to-flip-chip transition
Amkor announced the Flip-Stack package solution that is specifically designed to support emerging transition from wirebond to flip chip interconnect for high-performance DSPs, ASICs and RF chips.
2013-03-07 Flip-chip platform to lift wafer shipments
Yole Dveloppement expects a threefold growth for the flip-chip platform to reach over 40 million 12" equivalent wafer start per year by 2018.
2009-06-16 Flip-Chip 300?m recommendations for audio power amplifier
This application note describes the Flip-Chip CSP features and species how ST's customers can use them.
2011-03-10 Flip chip packaging boasts 40% lower cost
STATS ChipPAC releases a flip chip packaging technology, fcCUBE, that boasts high input/output density, high performance and reliability in advanced silicon nodes.
2001-08-01 Few-chip packaging: An MCM renaissance
Kevin Rinebold explains how FCP is a more attractive risk management strategy than SoC for combining IP from multiple sources or mixed semiconductor technology.
2009-03-18 FCI, SMIC: new 300mm flip chip allies
FlipChip International (FCI) has formed a partnership alliance with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. for 300mm flip chip bumping and wafer-level packaging.
2003-08-18 Ethernet switch chip supports 240Gbps rate
Fujitsu Microelectronics America and Fujitsu Laboratories of America Inc. has introduced what they claim to be the industry's first 10Gbps Ethernet switch chip developed for layer 2 functions in high-performance server designs
2001-04-19 Epoxy die attachment for GaAs flip-chip devices
This application note outlines the epoxy die attach process outlined for Alpha Industries' GaAs flip-chip devices.
2002-10-24 Epoxy die attachment for GaAs flip-chip devices
This application note discusses the process of attaching epoxy die for GaAs flip-chip devices.
2000-07-01 Controlling process parameters for flip-chip underfill
With new substrates adding new challenges to the flip-chip technology, engineers must tackle the difference in TCE between the die and the substrate in order to avoid the fracturing of outermost connectors during thermal cycling.
2001-01-01 Contract manufacturing and flip-chip interconnect design
This technical article describes present contract manufacturers' dilemma over the entire flip-chip manufacturing process. It also describes the use of a planarizing surface which provides a uniform surface to fabricate solder interconnect structures and redistribution metallization.
2001-05-01 Cleaning up the flip-chip production act
Experiments carried out at Dexter Electronic Materials show that cleaning is beneficial even with no-clean flux and that compatibility of materials and cleaning agents is important.
2003-09-05 Chip package venture established in Jiangyin
Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co. Ltd has set up a joint venture, named Jiangyin Changjiang Electronics, with Singapore-based APS Inc. in Jiangyin.
2008-09-12 Chip materials market outshines IC equipment sector
The semiconductor materials segment will be $12.6 billion larger than the semiconductor equipment market this year, according to a report from Publications.
2014-01-17 Chip capacity utilisation boosts China LED market
TrendForce's green energy division LEDinside reports that total LED chip revenues of mainland Chinese companies reached $992 million in 2013, with a year-on-year growth of 17 per cent
2002-09-16 Caddock chip resistors offer low temperature coefficient
The CHR2520FC chip resistors offer a temperature coefficient of 125ppm/0C from 100C to 400C, making the devices suitable for CT scanning systems and advanced measurement applications
2001-04-01 Back-end copper metallization for flip chip
The IC industry's move toward the broad implementation of copper for back-end metallization is being driven by cost reduction that results from the use of an electroplating process.
2008-07-04 Audio chip does EMI filtering, ESD protection
The EMIF06-AUD01F2 from STMicroelectronics implements the complete EMI filtering and ESD protection for stereo headset output and external and internal microphones within a flip-chip package measuring 2.42mm x 1.92mm.
2006-11-09 Audio chip adds headphone, loudspeaker to portables
STMicroelectronics has introduced a compact stereo headphone and loudspeaker driver chip, with an I?C bus control interface, for mobile phones, PDAs and laptop computers
2006-06-02 Assembling high-Pb DS2761 flip-chips in a Pb-Free assembly flow
This application note details the Pb-free assembly process used for DS2761 flip-chip die, and the reliability stresses encountered after the assembly.
2005-06-08 Assembling high-lead (Pb) DS2502 flip-chips in a Pb-free assembly flow
This app note details the Pb-free assembly process used, and the reliability stresses encountered after the assembly.
2002-11-05 ASE launches 300mm flip-chip bumping volume production
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. has announced that its 300mm wafer flip-chip bumping line is ready for volume production.
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