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2007-07-16 Designing and using FPGAs for double-precision floating-point math
This paper demonstrates the double-precision floating-point performance of Altera FPGAs using two different approaches.
2006-10-02 Bringing floating-point math to the masses
Floating-point arithmetic is designed to meet precision and performance requirements for an increasing number of applications.
2002-06-24 ADI fixed-point DSP pursues midrange receivers
After using a floating-point DSP to sew up the market for audio decoders in high-end A/V receivers for home theater sound systems, Analog Devices Inc. is now going after the midrange portion of the market with a fixed-point version of the 32-bit processor.
2001-05-18 A block floating point implementation on the TMS320C54x DSP
This application note implements the block floating-point (BFP) algorithm for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm on Texas Instruments' TMS320C54x DSP by taking advantage of the exponent encoder and normalization units on the DSP.
2003-08-06 SMK develops floating structure coaxial connectors
SMK has developed a 20GHz SMA coaxial connector with a floating structure that absorbs fluctuating deviation in mounting pitches
2011-03-11 TI MCU endures extreme temperatures
TI's SM320F28335-HT Delfino 32-bit floating-point MCU targets extreme applications such as downhole drilling, military applications, and medical and and surgical tools requiring sterilization.
2008-07-24 TI DSP, processor lines address power budget needs
Texas Instruments Inc. introduced its breakthrough low-power processor roadmap with more than 15 new devices across four product lines.
2004-04-01 Startup aims at DSP algorithm development
Catalytic is targeting the floating- to fixed-point model conversions with an approach that combines EDA with embedded-software development.
2000-03-01 Selecting DSPs for real-time signal processing
Choosing the appropriate DSP for the system is one of the first and most critical decisions to be made, for the choice affects every aspect of the engineering cycle and can literally make the difference between project success and failure.
2015-03-03 Real-time FPGA numerical computing for ULL-HFT
In this article, we will look at merits of Decimal Floating Point Arithmetic acceleration. We will also explore a numerical computing model for Ultra-Low Latency High Frequency Trading (ULL-HFT) environments.
2014-02-10 Performing math operations in FPGAs (Part 4)
This instalment focuses on fixed-point representations of numbers
2014-01-20 Performing math operations in FPGAs (Part 3)
This instalment focuses on floating-point representations of numbers and how to do some math with them.
2012-08-24 OpenCL compiler boosts Adapteva's Epiphany processor
The company's latest open source tool hopes to expand the addressable market as it begins sampling its 28nm version of its chip.
2002-07-26 Oki Electric adopts ARM cores for automotive apps
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has licensed ARM's ARM966E-S microprocessor core and VFP9-S vector floating-point coprocessor.
2002-07-17 MIPS Technologies licenses 64-bit processor core to Marvell
MIPS Technologies Inc. has licensed the MIPS64 5Kf processor core to Marvell.
2004-02-16 Media processor aims at scientific apps
Clearspeed Technology has taped out its first CS301 processor, which can be described as a collection of floating-point engines that deliver 25Gflops performance.
2006-10-02 Managing quantization errors in digital motor control systems
32bit implementations liberate system designers from examining their algorithms in detail for quantization issues in motor control systems.
2003-12-31 Magma chip has built-in timing analysis engines
Magma Design Automation has announced that ClearSpeed Technology achieved first-pass silicon success on the CS301 floating-point chip using Blast Fusion APX.
2010-04-14 DSPs pack up to 5Mbit on-chip memory
Analog Devices Inc. has launched the SHARC 2148x and 2147x series, the latest additions to its range of 32bit floating-point DSPs that integrate up to 5Mbit of on-chip memory.
2005-09-01 Catalytic tool revs Matlab via compilation
Growing interest in Matlab for hardware design has prompted Catalytic Inc. to release its new simulator in the market.
2011-01-13 C2000 MCUs' enhanced math engine increases speed by 7x
TI's C2000 32-bit Piccolo MCUs feature an enhanced math engine that combines an 80MHz floating-point C28x core, Viterbi Complex Math Unit and Control Law Accelerator to deliver speed that is 7x faster than that of software-only solutions.
2011-10-31 ARM-based MCU touts 1.6uA standby current
TI's Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F MCU has two 12bit ADCs and three comparators thatÿsupport mixed-signal applications.
2008-10-30 Advanced Simulink tool delivers customized designs
The MathWorks has launched Simulink Fixed Point 6, a major improvement to its fixed-point tool. The new version of Simulink Fixed Point backs 128bit word widths, up from a maximum of 32bit in past releases
2002-12-20 ADI 300MHz DSP performs 2.4 GMACS, 1.8 GFLOPS
The ADSP-TS101S TigerSHARC processor exhibits 2.4 GMACS and 1.8 GFLOPS, bolstering its claim as the fastest floating point DSP available.
2006-11-01 Accelerate algorithms with FPGA coprocessors
Learn code acceleration and techniques for code conversion to hardware coprocessors.
2010-12-17 Iridium nanocrystals in Flash chips
Incorporating nanocrystals of iridium into the critical floating gate portion of flash memory designs shows both excellent memory properties as well as stability in the high temperatures used in processing such semiconductor devices,? says ITRI’s Wen-Shou Tseng
2013-06-07 TI rolls out KeyStone based SoC for PoE+, pico deployments
TI's new TCI6630K2L SoC uses a dual ARM Cortex-A15 RISC processors and four of TI's fixed- and floating-point TMS320C66x digital signal processor (DSP) generation cores.
2005-07-07 The other computer inside
At one point in its history, Cirrus Logic made so many PC peripheral chips that its glossy annual report referred to itself as "The Other Computer Inside". At its height, Cirrus was taking close to $1 billion in revenues from the PC market
2014-09-26 ST debuts ARM Cortex-M7 core-based MCU
The STM32 F7 series operates at frequencies up to 200MHz and uses a 6-stage superscalar pipeline and floating point unit (FPU) to produce up to 1000 CoreMarks.
2013-07-23 Space qualified GHz-class RISC microprocessor
The PC7448 from E2v operates at speeds of up to 1267MHz and provides powerful floating-point computation capability when combined with an AltiVec engine.
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