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2009-03-11 Using block floating-point in the WOLA filterbank coprocessor
This application note describes the block floating-point scheme used in the WOLA filterbank coprocessor to preserve numeric precision in time-frequency transform.
2005-03-07 Toolbox enables fixed-point design directly in MATLAB
The MathWorks announced the availability of the new Fixed-Point Toolbox and Simulink Fixed Point, bringing fixed-point design capabilities to MATLAB and enhanced fixed-point simulation in Simulink
2007-04-23 Tool accelerates fixed-point MATLAB algorithms
The MathWorks has released Fixed-Point Toolbox 2, which provides enhanced floating-to-fixed-point conversion capabilities and accelerated fixed-point MATLAB algorithms that execute at compiled C-code speed.
2006-09-29 TI floating-point DSP available for $5.75
The TMS320C6720 floating-point DSP from Texas Instruments is priced at $5.75 and runs at 200MHz.
2007-07-06 TI floating point DSCs enable power savings
Texas Instruments will start sampling in September a floating point digital signal controller that provides 300MFLOPS performance at 150MHz.
2007-10-11 Starter kit eases evaluation of TI floating-point DSCs
TI has introduced the F28335 eZdspTM starter kit, which the company claimed makes it easy for engineers to evaluate and develop software on its new floating-point TMS320F2833x DSCs.
2005-06-15 Radiation hardness evaluation of a class V 32-bit floating-point digital signal processor
This app note reports single event effects (SEEs) and total ionizing dose (TID) test results of SMV320C6701, a 32bit, floating-point DSP from Texas Instruments (TI
2007-03-12 PowerPC processor with floating point unit for Virtex-4 FX devices
This application note describes how to implement a Virtex-4 FX PowerPC 405 system with the Xilinx floating point unit (FPU) coprocessor. An FPU connected to the PowerPC auxiliary processor unit (APU) interface can accelerate software applications from anywhere between three to twenty times. The reference design provided includes a completed design created using the Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK). Source code for a finite impulse response (FIR) filter is provided along with a graphics utility for display output on a Windows-based PC.
2014-11-10 Peak floating-point performance calculations
Read about a methodology that provides designers a reliable technique for the baseline comparison of the peak floating-point computing capabilities of devices with very different architectures.
2005-06-02 New floating-point and DVB-S2 cores strengthen DSP IP library
Xilinx updated its digital signal processing IP library for its Virtex-4 and Spartan-3E FPGA families to include a suite of floating-point operators and a DVB satellite FEC encoder core
2013-03-07 Multi-core system adds vector floating-point capabilities
Ceva's suite of advanced processor and multi-core technologies claims to enhance the CEVA-XC DSP architecture framework for high performance wireless applications.
2010-11-12 MIMO pushing floating points into DSP cores
Texas Instruments has chosen to put both floating point and fixed point math in every core of its new DSP in order to achieve the high accuracy demanded by MIMO applications.
2009-05-06 MCUs pack 32bit floating-point accelerator
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced the new TMS320F2803x Piccolo microcontrollers featuring the Control Law Accelerator (CLA).
2010-03-05 MCU with floating point unit delivers higher precision
Atmel Corp. is offering its 32bit AVR UC3 product family designed with a floating point unit MCU to perform arithmetic calculations on decimal numbers in fewer clock cycles with higher precision.
2000-06-06 IEEE 754 Compliant Floating-Point Routines
This application note presents an implementation of the following floating-point math routines for the PIC16/17 microcontroller family: float-to-integer conversion, integer-to-float conversion, normalize, add/subtract, multiply and divide.
2015-01-15 How to optimise floating point calculations on FPGAs
Read about a methodology that provides designers a reliable technique for the baseline comparison of the peak floating-point computing capabilities of devices with very different architectures.
2001-05-11 How to interface C and assembly language with the TMS320 floating point C compiler
This application note offers a simple approach using case studies to describe the main choices available to the programmer to interface C and assembly language with the TMS320 floating-point C compiler.
2001-05-23 How to begin development today with the high-performance floating-point TMS320C67x DSP
This application note describes how the designer can begin development for Texas Instruments' TMS320C67x generation of high-performance DSPs.
2014-04-24 Hardened floating point DSP gives FPGAs a boost
Altera is building hardened single-precision floating point DSP blocks into its FPGAs and SoCs, performing up to 1.5TFLOPS in Arria 10 devices and 10TFLOPS in Stratix 10. Adding a layer of hardened multipliers and adders helped eliminate nearly all the logic usage in existing floating point computations.
2005-05-23 Floating-point library supports TI fixed-point TMS320 DSPs
Sundance Digital Processing Inc.'s GDD600 is touted as a new and powerful library of floating-point DSP vectors and functions for DSP applications targeting Texas Instruments' TMS320 DSP-based platforms.
2007-04-02 Floating-point DSP suits performance-hungry apps
TI's TMS320C6727B is a 350MHz floating-point DSP that's suitable for performance-hungry applications for which a speed increase will impact OEMs' ability to create advanced product offerings.
2007-08-17 Floating point coprocessor handles GPS data
Micromega's floating point coprocessor chip integrates new serial I/O capabilities with NMEA sentence parsing that makes it easy to add GPS data to embedded system designs.
2001-05-03 Floating point C compiler: Tips and tricks?Part I
This application note discusses how to solve the TMS320C40 DSP discontinuity issue with indirect calls, make use of replaceable C code, and make a C function part of a different section.
2013-08-08 Floating point benchmark suite for multi-core processors
The FPMark benchmark suite contains single (32bit) and double (64bit) precision workloads, as well as a mixture of small to large data sets to support microcontrollers to high-end processors.
2001-05-03 Fast logarithms on a floating-point device
This application note discusses a fast way to calculate logarithms (base 2) on Texas Instruments' TMS320C30 or TMS320C40 floating-point DSPs.
2007-06-06 DSCs offer single-precision floating-point-units
Texas Instruments Inc. introduced its first floating-point digital signal controllers (DSCs), the F28332, F28334, and F28335.
2002-07-03 doubleBW daughtercard packs 'fastest' full-floating point FFT processor
The PowerFFT RACE++ Type-B Daughtercard from doubleBW integrates what is claimed to be the world's fastest stand-alone full-floating point FFT processor.
2008-09-01 Double-precision floating point emulation acceleration
This application note presents a small set of TIE instructions and states that can be used for speeding up the existing double-precision software emulation.
2004-02-23 Dolby selects TI floating-point DSP platform
Leveraging Texas Instruments (TI)'s expertise in digital audio, Dolby Laboratories has selected the TMS320C67x generation as the basis for a new reference platform that will support its Dolby Digital Professional Encoder.
2010-07-26 Development board integrates ARM plus floating-point DSP for Linux apps
The HawkBoard, based on the OMAP-L138 processor from Texas Instruments (TI), empowers Linux developers to harness the power of floating-point DSP to design unique open-source applications.
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